Graves Lighthouse - Atlantic Ocean Views
Nahant, Massachusetts

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In this Photo: This photo shows Saugus, Nahant, and Revere, Massachusetts. The houses on the right, in the foreground, are on Stocker St. in Saugus, MA. The large white building, just below the chimney is the church at the corner of Chestnut and Winter streets. The large chimney (300 ft. tall ) on the right side of the photo is at RESCO in Saugus.

The building with the red roof on the left is a boat storage facility in Revere, MA . Above that is the apartments at Bass Point in Nahant, Massachusetts,

Grave's Light ( lighthouse ) is visible at upper right. The measuring tool on Google Earth indicates the lighthouse is about 11.6 miles from the location where the picture was taken. The ocean shown, is the Atlantic Ocean, of course!

The image is sized to 1024x768 pixels to fill the screen on a monitor using that resolution. RIGHT click the image to save as your desktop wallpaper.

Camera and Lens: A Canon EOS 10D DSLR was used along with a Canon 100-400 IS L lens.The lens was zoomed to 400MM for this photograph and the image shown represents about 2/3 of the whole image. The outer edges were cropped off. The Canon 10D has a lens has a crop factor of 1.6 making the effective focal length for this image 640MM. The extreme telephoto view compresses the apparent distance between objects in the foreground and background.

Location: This photo was take from the top of Breakheart Hill in Breakheart Reservation, Saugus, MA, at an elevation of 233 feet above sea level. The date was 3/11/07 and the time was 5:30 PM EDT.

Click the small image below to view a larger version a wider angle photo, made at the same location as the one above. The focal length of the lens for this image was 100MM.

The image provides a view looking across Saugus showing Eastern Bank, Home Depot, Circuit City, Vinegar Hill, RESCO, homes in Indian Valley, General Edwards Bridge, Revere and Nahant, Massachusetts. Also shown is the Atlantic Ocean.

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For more information about Grave's Lighthouse, visit my cousin Jeremy's Web site.

Home Depot Saugus MA Eastern Bank Circuit City

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