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Slide scan made from Jim's own 35MM slide.  Hampton Beach, NH ocean lightning strike

Images, writings and graphics created by James F. Harrington are the copyrighted work of James F. Harrington, of Saugus, Massachusetts - USA

Want to reproduce my images or writings? Ask permission!
Call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655.

Massachusetts State House

The ability to copy content from the Web, does not give one the right duplicate and republish it. Some people are just not aware of this. Others are aware of it, and do it anyway. The worst offenders do it to make money, from someone else's work! See the Hall of Shame below. If you hot-link my photos directly into for-profit Web page, that infringes on my copyright.

Unauthorized derivative works is also copyright infringement. This means if you're make a painting based on a photo, or make a photo part of another photo, or edit the photo and republish it, you still need permission from the copyright holder. Original works do not need to be registered to be covered by copyright law. Read Enforcing Your Copyrights.

I very often allow the use of my photographs at no charge when it is a not-for-profit use. I allowed the creator of this site use 2 of my photos, ( NH&VT ). He called and asked permission. He provided credit to the photographer. Here's another example of where I allowed non-profit use of my images at no charge.

As a photographer who sells rights, I take copyright violation seriously.  I aggressively search for and find violators of my copyright. For example:

I found one of my photos in use on a CD cover produced by a company in England. My first e-mails to the company went unanswered.  I pointed out the details of the infringement on this page.

Several months later months later I sent more e-mails requesting payment. However, I then received an e-mail which stated: "It is impossible to ask your permission, if you do not have any credits on your photographs at source...."This is libelous. If you do not remove this immediately we will be forced to consider taking action against you."

They make me out to be the bad guy! Read on...

If you want to reproduce my pictures or writing call me and ask permission. Your specific use will determine the conditions for rights I may grant.

If you'd like to buy high quality prints of my images, up to 24 x 36", call me at 781-244-5655. I currently have a small collection available at Zenfolio. If the you'd like to purchase any print from my large collection of stock photos, call me at 781-244-5655.

When for profit rights are requested, I usually ask fair market value, full payment of which would grant the rights. If you offer a product or service I may be willing to barter.

NON-profit use of my images may be granted in some cases, but I'd likely require adjacent credit with hyper-linking to the page of my choosing, if the rights are for Web.

Recently, several people have contacted me asking if they could reproduce this text , on their copyright notice page! How ironic is that? I tell them "Type your own page!"

Unauthorized reproduction of my work which intended to make money or is included in a money making project is NOT OK. The Internet makes it easy to find duplicated work.

Teachers have contacted me about using my materials in printed form. For example, one teacher called to ask about printing multiple copies of my digital photography tips page. That type of use is encouraged and permission would not be required... as long pages are printed in full, and as is, including the source URL and copyright notice.

Before duplicating material I've written or my photography anywhere, on the Web OR in print, call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 or e-mail jim at saugus dot net.

If your use is not for profit, I may grant usage right but with conditions, such as adjacent credit and or a link to the Web page of my choice.

There are acceptable uses of my work. If you want to print my a single copy of one of my pictures to block a stain on your wall or use them in a homework assignment, that's fine. That would be considered personal use and not for profit. .

Do not remove copyright notices from my photos.

If you intend to make any copies of my work for any purpose, ask permission. Call Jim at 781-244-5655.

Please read US Copyright law information and Copyright law Frequently Asked Questions

Photographs and Web pages do not need a copyright notice on them to be protected by copyright law. All original works are copyright protected as soon as they are created.

Unauthorized derivative works is also copyright infringement. This means if you make a painting based on a photo, or make a photo part of another photo, or edit the photo and republish it, you still need permission from the copyright holder. Original works do not need to be registered to be covered by copyright law. Read Enforcing Your Copyrights.


Many, many times I have discovered people who have copied my work (writing, images,graphics etc.) to enhance their Web sites, use in printed material etc. Some people just do not understand what copyright is all about. In some cases it was just poor judgment and inexperience with such things. In others cases it is flagrant copyright infringement.

1) In a Google Image Search I found my White Mountains Panoramic photo in use as the lead-in photo on someone's blog. Here is our exchange:

"Your use of this image:
(not the real URL in this case)

violates my copyright."

Please remove the image from your blog ASAP.
Here is the reply I received:
"Mr. Harrington, I'll take the image down in the morning 
when I am awake enough to replace it with something else.
Your image was sent to me by someone else and I neglected to check for the source. Sorry about that.

That having been said, you could have let me know without coming across as a tool."

This person has my image on his site... with the copyright notice and contact info cropped off...and I'm supposed to be "nice" in how I ask him to remove it? This is a typical attitude of those with no respect for photographer's copyright.

2) Someone at "digital slides dot net" made a word-for-word duplicate of my slide film scanning page to start a business... to compete against mine! Very poor judgment. They've since changed it around some, but only after repeated requests, starting with a 6:30am phone call.

3) Somebody at replicated one of my photos to use as the main intro image of a clearly for-profit page. My copyright notice and contact info had been stripped off the image. When I wrote and asked for removal, the person responded with this "there is a possibility that you are have used the real photographer's image without his/her permission" and "How your border was removed is beyond me," "I'm certain I took it from the net somewhere" This response prompted me to post the details here.

4) Early in 2006, I was contacted by a Web site designer. She was redesigning a Web site, probably for big pay, since the site was for a large business.

She requested rights to one of my images and offered "credit". I responded quickly, asking exactly how the image would be used so I could provide a quote. I made it clear that I expected payment for this "for profit" use. She wrote back saying my images would not be needed.

About 6 months later, I looked at the site she had redesigned. Guess what? There was my image, right on the main page.

She never bothered to get back to me about usage rights before publishing the photo. I e-mailed her an invoice ( the price was not negotiable ) then called her. She sent payment right out.

These are just a few of the many, many instances where people blatantly expect to benefit from the work of others.

Publishing the details here might make other photographers, who post images to the Web, aware of what to watch out for.

It might also make a few Web site designers, bloggers, web publishers etc aware of what they should not do!

Since this copyright notice page has been in place for several years, I'm now finding that people are copying my copyright notice page. Please don't! Write your own page! It's not that difficult!

If you find usage of my pictures or writings anywhere on the Web or in print let me know. If it's unauthorized use, you'll be rewarded in one way or another. (Automated text scraper sites not included.)

Chances are, if you have posted popular or worthwhile material on the Web, it has been copied...for profit!

Florida Stock PhotosI've confronted at least a dozen people about copying my work to their Web sites. Most remove the work they've copied when I ask them. Some drag their feet or try to get away with just changing my work a bit. Very few offer apologies. The ones who respond, often blame someone else.

A copyright mark and contact info on photographs can help photographers protect their rights and earn them money from their work.

Contact me for permission. Call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655.

Thank you!

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