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IA10 Warthog Flyby - Nashua, NH 11/11/06n an effort to expend my photographic portfolio, I'm offering FREE industrial photographer services to local businesses for a limited time.

I'm looking to offer free industrial photographer services to specifically manufacturing business. Why you might ask? I want to use the images in my portfolio. I work at a large industrial complex and they employ a full time industrial photographer. I'm looking to applt for that job. When I create a portfolio of industrial photos it will improve resume.

Call Jim at 781-244-5655 to discuss the photographic needs of your business. I'm also offering a variety of Boston, Massachusetts photography services.

You will retain all rights to the images for use in any manner you choose. This includes printed material, methods planning, promotional brochures, fliers, postcards and on your Web site.

Many industrial business have Web sites. Very few of those sites have high quality images to reflect the full scope of facilities and products.

In return for free industrial photography services, I'd require you allow me the use of some of these industrial photographs in my printed and on-line portfolio. You would be allowed to pre-approve of every image I use in the portfolio and I would not expect to use images which might compromise the confidentiality of your manufacturing processes or products.

These free industrial photography services would provide you with digital images on CD or DVD. A Canon DSLR camera and professional Canon lenses and lighting would be used.

Your images can include:

  • exterior of your business, day or night
  • employees working or grouped
  • machines and processes
  • machining operations
  • company trucks
  • assembly processes
  • finished products / shipping facilities

Below is a list of the industry image types I'd like for a portfolio:

  • Manufacturing (all types)
  • Machine shops, especially CNC milling, lathes etc.
  • Metal fabrication, welding etc.
  • Construction - Residential and commercial
  • Assembly processes
  • Woodworking facilities
  • High Tech industries
  • Electronics manufacturing and assembly
  • Quality Inspection processes
  • Printing services and processes
  • Auto and heavy equipment repair
  • Auto sales - dealerships (new only)
  • Recycling facilities

Lightning Strikes Twice. Hampton Beach , NH - Click to view large version. [ Fuji Provia 100 Slide film ]I'm not interested in providing free photography for retail sales or food service businesses at this time. However, if you're willing to pay for photography services for your retail or food service business, please call Jim at 781-244-5655.

Please visit my Saugus Photos Online site and view my pictures at

Click here for a portfolio of my stock photographs.

Call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 to discuss the photographic needs of your industrial business.

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