Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2002
High School Winners

Third Place

Our third place winner in the High School category is Kyle Watson, who attends the Saugus High School.

Scare If You Dare

Kyle Watson

On a cold and windy Halloween night, all of the children are out playing and getting candy. Though one house in particular, an old mansion. The mansion had an iron gate, an iron fence, gargoyles on the front of the gates, all the toys on the lawn. Their was footballs, frisbees, soccer balls, dodge balls, kick balls, and baseballs scattered through out the lawn. No one has ever seen a living soul in the mansion.

Then a group of mischievous teenagers walked up to the mansion. They broke down the door with brute force. Then one brave soul, Conner, walked into the mansion. Their was a chandelier overhead, a huge moon that was artistically drawn on the floor, and a huge grandfather clock. The grandfather clock struck 11:00 p.m., a loud sound came out and he got scared and screamed. All of the boys out side ran except for Cade, Conner's best friend. He ran inside to see what had happened. Cade grabbed Conner's hand and ran for the door, but it wasn't their. It turned into a wall, the door had disappeared.

Conner and Cade went looking around for another exit. They went upstairs, creek after creek. They looked up at a huge painting of a werewolf. The two boys walked into a room. Inside, were medieval statues with really sharp weapons. So Conner took a sword and a shield, while Cade took a baseball bat that he had brought from outside the mansion. The two went walking down a long hall to find old paintings, of ancient times and cats.

At the end of the hall their was a library. Their were millions of books. Cage pulled out a book of "The House of the Dead" it had a picture of the mansion on the cover. Cade drew out a book "All about Cats and Their Relatives." When Cade took that book out of the shelf it activated a trigger. Cade was still facing the same wall but he wasn't in a library any more, he was in the treasury. Surrounding him was gold, diamonds, rubies, silver, and any thing else of precious value. Cade found a dagger with rubies that were socketed in the handle. Cade reached for some precious items but he triggered another problem. The gold pieces on the ground moved to spell out "You were to greedy and now face your doom."

Conner in the library saw a huge shadowy figure run across the wall, he backed up into a corner. The shadowy figure dashed across the doorway. Then Conner heard Cade scream and ran after the figure. Conner runs into the treasury room and sees a gigantic werewolf on top of Cade. The werewolf raises his paw and slices and dices through the flimsy flesh of Cade. Cade laid on the ground motionless.

So Conner took the sword that was lying next to Cade's feet and raised it over his head and with all of his might slashed down onto the skull of the werewolf, the sword shattered into pieces. So the werewolf turned and faced Conner. Then it took its' right hand, clenched it into a fist and lunged toward Conner. Conner quickly moved but not quick enough. The werewolf gutted a piece of Conner's side and liver. Blood squirted out like a hole in a dam. So Conner reluctantly picked up a dagger and threw it at the ungodly beast. It hit the werewolf directly in the eye. The werewolf screamed as he pulled out the daggers' jagged edges from his eye. The werewolf went into a state of rage, swinging his claws left and right trying to hit Conner. So Conner ducked and grabbed a shield to block the rage. After a few hit to the shield Conner felt that the shield was going to break. So he looked around the floor for any item to be used for defense or to kill the beast. On the ground was a glove, so Conner slipped it onto his hand. It had claws, so Conner would be equally matched up with the monster. Conner attacked on the werewolfs' leg. Blood dripped from the shin to the floor. The foot laid on the ground motionless. The werewolf got up and fell on top of Conner's shield. It broke as if it were a knife to butter. Conner couldn't believe his eyes so he stabbed the beast many times to make sure the monster was dead. The blood gathered together around the beast and formed a huge puddle. Conner turned to Cade. Then after a few minutes Conner blacked out because of the flesh wound.

Cade woke Conner up. They were outside of the mansion. Cade and Conner couldn't believe what had happened. They got up and behind them were the teenagers. They were encouraging the two boys to go into the mansion. They said together "No."

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