Flood in Saugus

Photographs from the Flood

Here are a few photographs taken during the May 2006 flood in Saugus. Note that all but one were taken on the 15th between around 3:00 and 7:00 PM, well after the water level had already started to drop. With the exception of the photographs of Sweetwater Street, Howard Street, and the IHOP parking lot, and the they were all taken by Dennis Robitaille.

The Sweetwater Street and Howard Street shots were taken by staff.

The IHOP parking lot was taken by Isaac Davis on the morning of the 17th. Even though the water level has been dropping for a couple days, it's still pretty deep in spots.

Circuit City

Continental Parking Lot

Davis Street


Eastern Bank

Elm Street Bridge "Waterfall"

Elm Street Bridge

Elm Street Bridge

Elm Street Bridge

Forest Street

Hamilton Street

House at the Corner of Vine and Essex

Missing Shed off Main Street


Off Howard Street

Papa Gino's

Penny Brook at Davis Street

Route One (Looking South)

Route One (Looking North)

Route One (Looking South)

Saugus River at Central Street


Sherman's Plaza

Sherman's Plaza

Sweetwater Street

Route One (Looking South, Rush Hour)

Route One (Looking North, Rush Hour)

IHOP Parking Lot