Saugus Founders' Day 1999

Here's an assortment of pictures taken during the 1999 Saugus Founders' Day celebration in Saugus Center. Clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the page will display even more pictures.

Pictures were taken all throughout the day, starting shortly before 9:00 AM and ending just after 5:00 PM. A schedule & description of some of the events was provided by the Founders' Day Committee and can still be read if you're interested. Likewise, answers to the clues in the Town-Wide Hunt Contest have been posted.

Early morning ceremony.

The flag is raised.

Christine Proia's Dance Academy.

A scene from the Road Race.

Another scene from the Road Race.

Sandra's School of Dance

Saugus Karate & Kung-Fu

The booth.

The Man of the Year Presentation

Test Your Strength.

The Woman of the Year Presentation

An inflatable Titanic.

The Dunk Tank

Charleena's School of Dance.


The SAVE booth.

The Saugus Democratic Town Committee & Saugus Historical Society booths.

The Friends of Breakheart Reservation booth.


The Saugus Year 2000 Celebration Committee booth.

The A Gathering of Memories booth.