Saugus Cultural Council Annual Voting Meeting


Saugus Cultural Council Annual Voting Meeting
Time: 6:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Saugus Public Library 295 Central Street - Board Room, Saugus, MA
Type: Meeting     Price per Person: free
Saugus Cultural Council Annual Voting Meeting is on Wednesday Oct 26, 2011 6PM-8PM at the Saugus Public Library, 295 Centeral Street, 2nd floor Board Room, Saugus, MA. Committee Members: Sherri Raftery,Jeanne St. Cyr, Trea$urer, Ann Furey, Diane Roberts, Belinda, Fernandes,Carol McLaughlin,Sheila Nigro. Meeting Agenda:1) a) Administrative Business b)Reimbursement status c) Current balance. 2) Publicity a) Facebook Group. 3) Annual Voting - a)2011 allocation. b)Review of 2012 applicants. c)Voting. Questions? Sherri Raftery, Saugus Cultural Council Chair, 978-235-2035 - ------In keeping in line with the Saugus Public Meeting requirements - this notice and agenda is to be posted in the local newspaper: All public meetings are posted in the Town Clerk's Office on the bulletin board and in the record book. Public meetings are also generally posted online on the Saugus Community Events Calendar. A 48 hour notice is required to comply with the Open Meeting Law. See Massachusetts General Law Chapter 39, Section 23A, 23B, and 23C.
[Phone] 978-235-2035,