Mystery, Maestro, Please!


Mystery, Maestro, Please!
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Saugus Public Library
Type: Benefit, Fun     Price per Person: $25.00
Join us for mystery, murder, mayhem, & madness while solving the crime with "police detective" Ace Gumshoe (played by Selectman Steve Horlick). Help him find clues in connection with the murder of Duchess Ellington (lifelessly portrayed by Library Assistant Director Jean Hlady). Wanted for questioning: Oprah Lee Gifford (Marion Attubato, Library Friend), Regis Rivera (Dr. Keith Manville, School Superintendent), Tangerine Lipgloss (Renee Glowacki, Library Patron), Jellyroll Goodman (Darren Brown, Saugus Historical Society President), Clarinetta Fitzgerald (Jean Amorosi, Library Friend), Danielle Savoy (Janette Fasano, Board of Selectmen), Gopher Clueless (Dr. Keith Briggs, Briggs Chiropractic), Earl "Fatha" Spielberg (Eric Brown,, Librarian Lotta Books (Mary Rose Quinn, Library Director). Your $25 donation is tax-deductable, and eligible for a GE Matching Gift (if you're a GE employee or retiree).
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