Town Trivia Question List

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There won't be any copies available at Founders' Day)

Please note that this contest is now over.

The answers are listed along with the given name of the person who solved each one. We did our best reading these names, and apologize if we misread or were unable to read a signature. Please feel free to write in and correct us if you see an error.

If you can be the first to figure out the answer to one of the questions below and bring that answer to the booth at Founders' Day, you'll win a free T-shirt. Some of the questions are harder than others; remember that you have to be the first with a correct answer for a particular question. Answers can be found in a variety of places; some can be found online on; others can be found in the library; a few can be found in popular Saugus books: Of Time and the River and A Gathering of Memories; still others can be found on plaques and monuments in town. We're starting off the day with T-shirts available in a variety of colors and sizes, but size selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis we recommend that you figure out your clue early so you can get your pick of T-shirt color and size.

  1. What is the name of the Saugus Early Childhood Center?

    Ballard Early Childhood Center. Solved by Charlie Vanney.

  2. If one follows the Saugus Bike Path from Saugus Center toward Lynn, where will one end up?

    The Marshview Park by the Saugus River at the Saugus / Lynn line. Solved by Myra Monto.

  3. According to last year's documents, what was the originally scheduled date for this year's Founders' Day?

    September 13th. Solved by Brenda Perry.

  4. Which communities in Massachusetts currently have the best Mozilla Location Service coverage?

    Saugus, Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, Lowell, and Springfield. Solved by Zach Ginsberg.

  5. Approximately when was the Iron Works House originally constructed?

    Sometime in the 1600s; the exact year is unknown. Solved by Ruth Berg.

  6. In which year was this trivia contest first held?

    2000. Solved by Sydney Burke.