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Pemigewasset River - Lincoln, New Hampshire

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Just wanted to tell you thanks for all the information you have taken the time to post on your site regarding Photographer's rights and the legalities of copyright infringement. Sorry that you, too, have to deal with those who are ignorant of the law or just blatantly refuse to follow the rules. Unfortunately there are so many out there who are not ashamed to take everything they can without putting in any effort and don't even view it as wrong. Have a blessed day and thanks, again!

Sharon Padilla

7/11/10 Dear Jim,

My name is Jenny Nagle (born & raised in Saugus). My grandfather, David R. Nagle Sr is a lifelong Saugus Resident and was in the political arena for most of his career. He is one of 13 (9 boys (7 of which served in the armed forces) and 4 girls) all raised in Saugus.

On Father's Day this year I made him a memoir gift - in windows media format - and would like to share it with others. I am a fan of the Saugus Guestbook and thought that some of my great-uncles (who are also fans) may enjoy this.

(click here for slide show with music)

I don't know if you can publish it, but hope you can.

The Nagle family grew up on Baker's Hill in Saugus. The brother's were known as the "Baker Hill Boys".

The David Nagle family lived for many years in the second to last house on left on Hull Dr. Actually my Great-Grandmother, Ruth Hull (for which the street was named) lived in the last house on the left.

My Grandfather was an avid aviator in his day. In fact, his brother (I believe it was Gig Nagle) built his own plane in their backyard when they were growing up - and it worked! In fact, the two oldest boys, Frank (Gig) and John were the owners and operators of Nagle Aircraft at Bedford Airport.

Next in line was Rita, then Leo who had a long career at G.E. and retired to become a fantastic and imaginative inventor, fifth was Lawrence who worked many years at the State Department of Natural Resources, then Tom and Jim who both retired from the Coast Guard after serving for 23 years each.

Next was Catherine and then my Grandpa, David, who served as a Selectman, Appointments Secretary to Gov. Sargeant, served on the ATB and headed the Mass Turnpike Authority for years as well as his own construction business of which were born Indian Rock Farms and Indian Valley, then came Charlie who had a lifelong career in the Air Force, Theresa was a executive secretary for a bank in Somerville and then was Bill who is fondly thought of as a teacher then vice principal of Melrose High School and the youngest was Dottie.

Jenny Nagle kzfmom73 at yahoo dot com


Hi There! My name is Paul R. Curtis. I currently live in Vacaville, California.

I grew up in Cliftondale and attended the Sweetzer School from 1959.

I was trying to find the name of the old Victorian home that sat at the top of Central Street on Lincoln Ave., on the site that the Little Peach convenience store is now located. When I was a little boy it was all boarded up, but I could see it was once a grand home.

When I was recently back to visit, I saw that things sure have changed. What year did the Sweetzer School close down?

Thanks again! Paul R. Curtis (707) 452-8000 p_curtis"at"

5/2/10 Hi Jim, I am looking for class photos at Roby Elementary from 1956 to 1958 that I might be in. I attended Saugus Schools and graduated from SHS in 1968. If anyone can provide me copies of these class photos, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your website. Carol Knight carolfattibene"at"


I would like to thank Carol Nadeau of St. Margaret's Parish for contacting me and giving me a link to find a picture (and some other info) of my childhood home that has since been torn down. My brothers are also very greatful! I do have a few pictures of my grandfather in groups (Bowling team, a Lodge comedy play), that I will get scanned and and post to those sites as soon as I can. Someone out there may be looking for them...

Linda Ham


I am Linda (Howard) Ham... I found your site while looking for historical photos of Saugus... I lived in Saugus as a child. My parents moved us from 7 Bond Place, Cliftondale (right behind the P.O. loading docks) to Shapleigh, Maine - Just north of Sanford, Me. in November of 1967. I was 6 years old and had just started first grade with Miss Ulban at the Sweetser School. I have my first grade class picture, But, cannot remember any names of my classmates, except for the name "George" rings a bell - He gave me a porceline angel with the month of "August" on the banner for my birthday that year. There was a family named "McAdoo" on the corner and I think another named "Merry" on Bond Pl. at the time, (although time has faded my memory) ... My house was torn down around '69 or '70 to make way for a parking lot behind the P.O. If anyone knows of any pictures of our house, I would love to have a copy, as we were in Saugus yesterday to lay my mother to rest in Riverside Cemetary and we went to the old home site afterwards and we lamented that we have no pictures of it. My grandmother (who owned the house) was Velena Parsons, my mom was Elinor (Parsons) Howard, my brother is Steve Howard, and he went through Saugus schools and played baseball. He is 58 years old now. I graduated in 1979 and I am about to turn 48. I have been happily married for 32 years, and have 1 son. I have worked as a floral designer for 23 years, and still live in the Sanford, Maine area.
If anyone wishes to contact me regarding names of classmates or pictures of our old house, I can be reached a lham"at" . Saving pictures for the future generations to see is a wonderful thing!!! You never know when you really need to see a slice of history, and it is so wonderful when it is available to see... Thanks, Linda

5/4/09 Hi Jim,
I was looking at the pics of the house at 127 Winter St, sent in by Karl Dahlin, & it brought back memories for me. I grew up in Saugus & lived there from 1945 until 1970. I graduated S.H.S. in '64. During my elem. yrs. I was very friendly with the family that lived in that house, Adolf & Elenor Beauchene & their 2 adopted daughter's, Patricia & Joanne. Patricia was the youngest daughter & the one I was friendly with. We were always together in 7 & 8th grades, after school & on weekends. We fished in the river behind the house for minnows & played in the woods down over the hill from the big back yard. During the time we were friendly the house # was 128 Winter St. I'm guessing it was joined in with the location of their grandfather's store & took on one lot # after the store no longer was in operation. There was a very narrow stairway just inside the front door that led upstairs to where Patricia's room was. Downstairs, upon entering the front door, the living room was to the right & the dinning room to the left. Standing in the dinning room, facing the rear of the house, was the kitchen, with an enclosed back porch to the right that led out to the 2 bay garage across the grass. I've lost track of Patricia, (Tricia), & both her parents have since passed away. Acording to Saugus Alum., her last known address was in NY. I lived on Vermont Ave., off Central St., where my mother still lives today. I miss Saugus & wish I could still be there. I don't get to come back much but did go last Oct. '08 for 11 days. It was so nice to be "home" again, where I'm most comfortable. Saugus was one of the best places of my life. I'm hoping to get back again soon. Thanks for the pics. I've seen them posted for a long time but never thought to write. I tried going through the e-mail listed with the pics but it wasn't compatible with my e-mail. Hope someone reads this who's connected with the family that sent in the pics. I'd love to hear from them.
Sincerely, Linda Atwood-Harvey Montezuma, Indiana
lin55ah at hotmail

2/25/09 Hello, Do you have any recollection of a Masonic Lodge being located in Saugus in 1987? I recently acquired a family Bible that was presented to Brother Kenneth Irving Stoddard, Galilean Lodge, Saugus on June 3, 1987 and would like to get it back to it's rightful owner, or his descendants. I have contacted a lodge that is now located in Malden, in hopes that they have records going back that far.

