Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 1998
Middle School Winners

Second Place

This author in the middle school category is a young woman named Michelle Taylor who is currently attending seventh grade in the Saugus Belmonte Middle School.

The Four Girls

Michelle Taylor

In 1995 there was a girl. She went by the name of Jobeth. Her real name was Josephine Elizabeth Croswell. One day Jobeth was walking home from school and she heard something coming from behind the dumpster. She went to see what it was. It was a baby. She brought it home to her parents. The baby was badly bruised and was bleeding a little. The baby was in desperate need of some TLC. They contacted the police but there was no sign of a mother. They decided to keep the baby and they named him Joel Christopher Croswell.

Time and time went by and little Joel had become part of the family now. The mother never told Joel about what had happened to him as a child and they had pretty much forgotten about it.

One day Joel was at school, he was going to sit with his best friend Tyler Porter, but all the seats were taken so he had to sit with some older girls. Joel over heard them talking.

"That was the boy found in a dumpster!" one said.

"Wow, he must have had really crummy parents!" said another. Joel was so upset he didn't know what to do. He ran to the bathroom and cried and cried. After a few seconds a sudden anger passed over his face. he stormed out of the bathroom.

After school he raced home as fast as he could. He came in and was very upset.

"Mom, why didn't you tell me!" he screamed.

"Please Mom, tell me it isn't true!" Right away she knew what he was talking about.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry." She said as she reached out to hug him. He turned away and ran up to his room.

The night before Halloween Tyler slept over Joel's house. That night Tyler's sister ad been killed in a car accident and her parents just called.

"Hello?" Mrs. Croswell answered.

"Hi, this is Tyler's mother, my daughter has been killed in a car accident, may I speak with Tyler."

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, of course you can." Tyler cried and went home immediately.

Tyler met again at the wake. They saw Trisha, Tyler's sisters friend, crying and were going to talk to her but she was too upset for them.

Later that night Tyler was in bed when he heard an awful scream come from his mother's room.

"AhHhh!" Mrs. Porter screamed.

Tyler saw Trisha's dead body hanging outside the window. Blood was pouring down her face as the rope cut into her flesh.

Tyler didn't seem too upset and he resumed school the next day.

Detective Brown was on the case. He looked at all his clues. He realized it had to have been someone who new their way around the porter house and it had to be more than one person.

Two nights later a third girl turned up dead. He name was Liz. She was found near a dumpster with two baseball bats near by. She had been badly beaten to death. The same clues applied to her case too.

The conclusion he came up with was Tyler and Joel. The two boys were put on the stand and tried and were found guilty as charged. They were sentenced to life without parole.

After about two weeks another girl turned up dead and the two boys were in jail when it happened. Those four girls had been best friends.

The whole town was completely confused. So if it wasn't the boys than who was it?

The parents were taken down for questioning. The girls turned out to be the ones that made fun of Joel.

A statement was recorded that day from the parents of Joel.

"Those girls will never hurt my baby again, thanks to us." The police aren't sure who said it but both Mr. and Mrs. Croswell were put in jail. The boys were released.

The story is told to many people around the world and it is said the four girls haunt the old Croswell house.

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