Of Time and the River
Saugus: 1900 - 2005

Over a Century in the Life of Our Town

The sequel to A Gathering of Memories is being produced right now. It covers just over a full century in the Town of Saugus, from 1900 - 2005. It is entitled Of Time and the River (note though that its working title was the slightly shorter Time and the River so you'll also see references to it by that name).

As with A Gathering, the intention is to gather the memories, the memorabilia, the pictures, all that is available to leave a legacy for future generations, to leave them as complete and authentic a picture as we can of the town there was in 1900 and the town there is now entering the new millenium, and what took place in the intervening years to transform the former into the latter.

Here are a couple of samples of what will be in the rapidly expanding book:

The book will touch on many more topics, including (but not limited to):

In general the book will cover the same sort of material that A Gathering covers, but will fill in many of the gaps that it left behind.