Any advice you can offer will be appreciated.

Thank you, Sue Daigle Quincy, MA dustysusie"at" comcast dot net (convert e-mail address to standard format to reply)


Just a line to let you know my new book, Brief Cases, Short Spans, was just released by Press 53 in Winston-Salem, NC. It has a cover from a painting of Burnside Bridge in Antietam by Saugus artist and SHS Hall of Famer Jeff Fioravanti.

The dedication of the book reads: “For Saugus’s John Burns, Bob Wentworth, Neil Howland, The ROMEOs, Retired Old Men Eating Out, extraordinary readers, gabbers, and dear companions and for our town which gave so much to us and for which we tried to make our small payback with the Saugus books, A Gathering of Memories and Of Time and the River. Some will know the joy we shared and the others can find out.”

Two of the stories have local flavor; “Improper Burial at the First Iron Works of America,” which deals in part with the return of Admiral John Paul Jones’s body in a cask of rum from a small cemetery in Paris, accompanied by a Navy officer as directed by President Theodore Roosevelt. Also, “The Cochran Resolve,” dealing with the unsolved pre-WW II murder of Frances Cochran, a young West Lynn girl, that has haunted me for years.

Of Time and the River - Saugus 1900-2005 Available for sale!Regards,

Tom Sheehan, SHS ‘47

10/24/08 Jimbo I was reading all the entries wow, how many entries do you suppose you have gotten throughout the years, anyway I notice I had not made a entry since 2005 so it is time to do so. Jim thanks for your dedication and your hard work to make this possible for all the transplants out there, you can tell by all the feed back how much pleasure they get from this tremendous website. Also have you heard about a 30th year reunion yet for class of 1979? Thanks for all you do and give your beautiful wife a hug for me tell her I said hi. If there are anyone from class of 1979 give me a shout dam it. josephtroberts"at"

8/19/08 I am looking for relatives of James and Lilian Lehane.  Both died in the 1970's.  Their only daughter Eleanor grew up in Saugus. kmackenz"at"

6/22/08 I would like to say that you have done a fine job for many years with your photographs. I've been looking at your site for eight years now. I live in Somerville, have been in the area for nearly all my life (brief stays in Floirida, Oregon, and New York City). I visit the town once or twice a year. I see nearly all of the woods are gone, including my neighbor's 19 1/2 acres. I got to meet him October 2006. The residents of the new subdivision were wondering why this long-haired weirdo was walking around. Lucky me, my neighbor, almost my age, was there. I pointed out trees and other natural features that I remember from childhood to the new residents. I will miss the "baseball field" and the car ramp on his property. We had a fruitful discussion about why he sold and developed the land. I feel assured that both Pirate's Cave and Vinegar Hill will have a good future. My mom and dad are still alive, though dad is ailing.

I still look with horror at where Fill-'em-Fast was. That developer is long gone, but the land or the river will never look the same. I regret the loss of that magnificent maple tree that stood in front of 20 Woodbury Ave. (now Hamilton St.). The replacement died quickly. There is so much more information available on line now. I can do so much more research into the history of the town and its inhabitants. This is a blessing. I have some photos of my own, maybe some day I can post them somewhere. Jim, you have made a lot of good over the years. I am so impresssed! Keep it up.
JD Moore (SHS Class of 1971) paeanhera"at"

4/29/08 Dear Jim,

I stumbled upon your website by accident while researching the Ballard School, & I found it fascinating. I have never been to Saugus, but my paternal grandmother was born there, & my father's elementary school
years were spent @ Ballard.

My grandmother was Marguerite Louise Chambellan, nee Monk. Her parents were Charles Syms, & Ella Louise Monk, nee Rhodes, & her grandparents were Charles F. & Hannah Rhodes. Her younger sister was Marie Rhodes Monk Cutts Hersom. From family records, it appears that, in the late 1800's through @ least 1925, most of Lincoln Ave. was inhabited by members of the Rhodes family. My grandmother lived @ 264 Lincoln Ave. from 1888 to1894, when the family moved into #80. In 1898 they moved again, this time into # 97. Around 1900, her immediate family moved to Maine so that she could attend the Deering Schools. She graduated from Deering HS in1907, & the family immediately moved back to Saugus, & back into #80 Lincoln Ave.

My grandmother attended the New England Conservatory of Music for four years, 1908 through 1911. She then married my grandfather, Marcel Claude Chambellan, & they lived in NJ from 1913 until 1920, when they returned to Saugus. They lived @ 99 Lincoln Ave. from late 1919 until Marguerite's death in 1925. My grandfather was a sculptor, classically trained in Paris. That is where he & my grandmother met, while she was there studying piano & voice.

My grandfather worked for General Electric in the now historic River Works Plant in Lynn. There is some mystery as to what his job was @ GE. He was a very frugal man, & so, to conserve marble, he developed a shiny, hard, white material suitable for carving, & used this material to make the templates for his sculptures. After WWI, GE was in the forefront of technology. From 1910 on, they worked on developing phenolic resins. Large quantities of liquid & solid resins were produced, & many of these were of specialized composition. In1930,the first plastics department was created @ River Works. I believe that GE recruited my grandfather because of that hard material he had developed for his templates, but I have not been able to find a way to prove that.

My father, Benjamin Charles Claude Chambellan, attended Ballard School from 1919 to 1925. (first through 5th grade). His brothers, Herbert Monk Chambellan, & Quentin Rhodes Chambellan also attended there. (Herbie from first to third grade, & Quent, first grade only). They had a nanny named Mrs. Devereau, & a dog named Bozo. After my grandmother's death, my grandfather moved the family back to NJ.

My grandmother is buried in a Rhodes family plot, in the old section of Riverside Cemetery. (61 & 62). The plot was originally purchased by Benjamin J. Rhodes, (1810-1895), & his wife, Louisa L. Allerton Rhodes, (1814-1897). First buried there were Frank Rhodes, (1821-1875), & Lizzie Rhodes, (1847-1874). Also buried there are Charles F. Rhodes, (1834-1907), & Hannah Rhodes,(1829-1913), Charles Syms Monk, (1857-1928), & Ella Louise Monk, ( 1859-1916), & Marie Rhodes Cutts Hersom, (1890-1960). There are two empty plots waiting for Marie's son, Warren Rhodes Cutts, (1919-1997), & his wife Ruthe L. Cutts, (1923----). Ownership of the plot has been transferred to Richard W. Cutts, (1952------), "son of Warren".

