Frequently Asked Questions about the Saugus Area SETI Team.
  1. Who is in charge of the SETI@home project? The SETI@home project is run by the University of California at Berkeley. It is a non-profit effort.
  2. How big is the SETI@home project? It is an international effort with well over a million participants.
  3. How do I see the current Team Saugus statistics? Check out the results maintained by the University of California in Berkeley.
  4. How current are they? They aren't current to the minute, but they are current to within a few hours.
  5. Why do the stats sometimes seem not to add up right? There's a time delay between when individual results get updated and when the group totals get updated (in fact, group totals can lag behind individual totals by a few days). Plus, if someone leaves the group, their results while a member of the group are still counted toward the group's totals.
  6. What do the CPU times mean? Roughly speaking how long a computer has actually spent working on the project.
  7. Why are some total CPU times huge? People can have more than one computer working in parallel on the project, or may have a multiple processor machine.
  8. How come different members of Team Saugus have different averages? Different computer types run at different speeds. There's a huge difference between different processors and different OSes. Faster machines will produce results with lower average times. Plus, there are slight differences between data sets, and that will also create slight variations.
  9. How do I start looking for aliens? Basically follow the steps outlined on the Local SETI Group page.
  10. Do I have to use my real name? No, handles and nicknames are both fine.
  11. Do I have to use my real e-mail address? Yes, that must be real, unless you want to enter anonymously under the Saugus SETI user. If you choose this option, just indicate that you are a returning user and enter as an e-mail address. All results will automatically be applied to the Saugus SETI team. Even if you do use your own e-mail address, you can control whether or not it gets displayed anywhere so you can still keep it private.
  12. How do I join Team Saugus? Basically follow the steps outlined on the Local SETI Group page. Once you've started running the SETI program, it's mostly just a matter of going to the Join Team Saugus page and signing up. Note the next question, though.
  13. What's my password? You've set up an account, started a run, and tried to join the Saugus team only to find that it needs a password. Berkeley assigns numerical passwords to all participants; look for the "If you don't know your password" prompt on the Join Team Saugus page. It'll cause a copy of your password to be e-mailed to you.