High School Graduates
Saugus High School - Class of 2006

About the image below:
While out for a bicycle ride, I happened by Stackpole Field just as the Saugus High School graduation ceremony was wrapping up. I made several images using zoom lenses. This composite image was made using Adobe Photoshop CS2. Adobe Photoshop Elements has this same capability.

First, a new image was made, 1024 pixels wide. Then, sections of other images were painted into it using the clone brush. The text was added then an internal drop shadow to give the cut-out effect.

1024 pixels wide is the most commonly used computer screen resolution. I made the image this width so it would fill the screen entirely if someone wanted to use it as desktop wallpaper. To set the image as your screen background, RIGHT click the image and choose "set as wallpaper".

If your browser is set to automatically resize images, you're probably seeing a slightly shrunken version.

AOL users should turn off AOL image compression.

Feel free to print or save this image. I would only ask that it not be used in any for-profit or Web application without permission . Call 781-244-5655

Thanks, Jim Harrington. - Saugus Photos Online