The family belonged to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Lynn. Marguerite had two funerals. One @ home, conducted by the Rev. A.C. Hardy of the Church of Our Saviors in Cliftondale, & one @ her burial, officiated @ by The Right Rev. W. Appleton Lawrence & Rev. R.C. Preston, of St. Stephen's. Her obit stated that she conducted the music @ the Episcopal Mission, held classes in piano in the Saugus area, had exceptional vocal talents, & was well known in musical circles.

I am hoping that someone might remember the family, or have some ideas as to where I might go to obtain more information about them. (Example: When did the Ballard School close, & are their records still available?) Also, if you have photos of any of the Rhodes family residences on Lincoln Ave., or of the old section of Riverside Cemetery, I would be interested in purchasing them from you. Thank you.


Marji Chambellan Stehle
P.O. Box 132
Semora, NC 27343
marji at


Your photos bring back many happy memories. I moved from Saugus to Canada in 1975 it was devastating for me to leave all my friends.I finished 9th grade @ Belmonte Jr. High then moved. Your pictures reflect the Saugus I remember. The photo of you in the dune buggy (?) with Joey Hartigan pushing at your side brought me right back to the day we all used to run the streets together. I havent been through Saugus in years, your pictures have inspired me to take a drive through one of these days. I am now in Bow, NH, back to my New England roots. I lost touch many years ago with everyone. It's so nice to re connect!!! You are quite the photographer!
Leslie Bingham-Bennett
Lesliejbng"at" ( replace "at" with @ )


I just discovered your site. I am class of l955. Miss Saugus a lot but when we get old we have good old memories. I will be married 50 years in June and have 3 children, Steve a FEDEX pilot, Sharon a nurse, and Frank a university professor. My husband and I are retired and just enjoying life. Loved the picture of Hampton Beach--I can relate as that is where I met my husband. Thanks for letting me vent. Ellen Smith


Hi Jim,
I just looked at all your guestbook entries. I do miss Saugus. I graduated in 1977 and was surprised to see how many of my fellow classmates live near me. I would love to get together for a "mini" reunion.

I now live in Bucksport, Maine. I own my own sign shop. I have two kids, well, they aren't kids anymore. 25 and 27.

Have been married for 28 years. I would love to hear from anyone else that graduated in 77.

Eileen (Champoux) Ormsby

7/20/07 Fort Myers, FL

Hi. Just came across your website. So much fun, reading other people's memories. I went to school in Lynn, until high school. I graduated in 1965...loved those half-day morning sessions!

I pretty much left Saugus, after graduation...Cambridge, Brookline,Arlington,Norwood, Wrentham. Married in 1972. Three "kids"...1974, 1976, 1979.

My husband and I owned an Infiniti Dealership in Norwood...sold it three years ago...and retired to Florida...Fort Myers.

We spend five months in NH...up the road from where my family summered. Ran into Dave Johnson and Gina (Boudreau) Johnson at the golf course, last summer...what a surprise. They're both as nice as ever!

I'd love to hear from anyone from the class of 1965!

Judy (Ladd) Wallace fiveat55"at" (use @ in place of "at".)


I am Phil Morano, Class of '78. I went looking for some old school buds and stumbled head long into your site. Good work, nice pics. I spent some time going over many of your pictures, I especially liked the class reunion shots. I thought I would recognized Someone but nope; Y'all aged! Whew, glad I look the same. 8^}

Thank you for the trip down memory lane.
-Phil (Class '78) pmorano"at"


You have some great photos of Acadia National Park! We love Sand Beach and Cadillac Mountain, there is so much to see & do there. My husband, Al, enjoyed these immensely as his mom lives in Bucksport, ME and we have not visited Acadia since 2001. Jonathan was a baby, and we hiked with him & older sister, Maya, on Cadillac Mountain and got splashed at Thunder Hole. Now we really want to go visit, hmm...too bad Wyoming is so far from Maine! Beautiful states to live in and enjoy!

Any photos of Mount Kathadin and Baxter State Park area?

Thanks for your site, such a talent you have. Keep it going. Take care!

Diane (Smith) Johnson
Class of 1977 dmjwyo"at"

5/10/07 Hi Jim,
I had logged on to the Saugus Town site for some information and came upon your site. I never knew it was there but found it so interesting. I spent a long time reading all the messages. My name is Dot (Hillis) Dow. I have lived in Saugus since I was 4 months old and would not want to live anywhere else. I graduated from Saugus High School in 1941 and married Eddie Dow from Adams Avenue in Nov. 1945. I went to the Emerson School and the Sweetser School (Both are apartments now) the Junior High that was attached to the Old High School which burned in 1963 I grew up on Oakwood Avenue and now live on Seaview Avenue where I have been since 1950. I was involved with the Saugus High School Alumni Association as Treasurer for 11 years. During my working years I worked at the Saugus Bank and Trust Co. for many years. Then Russo's Candy as bookkeeper for a couple of years and then the Lynnfield Office Park for 5 years. I remember all the places that were mentioned in the messages such as the State Theater, the Slop Shop, the Rat Hole where we used to go bowling, Sherman's Market, Butler Drug Store, Morrison's Drug Store, Heck Allen's Clams etc. On and on it goes with the old memories.

A good many of my classmates have either passed away or moved away. If any are still around and read this message, I would love to hear from them. My e-mail address is Dot13sea"at"
Thanks for this wonderful web site. Now that I have found it I will check in often.

Dot Hillis Dow Class of 1941

04/11/07 Saugus High School Class of 1974

Dear Jim -
Thanks so very much for building and maintaining your guest book/website/photos. I graduated from Saugus High in 1974, moved away for college/grad school, etc, and never moved back. I've had the pleasure of living in Western Ma since 1997. Your photos help me (and I'm sure, others) feel connected to the past.

Thanks again, Janet E. Powers (E-mail available by request. Write to jim at saugus dot net )


It's been a long while since I entered your Guest Book, but I am continually aware of the sparkling work you do with the lens and your promotion of Saugus. That is especially true of your efforts for our new Saugus book, "Of Time and the River, Saugus 1900-2005," recently issued for our Founders Day celebration. John Burns, Bob Wentworth and our whole Millennium Book Associates committee know how much work you have generated for this activity. Your work herein is outstanding.

Our new brochure is in the mail, hoping to reach as many Saugonians as we can, far and wide, with information about the book: how to get one and the stated reactions of people who have already bought a copy, who have read it, and who have sent us their positive replies. Gabe and his staff at Park Press have done an outstanding job for us on this brochure.

