Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2012
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School winner is fourth grader Katelyn Thoennes, a student of Veterans Elementary School in Saugus, Massachusetts.


Katelyn Thoennes

Once upon a time there was a little girl. The little girl’s name was Emily. She was never scared of anything, not spiders, snakes, and especially not ghosts. She was just a little girl, about five years old. Everybody was ignoring her. It was strange because everybody was so nice to her before her mother died. Her mother died in a car accident.  

Emily felt so funny, as she had two people  inside of her with only one mind. She felt like she was a ghost.

Emily sat in the front seat of the car when her family went to go to her mom’s grave. Her brother sat right on her. When they got there, she saw a grave next to her mom’s and on it, it said, “Emily Revere.”  That is her name. Then her dad sat on her grave and cried. Emily wanted to cry, too, but she was a ghost and couldn’t cry. Emily used to watch “The Ghost Whisperer,” so she knew it was time to pass over. If she passed over, she could be with her mom, but not her dad and brother. If she didn’t pass, someone could hurt her more.  

Suddenly, Emily felt a funny feeling. It was her mom, so she went and gave her a big hug. I know that you’re thinking, “How do you know all this this?”  Because I am Emily Revere. The End  

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