New Saugus Postcards
Available for Purchase

New Saugus postcards have been published by the Saugus Historical Society as a no-profit effort. Only a limited supply of cards are available but more could be produced soon.

This totally new postcard depicts Saugus Center's rotary from the top of Town Hall with Boston's skyline in the distance. The back of the postcard reads:

Saugus Center from the steeple of Town Hall, showing the Civil War Monument and The Old Burial Ground. Boston Skyline is at upper left. Photo courtesy Saugus Photos Online © Published by the Saugus Historical Society - Saugus Massachusetts.

Local businesses, such as Saugus hotels, motels, gift shops etc real estate offices, etc., are encouraged to purchase postcards at a wholesale price of $21.50 for 50 cards, which works out to $.43 each or $.38 each for 100 cards, total $38.00.

As of March of 2008, new Saugus post cards showing Cliftondale Square have been produced. These were made at a lower cost and are available for a lower price. If you would like to purchase Cliftondale post cards for resale, contact Dick Provenzano at 978-532-0037.

These postcards could then be resold at retail price of your choosing. Saugus postcard sales will help promote the town of Saugus, Massachusetts as your customers or hotel guests mail them around the word!

These new Saugus postcards are also available for purchase by local businesses or the general public at a retail price of 50 cents each. Someday they will become collector's items.

Proceeds from sales will benefit the Saugus Historical Society or be used to produce more Saugus postcards.

For more information about wholesale purchases of 50 cards or more call:

Richard Provenzano at 978-532-0037

or Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655.

Individual postcards can be purchased at:

Peter A. Rossetti Insurance Co.
436 Lincoln Ave
Saugus, MA 01906
(781) 233-1855

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