Again, your efforts are observed and remembered.

Tom Sheehan, Saugus Hight School Class of '47 tomfsheehan at comcast dot net

Wow Jim,

I grew up in Saugus and graduated from Saugus High, class of 78. I've been in Phoenix for most of my adult life but I still have family on the North Shore. I did a search on Google, just trying to find out how Saugus was doing after hearing on the news that there were some flooding issues there and came upon the site. My heart is with all of you. It looks really bad. Thanks for giving all of us transplants the opportunity to get a look at what is really happening.
It's ironic to see the kind of destruction water is doing there, considering we had spotty rain here this afternoon and people were running outside just to experience the rare feeling of a few sprinkles. I'll visit the site often now that I know of it's existence. Thanks again.

Lori Ferry (Lorene Holloran) ferrylktheboat at cox dot net
Saugus resident 1970 - 1983

4/25/06 Hello "Class of 1966"..  Get ready for a treat !!! 

 There is a new web site dedicated to us.... I hope you like it as much as I do..  Take a look... Diane Hascall Riggillo (tia at psouth dot net)

Dear Jim,

Thank you for the photos, particularly of the river by the cemetery. I spent countless hours in and around that river with my dog. There was one kingfisher I could watch for hours.

My grandfather has been buried at Riverside for 25 years now and I still miss him dearly.

I left Saugus to go to college and never really looked back. I am still close with my family (parents are snowbirds and brothers live elsewhere) and two friends, but for the longest time I felt more connected to western Mass, where I went to school. I went to grad school in the Midwest and now teach at a university out here. My husband is also a professor and we have a beautiful boy, who loves these photos, especially the snowy ones. We don't get that kind of snow here.

Lately I've been achingly homesick for New England, especially Saugus. Perhaps it's incipient middle age? But I'm not nostalgic, per se. I just think N.E. is very special and beautiful. My exile has confirmed for me that people in New England are bright, warm and funny. And a golden autumn day on the river when the kingfisher is diving? Unsurpassable.

Take care, Erin Anthony (edes at siu dot edu) (convert to normal e-mail format)

Hello Jim,
I am currently living in Newburyport, actually I have lived here for 35 years now. I just discovered your site on Saugus. I enjoyed reading the many letters from all the alumni. I lived in Saugus from 1954-1970 and went through the entire school system there starting from the Felton Elem., right on to Saugus High and graduating in 1966.

I lived on School street not far from Cliftondale Square and have so many memories. Some of them are playing sports at Anna Parker playground, playing baseball at Hurd Ave park. My baseball team won the minor-league championship in 1959! Buying my baseball cards and candy at Central Variety after Bomars moved down to a different Central street location...Going to dances at St.Margerets, the place across the street from Central Variety(the name escapes me)they had a pool room downstairs and dancing upstairs,also dances at the Sweetser school called 'Canteen"....

I remember Arcade Bazaar, Kiddie ranch, Donkey hill, Pranker Pond, (played hockey there)The State theater which cost only an admission of 25 cents!,,taking the bus from Cliftondale Square to Central Square in Lynn,or to malden Square for only 5 cents a ride!,Sheldons Drug store,Brennan's Paper Store where I would buy my car models,sports magazines,comic books and wiffle balls,the record store which was located right next to Charlie Chrisos cobbler shop, Sanborn's Variey in Saugus Center,and of course "The Weirdies" food place which was right across from the State Theatre, and the Rat hole....My very best friends were Ronnie Farren, Teddie Moriello, Jackie Sands,and Steve Chrisos. The fun that I had as a youth and later on will always be with me. As I said I live in Newburyport but Saugus is still a big part of me and will remain so. If anyone would like to email me I would like to hear from them. My email address is LGiant4091"at"
Larry Giantonio


Class of 1966   Loved the photos. Yes I remember the Orange Squeeze on Appleton St.  Keep up the great work.

Mary E. Canfield mcanfield"at"

Hey Jim, Haven't been to this site in a while but, I really enjoy checking it out. Just looked at the pics from our reunion "77". I know it took me sometime so call me slow. I did recognize some people like Scott Collins, Rose& Robin. Some people I don't know but, we all change. I'm looking forward to the next one. I live in NJ so I travel up there a lot to see my granddaughter. Well, hope to see you all at the next reunion.
Jamie (Reynolds) Conerty Gypsyfrlife"at"


Hi Jim,

Greetings from Warrenton, VA. I was doing some geneological research when came across your website and it brought back lots of memories of home. I grew up in Everett in the early 50's. One memory I have in particular is being taken to what was probably a small amusement park right on Rte. 1 when I was just a little guy, probably around 1957 or 58, and it was located on the northbound side of Rte. 1 just up from the rotary where Rte 1A from Malden intesects it. I don't remember the park as being fairly lage but what I do remember is that there was a "wild west" show with horse-drawn wagons and cowboys shooting 'em up. The reason I remember it so well is that I clearly remember the cowboys riding by with their guns blazing and scaring the pants off me. I can recall it like it happened yesterday. Can anyone remember the name of this park? I believe it disappeared sometime in the early '60s. I'd love to find out more about it and it would be wonderful if someone had some photos of it they could share.

Thanks for putting together such a great site!!

Return email address: frankgi"at"

Thanks for the note Frank. I beleive it was called Kiddie Land Ranch or something like that.. I have at least one picture from Kiddie Land and will post it here ASAP. At least one guest book entry below mentions it. Try (Ctrl+F) and search for kiddie~ Jim Harrington

Sicily 4/14/05

Jim Keep up the good work Buddy, Tell Kim I said hi. Moving to Dover NH in
June from Italy/Sicily looking forward to it although winters will be tough.
Anyone from class of 1979 out there? feel free to drop me a line or drop by

85 Old Rochester RD Dover NH - Joseph T. Roberts josephtroberts"at"


Peabody, MA - SHS'77

To All Of My Old Classmates

March 31,2005 This message is from Donna Martel-Pingree. The summer of 2004 I inquired about getting the Alumni Newsletter and when Judy found out what class I was from she said We Needed HELP there are alot of us missing. So I told her I would work on it and I figured I had a couple of years to find all of you. My email address for this is Saugusclass1977"at" please even if you are not sure if you are on the mailing list please drop me an email I would love to hear from you. So far I have recieved quite a few and have found you all over the U.S. Please pass this on. I still have quite a few to find but the sooner the better. The ( SHS Class of 1977 ) 30th reunion is really not that far away.......Take Care and hope to hear from you soon.....And thanks to Jim for this wonderful web site ........Donna Martel-Pingree

P.S. I'm married have 3 boys 21,14,11. Keeping me busy

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the website. I found it a few days ago and e-mailed the latest entry in the guestbook, Ann (Baumann) Bielizna, whose parents were den leaders when I was in Cub Scouts back in the early 70's. I've exchanged e-mails with Bill Baumann who was in the Cub Scouts with me and their mother, Mary. I haven't seen them in over 25 years. It took me back and it was great!

