Town Trivia Question List

(download a PDF copy for printing;
There won't be many copies available at Founders' Day)

Please note that this contest is now over.

If you can be the first to figure out the answer to one of the questions below and bring that answer to the booth at Founders' Day, you'll win a free T-shirt. Some of the questions are harder than others; remember that you have to be the first with a correct answer for a particular question. Answers can be found in a variety of places; some can be found online on; others can be found in the library; a few can be found in the just-released Saugus book, Of Time and the River; still others can be found on plaques and monuments in town. We're starting off the day with T-shirts available in a variety of colors and sizes, but size selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis we recommend that you figure out your clue early so you can get your pick of T-shirt color and size.

  1. The Saugus book Of Time and the River had an article written about the annual Saugus Ghost Story Contest. What is the author's name?

    John Burns. Solved by Julie Mills.

  2. What is the name of the large salt marsh in Saugus?

    Rumney Marsh. Solved by Steve Rich.

  3. How many public schools are currently open in Saugus?

    6. Solved by Julie, Gabby, and Sean (no last names given).

  4. A popular historical attraction in Saugus just reopened this year after a lengthy renovations period. What is its name?

    Saugus Iron Works NHS. Solved by Raquel Manley.

  5. passed a significant anniversary this year. Which one was it?

    10th. Solved by Paula (no last name given).

  6. What does the acronym S.A.V.E. represent?

    Saugus Action Volunteers for the Environment. Solved by Randy Abber.

  7. Where are the following located: World Series Park, Anna Parker Playground, Stocker Playground, Mariense Field, Golden Hills Playground?

    Respectively: behind the Belmonte Middle School, behind the Essex Street Fire Station, Stocker Street (off Winter Street), the Lynn Fells Parkway, and Golden Hills Road. Solved by Christine Wilson.

  8. What is the name of the little area in Saugus associated with pirates?

    Pirates' Glen. Solved by Steve Carlson.