Saugus Founders' Day 2008

Saugus Founders' Day 2008

Here's an assortment of pictures taken during the 2008 Saugus Founders' Day celebration in Saugus Center.

Pictures were taken all throughout the day, starting shortly after 9:00 AM and ending a little before 4:00 PM. A schedule & description of some of the events was provided by the Founders' Day Committee and can still be read if you're interested. Likewise, answers to the questions in the Town Trivia Contest have been posted.

There was some rain during the initial set-up period and it poured after closing time, but for the most part it was sunny and dry during Founders' Day itself.

A test of strength.

Facing a lion.

In the fun area.

Street Magic.

Man of the Year Fred Brooks.

Woman of the Year Janice K. Jarosz.

Something's cooking in the food area.

The Flashbacks.

Theatre Club of Saugus solo.

Theatre Club of Saugus finale.

Booths on the Saugus Town Hall's side lawn.

Looking across Central Street at the Saugus Town Hall.

The Saugus Garden Club booth.

Some of the Saugus Emergency Management crew.

The combined SAVE / Saugus Tree Committee booth.

The Saugus High School Band.

Inside at the Saugus Public Library book sale.

Looking down Taylor Street past the Saugus Public Library.

The combined Friends of Saugus Town Hall / M.E.G. Foundation booth.

The Saugus Town Clerk booth.