I remember going to the White Hen Pantry for candy too. Candy cigarettes were popular back then, when cigarettes were still considered cool. On Hesper St., in the middle of summer, we had games of hide and go seek which went on until well after dark in the woods behind our houses. To my chagrin, I recently found out that these woods are now terraced backyards to expensive houses built on the ridge above. Trips to the old Saugus Cinema where the Square One Mall is now. Shooting basketballs with pals in the dusk at Lynnhurst School. Some wonderful memories! And I only got to live there three years. Those that got to spend their whole childhoods in Saugus were very fortunate.

I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I lived in Saugus from 1971 through 1973 and attended the Lynnhurst School and Belmonte Junior High. I'd even like to hear from any folks that knew any Oljeys in Saugus. We're all related. And thanks again, Jim, for giving us this webpage.

Sincerely, Rich Oljey richoljey"at"

Hi Jim -
I grew up in Saugus and have wonderful memories of that town. My family moved to Connecticut when I was in middle school so I never made it to saugus high. I wonder about the kids who went to Lynnhurst school with me in the 70's (70 - 76) or who grew up on and around magnolia street. I teach elementary school myself and tell my class and my own children about my childhood in Saugus...the 4th of July at Lynnhurst, alligator rock by Wally pond, walking to the White Hen pantry for candy or riding your bike anywhere in town. I would love to hear from anyone from the old neighborhood!!
Thank you. Ann (Baumann) Bielizna

Formerly of 63 Cleveland Ave.

My family moved before I ever got to Saugus High School, but I'd like to
hear from anybody who went to grade school in Lynnhurst in the mid
1950s. I would've graduated in 1966.

Rick Jacunski richard.jacunski"at"

North Carolina 01/13/05

Hi Jim,

It’s been quite a while since I've visited your site. I see the entries in the guest book have dropped off a bit…hope that doesn’t mean the visitors to the site have. It's really a great site full of great memories!

I realized this past weekend that the class of ’80 should be celebrating their 25th class reunion this year. I know it's early but if anyone has any news, please pass it along. I wouldn't want to miss it.

Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year Jim and let you know how much your work is appreciated. Keep it up!

Just wondering if you ( or anyone ) might have a current email address for Liz Amirault. We started e-mailing a couple of years ago (thanks to your website) but lost touch over the past year or so.

Sandi (Dobson) Ventrice - SHS Class of 1980

Hi Jim, Thanks for all the great images of Saugus, your site is outstanding and brings back many memories of growing up in Saugus. You have a great eye, and it is a fitting tribute to the town. I see from the "Guest Book" entries, that it keeps many Saugonians in touch with home, and attracts many who have never lived in the area, which is a fitting tribute to you and your site.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my own artwork. I am a pastel artist, and on occasion I have painted images of Saugus, one of which, depicting the late autumn in Breakheart Reservation, can be seen in the online gallery of my web site, which can be found at

I've added a link to your site on my own site, and thank you again for all the great images of town, and wish you continued success with the site.

Have a great New Year!

Jeff Fioravanti, CPS, PPSCC, PSA
Painting the Soul of America


Hello Jim and Hello Saugus,

I have missed my hometown for along time! I miss the old Victorian look and the sweet smell in the air in October and the Founders Day in Saugus Center. I loved performing with Charleena's School Of Dance and going threw school at Oaklandvale, Belmonte, and Saugus High! And I still believe they have that tree in the front of the Belmonte school Kids Come First room. Well I love returning to my old home town and the Golden Hills area which I grew up for 19 years in. My last longest living relative has just passed away, that lived in the hills and I love the fact that I know he would be proud of Saugus for keeping the tradition and spirit of the Sachems still alive. I used to be Miss Saugus 2001-02 and now I am in the running to be Miss Boston! But thanks saugus for the memories that well remain in my heart forever!! Hello Saugus High Class Of 2001 I made it and I am now in the Actors Guild and doing well in the television and model occupation. Bye Miss Vernessa Aronson soon to be Mrs. Vernessa Pinabella

Burlington, Iowa 9/26/04
Love your site. I graduated class of 1979. I really miss Saugus, but have no
family left (and that's saying something, since the all the Blueridge Ave
DeSistos were my cousins). I left in 1983 to join the Air Force and wound up
here at the rear-end of nowhere. I miss Donkey Hill, Kowloon, the old
-- I visited the new a few years ago and don't like it much. My high
school reputation was a witch and a wierdo. I converted to Buddhism. I
didn't marry until 1996, but to make up for the late start, we married 4
times in 6 months. The last time was a Wiccan handfasting in New Hampshire.
In spite of all those weddings, he kept his maiden name and refused to take
Howard. So our names are different. Hubby is from Maine. We met in New
Mexico when we were stationed at Holloman AFB.
Diane Howard - Class of 1979

I graduated from Saugus High in 1977. I just looked at the ( Class of '77 ) reunion photos and I dont recognize anyone! I really enjoy the website and reading other folks comments. Holly Jones

Hello to Bob Goodwin.

I also grew up in the same era and went to the Emerson School (hard to believe it is now condos). I remember Bill Sullo, Cogliano's, Miss Fox and Ironfinger Cunningham. Also remember the fire works at the VFW. How come they don't seem as good now as they did then? However, I went to the Emerson School for the sixth grade.

Thank YOU for the memories. Coleen (Keller) DeMille


Nothing like a stroll down memory lane. I was new to Saugus in my early years.  I got on the wrong bus and ended up on a Chickland bus.  The bus driver drove the bus to my house all the way down to Seagert Ave. Emerson Elementry School.   BIlly Soulo, Coglianos.  See the kids from Emerson were better than the Ballard Kids. Our class was the first to the Oakland Vale , First 6 grade class. Remember Ms Fox directing the hallway traffic and Iron Finger Cunningham at the Veterans after the fires??  They turned the gym into classrooms. Do you 1970 Graduates remember???  We had a walk out, we all met at the flag pole, I cannot remember the student who organized the rally, but the Saugus police tried to put him in a police crusier , making the students pissed and almost trying to turn over the cruiser??    That was our year of 1970. Oh yea and one more memory.  The fourth of July at the VFW.  Before there was KMart.  Where KMart is now is where the fireworks were set off. Saugus. 
Thanks for the Memory.  Bob Goodwin Class 1970


Pennsylvania 02/26/2004
I really enjoyed looking at the great photos of Saugus. I have never
been to Saugus and though I live in Pennsylvania I would love to one day
visit Saugus and all of Boston MA. I always check out the photos and
really enjoy the site. Great work!!!!! Sincerely, J.M.

