Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2013
Elementary School Winners

Third Place

Our third place Elementary School winner is fifth grader Malyssa Tolbert, a student of Alyce Taylor Elementary School in Sparks, Nevada.

A Summer to Forget

Malyssa Tolbert

I had never gazed upon a house in the woods until the summer of ‘04. Heres how my unstable life all started. Every summer on June 6th I would go to my Uncle Ben's big boring house. It is way out deep in the heart of the woods and I hate it. “This time is going to different” I promised myself and I was right. As my parents waved goodbye I ventured out into the woods for a walk. I walked until my feet hurt; I was going to go back, but I was caught off guard by a road I had never seen before. For all I could see it was long and dusty, yet somehow very intriguing and it wouldn't hurt to take a peek so I began to walk down the long, dusty and pothole filled road. I saw nothing at first, down the new and strange road. I began to walk back. That was when I was startled by a stifled cry.

I turned around and saw a huge brick house. At that same moment, lightning and thunder boomed behind the house and it began to rain. The old brick house was pealing like two-week-old scabs and the windows were black. It seemed as if the windows were staring at me. I felt like I was paralyzed. Standing there, I slowly got soaked and gradually overcame my fear. I gradually went up the stairs and grime came off the railing. I knocked on the door. No one answered, but then it creaked open and no one was there. Against my better judgment, I took a step inside. I could hear bones crunch underneath my shoes. I could barley handle the smell of the decaying flesh. I felt like I was going to vomit, but I fought the sickness back. It was dark inside but there were candles flying around the room so I could see where I was going. On the walls, portraits were staring at my every move, and there were spider webs that looked like ghoulish cotton candy. In the back I could see a family of zombies playing cards. The zombies were talking to their pet unicorn. The card game stopped and they looked in my direction. The zombies licked their lips and moaned “dinner”! The idea of the zombies eating me alive was terrifying.

As I stared about the room trying to figure out what was going on, I noticed that about in the middle of the hallway was the one thing I desired most. The object was calling to me; I had to have it. It was a Cyclops eye and it was staring right at me as if it wanted to be in my possession. From the mist I could hear a mysterious voice say, “Don't take my eye.” I went over and tried to pick the eye up (ignoring the voice), but it wouldn't fit in both my hands. The eye had a stench that made my eyes water as if it were two funky gym socks after a championship basketball game then rats lived in them for a year (GROSS). There was a huge spider on the eye and I am pretty sure the spider was making a web. Then the spider seemed to look at me with his dark, deep, and black eyes. It seemed as if the spider was shaking his head “no”. I wanted the eye. I snatched the Cyclops eye and ran straight out the front entrance.

Had my life just changed? Did I choose the wrong path? Had I taken a horrible wrong turn? Was disaster going to strike?

The next morning one of my eyes had became one with the Cyclops eye. Before I knew it, I was living like a wild animal. The eye was taking over.

All places on my body were covered with hair except the eye and my mouth and it was like when hair gets rubbed on a trampoline and sticks up from electricity. My teeth had degraded into sharp points.

When I got hungry I would have to go hunting for a meal. Whenever I hunted I would try to catch something in the air or something that goes really fast on foot. After I hunted I usually have to go to the bathroom. Now that my mind had changed, I would go to the bathroom wherever I want. When I went to bed I twirled around like a dog trying to get comfortable.

Eventually I forgot who I was. The Cyclops eye made my family forget that I was even born. My name and age was soon forgotten. I couldn't even think about anything; the eye changed it all....

Be careful what you wish for because it may not be the same as you imagined. (Or you might end up living my life.)

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