Pioneers in Public History

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Reconstruction of the Saugus Iron Works

Here's an assortment of pictures taken during the free public conference held on the grounds of the Saugus Iron Works in honor of the 50th anniversary of the reconstruction of the Saugus Iron Works.

Lectures included:

  • The Survival of Truely Mediaeval Mannerisms in Construction: William Sumner Appleton and the Cultural Politics of Twentieth-Century New England Antiquities by James Lindgren
  • Wallace Nutting, Broadhearth, and the Marketing of Old America by Thomas Denenburg
  • Louise's Legacy: The Story of Louise Dupont Crowningshield, Preservation Pioneer by Kim Burdick
  • Roland Robbins' Excavations at Saugus: Separating Fact from Fiction by Donald W. Linebaugh
  • Reconstruction as a Phenomenon in the Historic Preservation Movement by Dwight Pitcaithley

There was also a free site visit, discussions, and a book signing by the various speakers.