Chicago 2/01/04
Hello Jim, Great site and wonderful photos!
I grew up right on Main Street and your pictures are a true reflection of Saugus.
I moved away in '79 but visit my family often.
Saugus Center has not changed which is always a nice welcome home.
I do keep in touch with Nancy Ross and Christine DeAngelis.
Nancy keeps me informed on occasion...and still makes me laugh!
Thank you for all your hard work...I do appreciate the memories!
Class of '78 Sharon Bruckelmeyer (DiFrancisco) web




10/31/03 Austin, Texas
Hi Jim -

I was born & raised in Saugus (SHS '78, Cornell BSEE '84), living now in Austin, Texas with my wife, two boys, and various dogs & cats. We were
sorting old family snapshots recently & I came across a pile of slides from the Blizzard of January 1978. Since a friend from high school pointed me to your site, I thought you might be interested in seeing them.

Back then (my senior year in High School) I owned a Pentax K-1000, which I used to shoot those slides. My current Microtek scanner did a pretty good job scanning my favorite ones, although I had to tweak them quite a bit in Photoshop. I still have more to scan, but these are the best so far:

Jim Donahue


9/3/03 Henderson, Nevada

Congratulations to the Saugus American Little Leaguers!!!

What memories you boys will have for the rest of your lives. Cherish them and always be proud of the fact that you were able to represent your Town and your State, and to do so well.
What an exciting year for all of Saugus and for those of us that grew up in Saugus and live elsewhere. I grew up in Saugus, attended Ballard school (very unhappy they closed Ballard), Sweetser Jr. High, and graduated SHS in 1958. I have followed the LL World Series for years, needless to say I was quite happy and proud to hear Saugus was in the LLWS. Happen to be traveling to Ontario, Canada when our daughter called to tell us not only was Saugus in the WS and had just won their first game, but my husbands' home town of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, was also in it.

Thanks again Boys for making us so proud of you and the town of Saugus!!!

Gail (Jackson) Campbell


To Saugus Little Leaguers,
I have never been so proud to brag of my hometown as when I watched you guys kick ass in the world series on ESPN with my friends in Maine. Go year the world!
nancy ross


I've looked at those Class of 77 reunion pictures and I still don't recognize a single person.
However some of the chinese food looked frighteningly familiar.

I know I graduated in 1977...I have a piece of paper somewhere that says so.
( of course I also have one that says I'm allowed to perform marriages
during a full moon at Stonehenge)
But I digress...I think you went to the wrong reunion. Over and out..

Tim McGovern


08/20/03 Saugus, MA
Haven't seen anyone mention the National Guard in Saugus. I was a member of Troop C, 1st Squadron, 26th Cavalry, which was headquartered in the Town Hall in the mid-60's. We used all corners of the building: locker room in the basement, supply room upstairs at the rear left corner of the building, communications storage room at the rear right corner on the highest level, we drilled on the auditorium floor, and the company commander and first sergeant would come out onto the balcony overlooking the auditorium floor to observe us, from their offices in the front left and right corners of the building on that level. Due to the limited space, much of our equipment was stored at the Wakefield armory, so when we went to Fort Devens, we'd stop there on the way and pick up our gear, then drop it off on the way back. As we drove along Main Street towards Wakefield, Norman Gates, who was also involved in Civil Defense in Saugus, would toot the horn of the deuce-and-a-half he was driving as we passed the CD garage (now the site of the DPW yard). Other names I recall, some of whom were from Saugus, and some from Lynn, were Frank Lynn, Dick Johnson, Ralph Tordiglione, Tom Pawlyk, Jimmy Stevens, Don Atwood, Wayne Small, Donnell Howard, Jim Howard, Eric Nyberg, to name a few. We were the only National Guard unit in the state without an armory, and in 1967, as part of a reorganization, we were disbanded and sent off to other units. Troop C became an Air Cavalry unit in Connecticut, and most of us went to Troop A, Troop B, or Headquarters Troop in Lowell. Harry Jensen was the Troop C First Sergeant, the CO was John Pivacek, then Waldo Bakke. Would love to see a Troop C reunion some day. I grew up in Malden, and lived there when I was in the Guard. Moved to Saugus in 1980, with my wife and son. Another son was born in 1984, and they both attended school in Saugus and graduated from Saugus High. We live across from the old Armitage School. I've been a Cub Scout leader in Saugus since 1991.
Don Wall


8/19/03 Plymouth, MA
Go you little leagers. I am 69 years old and I am so proud of you guys. I am so happy Nomar called you and gave you some advice.
You have given you town and your state something to be proud of. But most of all be proud of yourselfs. You deserve. Win or lose you are champions for sure. Bob Jannoni, Plymouth, Mass.


8/17/03 NJ
Hey to the class of 77. Just viewed the pictures of the reunion they looked great sorry I missed it. I was looking forward to going but my oldest daughter was due to have my first grandchild and well, I just couldn't miss that. I got to help deliver her (baby girl Mckenzi Dawn) with my son-in-law what an experience. Hope there will be a 30th to go to. It was great seeing everyone at the 20th. I'm in NJ and I come up to MA a lot to visit both my older kids who live up there now.So if there's anything going on email me and let me know. Jamie (Reynolds) Conerty


8/16/03 Nashua, NH
Class of 1965, but I would also like to point out that I was a member of the Saugus "American" Little League All Star teams from the years 1958 and 1959. It makes me so proud to see this year's team traveling to PA. as a participant in the "Little League World Series". Anybody that has ever participated in the Little League All Stars has had that same dream that these young people are actually living. Thank you for bringing back these memories. We were eliminated in the first game each year but it was a blast anyway. Some of my teammates included; Don January, Ronnie Barresi, Don Decereau, Mario Scere, Steve Durgin, Glenn Harrington, Billy Seceta (not sure of the spelling of most of these names), and the others that I can't remember . Your 2003 team is representing so many earlier teams that were eliminated before they could make that elusive trip to Williamsport. Best of luck to you guys and just remember there are many old Saugus Little Leaguers scattered all over the world that will be watching.
William Desmond


8/13/03 Weare, NH
Hi great pictures. My mom was born on 17 Davis ST in the Pleasant Hill section of Saugus in 1924. I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of Davis ST or the house. I would love to get it for my mom. Thanks Gail Trabucco Weare NH.


