Saugus Historical Society's Essex County Trivia Quiz


Saugus Historical Society's Essex County Trivia Quiz
Time: 6:45 pm - 9:15 pm
Location: 30 Main Street, Saugus
Type: Meeting     Price per Person: free
Rain Date: 2013/10/09
On this Wednesday evening October 9, I will be leading a trivia quiz at the Saugus Historical Society. The game is focused on Essex County history and geography. There will be prizes! Gathering time, with refreshments, starts at 6:45 and there will be a short Historical Society meeting at 7, with the fun immediately following. Everyone who gets an answer right will get a postcard, and there will be a larger prize for the person who gets the most answers right. Even if you aren't brave enough to compete, it's fun to hear the stories behind every question and answer. Essex County is a very distinctive region, rich in "firsts" and still boasting many old homes and estates. Do you know which town has more than 50 first period houses (that's houses built between 1625 and 1725), more than any other New England town? Which Essex County city was once the Carriage Center of the world? Jay Leno often mentions his Essex County childhood on the Tonight Show, but it's less well known that Tom Bergeron (America's Funniest Videos and other programs) also has local ties - do you know what city he's from? Come tout your local knowledge or find out the answers to these and many more questions at 30 Main Street Saugus Wednesday night - it's free and open to the public.
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