During the Reconstruction

Have you wondered about the renovations in the Saugus Town Hall? recently (8/8/98) had the opportunity to visit the Saugus Town Hall and view the work that's been done so far. We got to take the following pot-pourri of pictures and share them with our viewers. There is no meaningful order to the images or deep rationale as to what was photographed and what wasn't; we were just trying to get a representative selection showing a little bit of everything.

One of the first floor offices.

The elevator shaft.

Another first floor office.

Yet another first floor office.

Another one of the first floor offices.

Future second floor bathroom.

One of the two main staircases in the front.

One of the second floor offices.

Detail of main hall ceiling.

Viewing the stage from the balcony.

Detail of main hall supports.

Viewing the main hall from the balcony.

Third floor storage area.

Detail of the top of the front staircase.

On the third floor looking up towards the belfry.

Looking back down toward the third floor.

The balcony.

Under the balcony.

One of the basement offices.

The sprinkler system in the basement.

Looking down the back staircase.

The main hall ceiling.

Viewing the stage from the floor.

Looking toward the balcony from the stage.