8/10/03 Tallahassee, Florida
Wow, I can't believe I have just found this site.I was trying to locate a former teacher of mine, Bonnie McHale (she taught home ec in the late 70's) when I came upon your site. I now live in Tallahassee, FL and would love to hear from anyone that remembers me!
Michele (Richard) Moore, SHS class of 77. mmoorerd"at"


7/15/03 Vermont
Jill Confalone, living in Vermont. I graduated in 1971. Lived on Howard Street in Saugus. I remember the drive in and Adventure Car hop. Hello Saugus!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5/27/03 Southeast Michigan

Hi Jim:
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy perusing the pictures of the old hometown. I grew up on Hurd Avenue and was supposed to graduate in 61 but transferred to another school due to,"irreconciliable differences" with the powers that be. Still enjoy coming back to Saugus every September with my bride.Get to see some old friends(sadly fewer and fewer each year)and travel around the streets and remember. The spirit is willing (I still think like a 16 year old) but the body doesn't want to co-operate anymore.

I live in a small town in Southeast Michigan now that reminds me a great deal of what Saugus was like 40 or 50 years ago(at least my perception of what it was like).I married my first love 10 years ago(about 35 years late)and we are both semi-retired(I still have a pretty thriving business doing custom paint work on antique autos and motorcycles)and enjoying life for as long as we have it. If I could change one thing,it would be to move the ocean in close by so we could enjoy watching the sun come up over the ocean(one of God's true wonders).

Well Jim I guess I've ranted long enough. Keep on with this wonderful site and maybe we'll run into one another in September. Just look for the turquoise and ivory station wagon with a matching surfboard on top (and Michigan plates) running around Saugus after Labor Day.

Ray and Kyd Smith (the expatriate Saugonian)


I grew up in Lynn, but I lived in Saugus for 3 years before I moved to Orlando where I've been for 14 years. Graduated Lynn English High in 1975. I've been looking for a copy of my yearbook...You don't realise how much you want to see it once your old!!

I love Florida, but I miss Massachusetts. There are a lot of us down here so I get to hear the "accent" other than my own voice.

If anyone knows how to get copies of old yearbooks, or if you are someone who graduated with me please get in touch.

Ellen (Syatt) Santos


Carol Day Boisvert alerted us to this page on Saugus. Carol's father, Stan Day ( Senior) married Arvida Swanson, who was the sister of Lillian. Lillian married Wilbur Briggs Johnson. Wilbur, who's nick name is Ephie, lives in Lynchburg, Virginia and is retired from G.E. Ephie is age 87 years and 4 months. Ephie spent his childhood years living on Reed Street, in Lynn on the Saugus River. He has been in Lynchburg Virginia since 1957. He has enjoyed viewing the photos, as well as the article on Albert & Stan Day. It brought back a lot of fond memories for Ephie, of all the people who were
so much a part of his life.
Roberta McDermott Johnson ( second wife)" and Wilbur B. Johnson


Hey Jim,

Tremendous site. I was searching for something in Saugus and came upon your
site. I looked at the 25th reunion page and was horrified. Didn't
recognize a single person. Everyone looked so old, but then again so do I.
I thought I saw me in the picture but I didn't attend!!!!

Thanks for the cool memories. Jim Grasso - Class of 77


Hi Jim, just find this sight. It brought back a lot of memories! The pictures are great! I graduated class of 75. I'm living in Greensboro, N.C.. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Cheryl (McKay) Bradham


Hi Jim, just thought I'd add a little not to your guestbook. Now and then I look at the pictures on your website. They are really good. Yes, I lived in Saugus since I was born (1978). Graduated in 1996 from Saugus High. Keep up the good work.
Jessica Day


3/1/03 (entry received 8/24/02)
My husband Ray Patti was a member of the class of 77'. Ray passed away on July 24, 2001. He died from lung cancer. We have two daughters, our oldest, Barbara gratuated from the voke class 0f 2001. Our youngest Christina is entering Saugus High in Sept. Just thought you would like the update for the records. Ray told me many times over the years he planned to attend his 25th reunion. Nancy (O'Brien) Patti
Class of 79'


Jim your 25th reunion pics looked like you guys were having allot of fun. Man you guys are getting old, thought I would send in a e-mail since I have not made an entry in sometime. Keep up the stellar performance. Joe Roberts class of 79 I can be reached at



I was very pleased to come across your site today and very much enjoyed your photos. I have not lived in Saugus since being drafted into the army on Jan.09,1969. After twenty-one years in the military, I retired in Virginia and soon after moved to Kentucky to work for a government contractor as a production supervisor modifying Army aircraft for the Special Operations Command. About eight years after that I was forced to retire again due to illness. I now enjoy life as a stained glass artist, and riding my Honda Goldwing around the country and Canada. I really miss living in Saugus, and come home for several weeks every year. Kanes donuts, the old Heck allens (where I worked and ate) ,BALLARD STREET , the Saugus river, East Saugus,and too many friends to mention here are all apart of my many memories of Saugus. This fall I intend to move to Florida (probably Vero beach ), but I will always come back to Saugus (when it's not cold). Keep the great photos coming !!! Bob Bertrand Class of '68


Hi there Jim,
from Larry Anderson, class of 53' I would like to have my e-mail address listed and would like to hear from some of the old friends...
My wife and I are planning on coming to the 50th reunion in Oct. 2003. Hope to see some of the old gang at that time...


North Andover, MA 01/01/03
Hi Jim,
Wow, what a web page! Your work with this and your pictures are great. It really brought back many memories.
Yes, you can include my name and e-mail address.
Joe Rossetti Saugus High School, Class of 1961


To All Saugus Alumni:
Please send me your current address and your full name (including maiden) and year of
graduation so that our 17,000 database can be updated and your classmates will know
where you are. My name is Judi Franklin Alabiso, Class of '60 and Lost and Found
Membership Committee. If you have not received our SHS Newsletters it means we have
you missing. If you belong to and have changed your email address,
please go back in and re-enter your new email address. You can reach me by e-mail or by calling at 781-662-7114 (after 5:00). Hope to hear
from all of you. Judi Alabiso

Saugus, MA 9/202
I thought I'd share with you and readers a new twist on our book, "A Gathering of Memories."
Guillaume Destot, one of the editors of the internationally-renowned web site, 3AMMagazine of Paris, France, recently sent the following email to me about our book.

"It is with sadness mingled with happiness that I gave "A Gathering of Memories" to the French National Library in Paris this morning. Sadness at parting with your book - and such a beautiful one too - and happiness with the thought that people will be able to read it, and that it will be kept in the best of places for book conservation.

I can't explain why, but I felt it was rather a solemn moment, which I would have liked to enjoy with you. Though Saugus is not my hometown, I think I have an idea of how important this project has been for you and John Burns and your friends. It is a treasure of memory, now placed in a place where memory is treasured.

