Saugus Founders' Day 2005

Saugus Founders' Day 2005

Here's an assortment of pictures taken during the 2005 Saugus Founders' Day celebration in Saugus Center.

Pictures were taken all throughout the day, starting shortly before 8:00 AM and ending a little before 4:00 PM. A schedule & description of some of the events was provided by the Founders' Day Committee and can still be read if you're interested. Likewise, answers to the questions in the Town Trivia Contest have been posted.

The flag is kept at half staff today out of respect for those in the New Orleans area.

Some opening remarks.

The Saugus Wanapanaquins.

The Saugus High School Band.

Henry the Juggler.

Woman of the Year: Janet Leuci.

The Saugus Lions Lion.

Louise Rossetti running by.

Man of the Year: John Burns.

Sandra's School of Dance.

Sandra's School of Dance.

Saugus Karate Kung-Fu.

Presenting the Woman of the Year Award.

Presenting the Man of the Year Award.

The combined SAVE / Saugus Tree Committee display.

Saugus Emergency Management outside the old Fire Station.

Behind the Saugus Town Hall.

The Friends of Town Hall table.

The Saugus High School Alumni Association table.

The Nhung's Notions booth.

The Saugus Historical Society table.

The book sale in the Saugus Public Library.

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting's sand sculpture demonstration.

The dunk tank.

The Fun Area.

Pseudo-sumo wrestling.

The Fun Area.

The Saugus Advocate's giant snowglobe.

A view of the Saugus Town Hall lawn.

Christine Proia's Dance Academy.