Hammersmith Stroll 2003

Saugus Hammersmith Stroll 2003

Here's an assortment of pictures taken during the 2003 Saugus Hammersmith Stroll and the holiday lighting ceremony.

Pictures were taken all throughout the stroll all over town; with the snow being what it was, most of the sites were actually closed and the trolleys didn't run. To the best of our knowledge we got to every site that was still open, plus took a couple shots from East Saugus to show a little of the snowy fog that consumed much of the day. Assorted information about the stroll is available, including both a schedule & description of all the various events and a trolley route description can also be read if you're interested. Also, details of last year's Stroll are still online.

A lineup at the Oaklandvale School
(Note the "Saugus bums")

Oaklandvale School

Overview of the Oaklandvale School

The Saugus Gardening Club at the Saugus Public Library

Working with the Gardening Club

Helping out the Gardening Club

Part of the Saugus Public Library holiday display

Santa and a helper prepare to leave the Saugus Town Hall

A gathering at the Saugus Youth Center

Cool, it's the Cat in the Hat at the Veterans School

A Veterans School overview

Project work at the Veterans School

The tree inside the Saugus Town Hall

Looking downriver from Lobsterman's Landing

Looking upriver from Lobsterman's Landing

Lynnhurst School

A view of the Saugus River from Vitale Park

Lynnhurst School overview

Frosty pictures at the Lynnhurst School

Making cotton candy at the Lynnhurst School

Not a good day to be a duck on the Saugus River
(Taken near the Iron Works)

Trying to keep the way clear outside Lynnhurst School

Crafts in the Greater Grace World Outreach Church

Santa and his helpers roll into Saugus Center with the help of the Friends of Breakheart Reservation

Santa and his helpers (including some Little League players)

Santa making his way through the crowd to the Saugus Town Hall

Santa's presentation at the Saugus Town Hall

Lighting the lights on the rotary

In front of the Saugus Town Hall

The rotary just after it's lit

In front of the Saugus Town Hall

Decorations inside the Saugus Town Hall