Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2000
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place elementary school entry was written by Shane Swain who attends the fifth grade at the Ballard School in Saugus.

The Haunting of the Grim Reaper

Shane Swain

Have you heard about the missing bodies of Tucker Jones and John Mason? Two friends were walking when a man wearing a black mask and holding a sickle in his hand snatched Tucker and took him away. I, John Mason his friend, ran as fast as I could. But there was no escape he was going to find me sometime.

In order to stay alive I had to move fast. I went to the nearest house, locked the door and called 911. Then I heard the knocking at the door. Then boom. His sickle went right through the door. Then boom again. This time he got in. Then I heard the sirens. I moved as fast as I could. I ran upstairs into a room and locked the door. Then the police came in and came upstairs.

To their surprise he had taken both me and Tucker. He held onto us so tight I could hardly breathe. Then suddenly he jumped out the window, but landed on his feet and we were off.

He took us to an overgrown jungle of bushes. The police jumped into the cars and went right past the bushes. The man with the black mask picked me and Tucker up and we were off again.

This time he had taken us to a old shack that looked like a tool shed. He then grabed a mask and a mustache and a cloak. This time he gave us a disguise too. I had on a baseball cap and a Red Sox jacket. Tucker had on a winter hat and a winter jacket.

He told us to walk ordinarly behind him and close our mouths. We went to a drug store and bought some cigarettes and some candy. He gave us the candy to give us something to do.

But what we didn't know was going to happen was that he was trying to kidnap all of our friends by luring them into a trap.

The man with the black mask then told us to go outside and put the plan into action. We saw two of our friends and said hey lets look in the tool shed. Then he put the other two in the closet and us in another closet.

He went out to get something else. Now was our chance. As I opened the door I heard him coming back. I closed it agin. But then he went out one more time. I quickly opened the door and the other door that my friends were behind.

We then had our chance to run as fast as we could and escape. Our plan worked except Tucker slipped. The man with the black mask and the sickle picked him up and ran. We all tackled him and rescued Tucker. But he ran after us with his sicle.

I went to the police station which was two blocks away. We told them what he looked like and they gave us a photograph of him in the mugshot photo book. They then went out and found him and put him behind bars in prisin.

After we had escaped from that terrible experience I was terrified. Soon I got over it. I hated anything spooky from then on. So every Halloween from then on I used to give out candy with my Mom.

The End

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