To all Saugonians, near and far
from Bob Wentworth, Tom Sheehan and John Burns.

When "A Gathering of Memories" was published, we had not thought of doing another book.

We have a book in mind now, and we'd like to tell you what we hope to do and ask your help in doing it.

We've been hearing from a host of Saugonians since publishing our book, and, listening to them, we have been persuaded to dedicate a book exclusively on the people of Saugus 1900-2000. There were people featured in "A Gathering," but only as one component among many.

Our goal is to gather and flesh out a list of Saugonians of those hundred years, including both those who have moved on in this mobile society and those who have stayed here, to leave a record of them for history.

This would include familiar names, those on the edge of being forgotten and many not subject to being forgotten because we will never be aware of them unless we make this effort.

We are looking for a broad spectrum of people: those whose lives were given to service of every description; those who fared well in the humanities and the sciences, in art, medicine, business, academia, sports, etc.; and those who might be termed "ordinary" who made their impact in their neighborhoods and the town by their deeds, their personality, their character or even their idiosyncrasies. The controversial figures among us should not be overlooked!

It is an imposing challenge, but worth the effort if the alternative is to have a "history" of these years as little more than sketchy memories of a handful of names and blank pages for the rest.

We need your help. Please send us your recommendations with brief supporting statement. Self-nominations are welcome!

We'll contact you later for detailed material: text, photographs, graphic material if applicable.

John Burns
30 Cliff Road
Saugus, Massachusetts 01906
Phone 781-233-1282

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