Company Services

What We Are

We specialize in just one thing: web pages. We're professionals.

At, we're focused on the needs of businesses. We're not an Internet access company primarily providing access services, nor are we a company concerned with the selling of goods. We just provide high quality web services.

What We Offer

We can provide all the web services your company needs.

We offer the full range of web and traditional web-related business services, including (but not limited to):

  • world class web site design
  • WWW site hosting
  • Zope web hosting, Plone web hosting, & Repoze web hosting
  • FTP download areas
  • POP3 e-mail accounts
  • password protected pages
  • domain name services
  • virtual hosting
  • secure credit card processing
  • FAXback options
  • custom company graphics
  • search engine submissions
  • visitation tracking & demographics
  • custom CGI programs
  • PostgreSQL database integration
  • PDF document conversion
  • Newton book document conversion

No account is too large or too small. We've got the space and we've got the bandwidth. It also goes without saying that we support our work and can be contacted by phone, FAX, or e-mail.

Why We Should Design Your Page

Your web page defines how the world sees your company. Ensure it's done right.

Designing web pages involves both technical knowledge and an artistic flair. Our designs are portable & flexible, and all of our pages are focused for their target audiences and carefully tuned to provide the best balance between presentation and download time. We stick to solid XHTML coding practices with careful use of Java, JavaScript, and XML. We test with not one or two different browsers, but a series of at least five. Likewise, our testing entails multiple hardware platforms. We endeavor to avoid design practices like cookies, frames, and scrolling status messages that are known to annoy web page viewers, unless specifically requested by the client.

It's amazing how many small companies believe they can purchase a semi-automated web page generator program and spit out pages that can compete with real hand-crafted pages, optimized for a particular business. A second-rate design will make your company appear second-rate, too. Be wary of "web page design" companies that only do design as a secondary business.

Why You Need Good Servers

Business class servers are needed to perform flawlessly 24x7.

What good is a web page if server down time makes it inaccessible? Our servers are networked workstations running Solaris, FreeBSD, or OpenBSD. They're backed by redundant power supplies and they run 24x7 without a glitch. We're not one of those companies that claims to offer professional grade web services served from a bargain basement PC running a less than industrial strength consumer OS.

How Our Prices Compare

Not only are we the best, but we offer competitive rates, too.

Every company's web page needs are different. Our prices are competitive at every level of service, and we offer discounts both to non-profit organizations and Saugus Chamber of Commerce members. Call 781-231-2621 or to arrange to obtain an estimation for the web page that'll best serve your company's needs. A list of our services are also available in PDF format.