Hammersmith Stroll 2002

Here's an assortment of pictures taken during the 2002 Saugus Hammersmith Stroll and the tree lighting ceremony.

Pictures were taken all throughout the stroll and tree lighting ceremony all over town. Assorted information about the stroll is available, including both a schedule & description of all the various events and a trolley route description can also be read if you're interested. Also, details of last year's Stroll are still online.

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Riding a rein-horse at the Oaklandvale School

Outside Oaklandvale School

In the Oaklandvale School

In the Oaklandvale School

At J. Pace & Son

At Gannon Real Estate

In the YMCA

In the YMCA

In the YMCA

Snoopy & Rudolph at the YMCA

Cooking in the Saugus Iron Works

Food samples at the Iron Works

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