Town Trivia Question List

(download a PDF copy for printing;
There won't be many copies available at Founders' Day)

If you can be the first to figure out the answer to one of the questions below and bring that answer to the booth at Founders' Day, you'll win a free T-shirt. Some of the questions are harder than others; remember that you have to be the first with a correct answer for a particular question. Answers can be found in a variety of places; some can be found online on; others can be found in the library; still others can be found on plaques and monuments in town. We're starting off the day with T-shirts available in a variety of sizes, but size selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis we recommend that you figure out your clue early so you can get your pick of T-shirt size.

  1. When were the Saugus By-Laws first made available to the general public in electronic format?

    1998, not (as some publications have recently erroneously reported) 2005. Solved by de Stenten (no first name was given).

  2. Where in Saugus can one find Indian Rock?

    Indian Rock Drive (it's in North Saugus off of Walnut Street not too far from Hawkes Pond). Solved by Christine Wilson.

  3. What is the name of the soon-to-be-released sequel to A Gathering of Memories?

    Time and the River. Somewhat surprisingly (since this has been being discussed all over the place lately) this question went unsolved.

  4. What year was the Rumney Marsh Reservation formed?

    1992. Solved by "Moose" Surette.

  5. In Saugus slang, what are "buckies"?

    Big, ridable chunks of ice on the river or one of the lakes. Solved by Jim Harrington.

  6. The Park Press building has been used for many things in its history. Name at least three.

    Congregational church, Stockers General Store, post office, machine shop, screen shop, ice cream factory, Bucky's Lunch, billiards parlor, print shop, etc. Solved by Steve Carlson.

  7. What major new feature did just recently introduce?

    Forums. The gentleman who solved this forgot to provide his name and we didn't notice until after he left; if you're reading this and you're him, please let us know your name and we'll give you appropriate credit here.

  8. The Saugus Public Schools are currently involved with the TAHG program. What does TAHG stand for?

    Teaching American History Grant. This one went unanswered; it was a trivial one to figure out online, but pretty tough to figure out otherwise.

  9. The organization that maintains the Boardman House recently changed names. What was its old name, and what is its new name?

    This was probably the toughest question and it wasn't too surprising that it didn't get answered. The old name was SPNEA and the new name is Historic New England.