Saugus Founders' Day 2014

Saugus Founders' Day 2014

Here's an assortment of pictures taken during the 2014 Saugus Founders' Day celebration in Saugus Center.

Pictures were taken all throughout the day, starting around 8:00 AM and ending after 3:00 PM. The answers to the questions in the Town Trivia Contest have been posted.

The Mystery Machine

Beat ConnXtionz Dance Company

Saugus Garden Club

The Saugus Rotary Club booth

Flag raising

The Saugus Historical Society booth

Looking down Central Street between the Saugus Public Library and the Saugus Town Hall

Justine Comeau - baton twirling

The Saugus Public Library Book Sale

Gino Figliola - 8 year old drummer

Gingerbread House

Flag raising

Actin' Up

Just hanging out

Man of the Year

Pedro's Judo Center

Looking across Central Street toward the Saugus Town Hall

Actin' Up

Looking across Central Street toward the Saugus Town Hall


The SAVE & Saugus Tree Committee booths

Looking across Central Street toward the Saugus Public Library

Some of the booths in front of the Saugus Town Hall

Woman of the Year: Ann Devlin

A visiting bearded dragon

Ambulance display

Saugus Emergency Management

Christine Proia Dance School

More of the Fun Area

Looking down Central Street toward the monument

A portion of the Fun Area

Flag raising

Studio Dance Complex

Saugus Theatre Company

Peeking in the Mystery Machine

Looking down Central Street away from the monument