Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2003
Middle School Winners

Third Place

Our third place middle school entry was written by Krystal Rohloff, who currently attends the Belmonte Middle School in Saugus. Ms. Rohloff was also a winner back in 2000 at the Elementary School level, and is just the second person to win within two different age levels in the history of the contest.

Overcoming Darkness

Krystal Rohloff

Memories, sometimes memories are all you have when your soul fades into the darkness of the night. The memory that I most dearly recall is that of the night I was made into an immortal, exactly three hundred years ago to this very day. It was October the 31, Halloween day, right before sunset. As I watched the sun fade behind the horizon I had no idea that it would be the last sunset I would ever see again.

My name is Rowan, a vampire; a child of darkness; damned; immortal, whatever you would like to call me. How can I describe myself? Some people have described me as a dark fallen angel or a black haired raven. I was around 21 when I was given the blood, but now I am more than three hundred years old.

I was in a tavern after a long day of laborious work when I saw her: a pale goddess made of white marble wearing the fashion of the age, an elegant dress of black and blood red material that seemed to magnify her perfect pale skin. I was entranced as soon as I looked upon her. She seemed to know this as she spoke my name gently in my ear. I asked her how she knew it and she pressed her finger in front of her lips as she stealthily made her way to the back of the tavern and into her room.

“My name is Natasha. You long for death do you not? I see it in your eyes.” She stroked her finger across my cheek and I felt the icy coldness of it. “You are cold, cold as death!” I replied not knowing what else to say to the revelation of my soul. She only laughed. Natasha moved closer to me and kissed me on the lips with desire that I also felt. “Let me have you forever” I thought and she answered without moving her lips, “Then you shall.” She then placed three kisses on my neck. I didn’t even feel when her fangs penetrated the tender skin and vein on my throat. I could hear my heart beating in my chest as it pumped blood into her mouth. A feeling of ecstasy went through me as I lost all feeling of my limbs. “You are close to death, if I drain one more drop you will die. Drink my blood and you shall be reborn.” she told me. The next thing I remember is tasting the sweetest nectar in the world and I quickly came back to my senses.

I realized that I in fact was actually drinking her blood. I choked and spluttered but Natasha told me to drink so I obeyed. I began to crave the blood and savor it on my lips, I felt like an animal that hadn’t eaten in all its life. She told me to stop but I didn’t listen until she pulled her wrist away and said, “You thirst my child, we shall quench it. But first you should rest for you have a tough night awaiting you.” A pain swept through my body and I felt every fiber in my body die as I passed out.

As I awoke the next night I saw Natasha peering out of the window into the busy nighttime streets. A hunger went through me like never before, a hunger for blood. “Let’s go feast on the living!” she exclaimed. As I stepped through the doors of the tavern, I saw the world in a new light (or rather darkness) as only an immortal could.

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