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Becoming an Organ Donor Is Easy

Still, many people have big misunderstandings about how it works. Organ donation is supported by most of the major U.S. religious organizations, does not result in any disfigurement, and does not cost the donor or donor's family anything. According to the New England Organ Bank, there are currently 55,000 Americans on organ transplant waiting lists, and an even greater number who need donated tissues (such as bone, heart valves, saphenous veins, eyes, and skin).

Ken and his brother-in-law John Skidmore
joking around in happier times before he needed a new liver
It is important to note that even if a potential donor has signed a uniform donor card, the consent for organ and tissue donation will typically still be requested from family or next of kin. That means that it's vital that potential donors discuss organ donation with their families in order to ensure that their wishes get respected.

People considering becoming organ donors should check out the New England Organ Bank's web site for all the information they'll need, specifically including their list of questions and answers. They even have a copy of a donor card online that can be downloaded, printed, and filled out.

Further information specific to liver transplantation can also be found on the Hepatitis C and Liver Transplantation FAQ.