Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2010
Middle School Winners

Third Place

Our third place middle school entry was written by seventh grader Chantelle Gary who attends the West Side Middle School in Elkhart, Indiana.

Hunted Island

Chantelle Gary

One night a boat floated to shore. Seven sailors crawled onto the island. This wasn’t an ordinary island; it had tents, cages, and a boat that had the name of “DEATH RIDERS”. “Where are we” shivered one sailor,” why is there so many tents”. All of the sailors were scared to walk up to the island where the tents were. They tried to get back on the boat but it was destroyed. “How are we going to get home” said the same sailor who was still shivering, from the cold wind. They walked into the woods where the cages were, in the cages were clothes and shoes. They found a spot in the woods where they could see the stars. When all of the sailors were asleep (except for one) sleeping peacefully, they started to relax, but not for long.

A sound, a moaning- screaming sound spread across the woods waking all the sailors.

“What was that noise” said a sailor

“I don’t know, I was laying here and I heard that sound”.

All the sailors jumped up. The sound came again.

“Something just touched my hand” said the sailor who was still shivering.

“Aaaahhhh” all the sailors screamed. Floating right there in front of them were two white sheets with blood on them and a face. Then there was only five sailors.

“Where did they go?” Whispered one of the five remaining sailors.  All of a sudden a white shadow appeared behind a tree.

It looked like a woman in a long dress that touched the ground.

“What are you going to do to us”, yelled a sailor at the shadow woman.  But when he said that the shadow disappeared into thin air. It got silent, but the five sailors couldn’t sleep. They all sat there on the ground looking for signs of the lost sailors, but there wasn’t anything to be seen.

After a couple of hours the sun was out and the sand was hot.

 “Hey guys more of our friends are gone”.

So that meant that there were only three sailors left. Now the sailors were really scared, they wanted to live. They were hungry, thirsty, weak, and scared. “What are we going to do” the sailor said scared.

“I don’t know. We just have to stay together”. But it was too late another sailor was gone.

“I will kill you” yelled voices from out of no were. Suddenly the shadow woman came back, “follow me, follow… me!”

The sailors followed the shadow woman out of the woods and into a cave. In that cave where they were,  they found five heads. They were face of the sailors with their mouths wide open, like they were screaming.  The survivors lost their heads, got scared and ran but they didn’t go far because-when they lost their heads they really lost their heads.


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