Hammersmith Stroll 1999

Here's an assortment of pictures taken during the 1999 Saugus Hammersmith Stroll and the tree lighting ceremony.

Weatherwise it was unseasonably warm, but a constant struggle between sunshine and light rain discouraged many from most of the outdoor activities.

Pictures were taken all throughout the stroll and tree lighting ceremony all over town. Assorted information about the stroll is available, including both a schedule & description of all the various events and a trolley route description can also be read if you're interested. Also, details of last year's Stroll are still online.

At the Tree Lighting Ceremony

At the Tree Lighting Ceremony

Saugus Center Rotary shortly after the Tree Lighting Ceremony

At St. John's

One of the trolleys at the Town Hall

Hamilton Street

Frosty at the White Hen Pantry

At the Saugus Co-operative Bank

At the Senior Center

At the Senior Center

PoKemon at How Sweet It Is

One of the trolleys in Cliftondale

Waiting for the trolley in Cliftondale

A Boy Scout Troop in Cliftondale

At Novel Ideas

Orango Claus at the YMCA

The Petting Zoo at Lynnhurst

At Lynnhurst School

Scooby Doo at Lynnhurst

Pony ride at Lynnhurst

At Gannon Real Estate

Bouncing at the "Y"

At the YMCA

At Oaklandvale School

PoKemon, Frosty, & friends at Oaklandvale

At the High School

Santa Claus at the American Legion

At the High School

Face painting at the Library

At the Library

Ornament making at the Library

Waiting for the trolley at the Library