Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2010
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School winner is fifth grader Ryan Lee, a student of Valentine Elementary School in San Marino, California.

The Hand

Ryan Lee

One Halloween, when I was a little kid, I was trick-or-treating and stopped by a mysterious house that no one ever went to.  My friends dared me to try and get treats from the old man who lived there, and I accepted the challenge.  

When I walked to the front door, it was open, and I saw a box with a hand sticking out of it.  In front of the hand was a tray with candy, and when I said trick-or-treat, it shoved candy into my bag. I thought it was cool, so I said trick-or-treat about 20 times and got candy every time.  Finally, I stole the box and ran home.

Later, a few friends came to my house, so I set the box on the table and put candy on the tray.  When I did, I was shocked that the hand started pushing candy without a battery.  I loved this device.  

Finally, it was just me and two friends, Bob and Billy Joe.  Billy Joe and I went upstairs to get my Gameboy, but when we came back down… Bob had disappeared!  

I looked over at the hand and saw that it was now missing its pinky finger.

I screamed for Billy Joe, but now he was gone too… and the hand had only three fingers left!  I turned around and started to run away, but then I felt the hand on my shoulder as it grabbed me!

My parents never saw me again… all they found was a hand on the floor with blood all over it and only two fingers.

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