Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2005
Elementary School Winners

Second Place

Our second place Elementary School winner is nine year old Saugonian Mark Panetta. He is a fourth grader at the Lynnhurst Elementary School.

Hocus Pocus

Mark Panetta

Tomorrow it’s going to be Halloween. We have to set up for the trick-or-treaters. First, we display our vicious looking jack-o-lanterns. Then we place our scarecrow on the front lawn. After we put our ghost silhouette on the window, we turn on the smoke maker which makes a creepy effect. The characteristics of my house changed from inviting to spooky in just one day.

It is now Halloween night, and my sister and I are going to trick-or-treat. I put on my scary costume, grabbed my flashlight and my treat bag, and went off on my candy quest. I went to my neighbor’s house first. He was dressed as a demon. Suddenly, a terrible thing happened. My sister disappeared, and I was afraid that she would accidentally slip on the autumn leaves. I looked for 20 minutes, and I was frazzled. I asked people to help me, which improved my chances of finding her. I finally found her talking to two ladies wearing weird ghostly costumes. One was stirring a mixture in a large cauldron. Their mixture, or brew, had a funky odor. I knew we were not welcome, so I grabbed my sister’s hand, and we ran straight home. Unfortunately, I dropped all my candy on the way.

The two strange ladies started chasing us, and we ran faster. I heard one of them scream, “hocus, pocus,” and my sister was suddenly changed into a cat. I didn’t know what to do. So I waited for the woman to approach me, and I grabbed her wand. I waved it over my sister, and she turned back into a little girl. I then waved the want over the two woman – who must have been witches – and they turned into goats.

We never told our parents about our adventure. After all, who would believe us? Where just kids, right?

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