Founders' Day 1999 T-Shirt Giveaway

Please note that this contest is now over; the answers have been posted.

We'll be giving away a limited number of T-shirts this Founders' Day in Saugus.

"How do I get one?"

Well, it's quite a bit different from last year's contest, although it's the same T-shirt design. Whereas last year you had to locate a moving target who was restricted to the traditional Founders' Day area, this year you have to figure out a particular place in town based on a clue, go to that place, obtain the certificate hidden there, and return the certificate to the booth. Easy, huh?

"Where do I get the clues?"

We'll be handing out clue sheets all day at the booth. Plus, just before Founders' Day starts, we'll post a copy of the clue sheet online here (download a PDF copy for printing). Each clue leads to one certificate.

"Where are the certificates hidden?"

That's what you have to figure out based on the clues. All over. Some are hidden at particular Founders' Day booths, some are located within easy walking distance of Saugus Center, the rest are in town but will be far enough away that a car will make things easier. Often a particular person at a particular place will be the keeper of the certificate. Sometimes certificate keepers will give you other gifts in addition to the certificate itself. Remember though that each location only holds one certificate; only the first person to figure it out will get a certificate.

"If each location only holds one certificate, how will I know when a certificate for a particular place has already been found?"

Throughout the day we'll be updating a master chart showing which clues have been figured out, and we'll even show the answers as they come in on a poster at the booth. If you keep tabs on what has been found during the day, not too much time should be wasted looking in places that have already been plundered.

"How do I get my T-shirt?"

When you bring your certificate back to the booth, we'll give you your T-shirt and mark that certificate as unavailable on the booth poster.

"Is there anything else I should know?"

Not really; this whole thing is being done in a spirit of fun. If you're one of the lucky ones who manages to find a certificate and win a T-shirt, wear it with pride and a sense of accomplishment at a job well done.

Good luck from your friends at!