A Gathering of Memories Saugus 1900 - 2000


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!!!!!!!! To All Saugonians, Near and Far !!!!!!!!!

A second printing, 500 copies, of "A Gathering of Memories Saugus 1900 - 2000" is now available. The first 2000 copies sold out quickly. About 75 copies remain and they won't last long. To have a copy shipped directly to you go to this page and print the order form.

The book is also available for purchase at the following locations:

489 Lincoln Avenue, Saugus (Cliftondale)
One Hamilton Street, Saugus (Center)
(781) 231-3800

Rossetti Insurance Agency
436 Lincoln Ave Saugus

Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Route One North Saugus, MA

Read some background on the book and its creators, by Tom Sheehan.

The following is reprinted from a brochure.

I love America. I love Saugus. I love what you have
done for our town.
-Barbara Ludwig Merrithew, Saugus

On advice, my wife and I purchased two copies, to
prevent bloodshed at reading time. To date, our fav-
orite line is, "I had a bad posture, a bad perm, and a
soft-spoken voice." It was great over our morning
coffee and the book. The book is marvelous. Carol
and I have enjoyed it tremendously. It makes you feel
as though you know the characters as you are reading.
It also prompts a recall of our own personal experiences
and aside of making us aware how long ago some of
these things occurred, it generates a lot of memorable joy.
-Bill Jenkins, Orlando, FL (never been to Saugus)

The copy, the Book, arrived yesterday and I have been
turning pages in wonderment ever since. Fantastic!! The
work that went into it!! Kudos all around especially to you
and John Burns and most flattered by your signing same.
Much more to say later, but for now, Congratulations!!!
Big Time.
--Like the Bible-can open the book at random and start
a chain reaction of memories with almost any page or occa-
sional photo.
-So it goes-on and on-one memory after another, "Not
docile, helpless objects, for indeed, they respond as they
are being gathered and leave their marks on those who
choose to gather them."
_James Smith, Waldwick, NJ

A masterpiece. A classic. Must reading even for our carpet-
_Belden Bly, Honest Lawyer

Many thanks to you and everyone involved for "Memories."
It is outstanding.
Patty (Duckworth) Kingman, Saugus

I received my copy yesterday. It is a masterpiece. I sat to
spend a few minutes thumbing through it and was entranced
hours later. I love the way it's organized and each vignette
reaches out and touches the reader personally. I can hardly
wait to spend a little time each day reading it and want the
pleasure to last as long as possible. I think it is a magnificent
job. It stands as tribute not only to Saugus but to all the hard
work of John, Tom and the others.
_Bart Brady Ciampa, Vancouver, WA

My eagerly awaited book-of-the-year came on Friday at 9 P.M.
and kept me up until the wee hours reading bits of memories of
the various contributors. We are mighty proud of you two and
your committee.
_Bill Bright, Wilsonville, OR

I sit here, late into the night, cradling the book in my arms like a
baby. It is riveting.
-Tim Churchard, West Lebanon, ME

What a terrific job you and Tom did writing and publishing (the
Book). I don't know how you accomplished it in the short time
(2 yrs) you did. I am thrilled with the book, as is my family. I must
tell you it will certainly be handed down from generation to
generation. It will have a special place in our hearts and homes.
"A Gathering of Memories" is by far the best book I have seen
and read about Saugus.
-Jane E. (Mansfield) Taatjes, Saugus

My thanks to John and Tom and crew for writing such a fab-
ulous book about Saugus. I recently finished reading it from
cover to cover-and I must say - I hated to see it end. Guess
I wanted more. You all did a super job in capturing the flavor
of "Old Saugus."
-Kay (Nagle) Shimer,

What a piece of work you (John) and Tom and your gifted
staff of historians and writers have wrought. What a monu-
mental piece of work! I was first taken aback by the weight
of the package that arrived at my door. Then I opened the
box and found a beautifully jacketed tome, very much unlike
the usual town histories I have seen in austere brown and green
covers, housing pages of statistics and wax-museum people.
It all started with "Saugus." I love the sound of that word. It
has a magnetic field around it. It draws in the jesters, the curious,
the puzzled.
This is a book of people first, living, breathing, flesh and bone
people-with all their distinctions and disparities, each with a
story, each with a place - a few rogues among the many angels.
The names are legion. They crowd the pages in unbelievable
numbers, but they retain their faces.
This book supports my belief. How can such a small town house
so many different places - so much beauty - so many landscapes.
I feel as though I have been on a long trip to every neighborhood
in town and have met nearly every person in town.
As impressed as I find the magnitude and scope of this book, I
find it even more impressive that you and Tom were able to
attract so many writers with talent and memory to this project.
How did one small town produce this abundance of literary talent?
Finally, thank you for dedicating this book "To all who were ever
here in Saugus and to all who ever will be." Those words give me
boldness to say at last, "My Saugus too! Thank you for letting me
-Miriam Kochakian, Methuen

…that wonderful new book, "A Gathering of Memories" about our
Town of Saugus…A job well done.
-Fran and Joe Procopio, Saugus

I can't wait to read cover to cover and reflect on the memories con-
tained this winter in my easy chair with a warm fire in the fireplace.

It was as if I were reliving my childhood and my early adult years.
-Jessie Halpin, NH

It is truly a great book and clearly shows all the effort and love that
went into it.
-Pat Smith Derome, Saugus

The whole book shouts "quality."
-Paul Heffernan,

A few of my friends, who are former Saugonians, from New Hampshire,
Maine and Florida, have already purchased the book. They have called
and marveled about it.
-Jean Saulnier Seeley, Saugus

The book is a delight from cover to cover.
Victor Leone, Principal, Veterans' Memorial School, Saugus

The book is a magnificent tribute to the town of Saugus and its people.
-Jim Harrington, Saugus

Please accept my congratulations for this labor of love.
-Hope E. Parrott, Saugus

Read more about theSaugus book at NewWriters.com

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