I have been told that the cataloguing should take about four or five months, after which the book will be recorded in the Library's online catalogue."

The book had a roundabout delivery to Guillaume, in that I sent it via air mail to him on January 2, 2002. It ended up in a warehouse in Germany (a post 9/11 problem with some air mail packages, we presume), and was returned as undeliverable to Saugus in April. Subsequently I carried the book to McGill University in Montreal in April where Guillaume was speaking. He took it back to Paris and he and friends thoroughly enjoyed it cover to cover.

The second printing of "A Gathering of Memories, Saugus 1900-2000," is nearing depletion, but one copy now resides in the History and Ethnology Section of the French National Library in Paris. That's spreading the good word!

Tom Sheehan, SHS '47

Plaistow, New Hampshire 08/14/02
I grew up on Churchill St behind the old junior high school that burned down in 1963. I would have graduated in 1967 but I moved to Groveland, Ma and graduated at Pentucket regional H.S. I have run into a few former Saugus High School Grads over the years. To name a few, Bob Manning, Larry Giantonio, Lenny Angelo, Jim Stead, John Laviska, John Crisos, and Richard Mabee. I'm a Vietnam veteran now living the snowbird routine of Plaistow, N.H. and Port St. Lucie, Florida. Lot of memories inside these links. Former hangouts as a kid were, Bowmars, Gussies, the Weirdies Lunchonette in Saugus Center, Rileys Bluff, and Hurd Avenue ballpark and Veterans memorial school. Oh yes, many a walk through the cemetery to get to the Saugus River for a refreshing swim.
Tim Desmond, almost the Class of 1967

What a great web site, let's get more input from the 40s and 50s...would love to hear from old friends and neighbors (Main Street, Saugus Center), and Class of '49. We now live in the Berkshires in the summer, and Leesburg, FL, in the winter, the best of both worlds; however, Saugus will always be "home".
Marian Gray Greenleaf Ochs

Hi Jim,
Haven't visited in a while but I see people keep on coming back for more. I still stay in touch with two neighbors I reconnected with here, Ron Joyce and Dan Rossetti. I have tried to find out if Bobby Riley is still around anywhere but have never heard. If anyone hears from him, let him know I'd enjoy hearing from him. We had a lot of fun doing the senior and all-school plays. My email has changed, it's now
Ellen Down Class of '67

Raleigh, North Carolina 6/22/02
I first Signed your guest book in December of 1998 telling you that I'm writing to you from Raleigh North Carolina and that myself, two brothers, and sister grew up at the corner of Appleton St. and Central St. Since then I have been reading your web page every week and enjoying every minute of it.
Last week I was going through some Military papers and found two of these pictures taken from the air of the corner of Appleton St and Central. How these pictures got into my military papers, I have no idea.
I thought you might like to publish it being it was from the Summer of 1960. Maybe even the authors of A gathering of Memories might like it for there next issue. I added in the house names and street names but you are welcome to take them out if you wish. You are welcome to do anything that you want with it. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Please enjoy it, and again, thanks for the memories.
William D. Fuller Class of 65

Berwick-upon-Tweed, England 6/15/02

Dear James or as most people seem to call you Jim!
I came across your really good website while searching for something completely different, so it was with great interest that when viewing some of your pictures I found that I felt I was experiencing the place you call Saugus. It seems such a lush green tree lined place, and as I come from a place called Berwick-upon-Tweed in England, I can relate to all this greenery, " we have plenty of rain here "!!!
I will have to visit again because there is so much to look at on your site, reading some comments in your guestbook you will have noticed how many people have commented on how much they enjoyed looking at Saugus, and of course, how many of them it had rekindled their memories of the place.
Thank you for taking so much trouble to produce a very varied and enjoyable site, I wish you well in your future endevours.

John R Goodall

Boston, Massachusetts
Hi Jim

Well, I didn't live in Saugus; but sure enjoy your pictures. I live in
Boston, most of my life; and worked there also.

I now live in Florida which I love; I don't miss the snow; or the change of
seasons; maybe I am a little different from everyone else.

I use to work with a girl that come from Saugus; her name is Elaine Nelson,
she had 2 sisters; of course I have no idea where she lived in Saugus.

Enjoy your pictures so much Dotty ( McGee ) Raposa

Hilo, Hawaii
I'm Paul Hewitt, class of 1949, cartoonist (along with Roy Bradbury) for the
Focus book, who used to spar with Richard Simonsen in his backyard near
Saugus Center. I was into boxing and Richard was into physics. My boxing
career was shortlived and I've since been into physics, writing textbooks
(Conceptual Physics), illustrated by cartoons much like I drew for the Focus.
I've lost track of Richard and would like to be in touch again. I now live in
Hawaii, and am moving soon to St. Petersburg in Florida. Richard, are you out
there? Paul Hewitt

Texas Class of 68
Jim, This is a great website! I grew up in Saugus, class of 1968. I've lived in Texas since 1979 and in Florida before that. I haven't been back to Saugus in a long time, but am hoping I'll get back soon. The pictures bring back alot of memories. I grew up on Charlotte Rd in Cliftondale, went to the old Sweetser School and was in the 8th grade when the old Junior High School burned down. I've lost touch with just about everyone, so send me an e-mail if anyone remembers me! Keep up the good work, Jim. The pictures are wonderful! My e-mail is Marsha Perry

Newbury, Massachusetts
I grew up on upper Central St near Walnut. Moved after I graduated high
school in 1971. I currently live in Newbury, MA.
Your web site brought back a lot of memories.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane ( even if it did mean taking a 2 hour
lunch ). Keep up the good work.
Tom Howell SHS-'71

Florida 2/16/02
I'm sitting in Florida watching the rain pour down wondering what to do today and decided to play on my computer. I found this site quite by chance and it is wonderful. I grew up in Saugus and the memories this site held are great. I retired two years ago and spend the winters here in the "sometimes" sunshine state and head back to Saugus in the late spring to catch up on all the hometown happenings. I graduated from SHS in 1962 and stayed in town to marry and raise a family. It was really super reading the e-mails and seeing the pictures. How things have changed over the years. I would love to hear from some of my old classmates both local and far away. For those living away from the old hometown, there is a website I found when I arrived here this winter. It is It has local news and events and keeps me up to date on things happening back home.
Keep up the good work. Fran Carter Kramich

New Hampshire 2/9/02
Hi Jim what a great web site. The pictures of Saugus are great. I
like the ones people send to you also. What a smart idea you had to
start this site. All you need now is a web cam in the center of town!
It's real nice to see all the names from the past and to find out where
they went and what they did with there lives. I get to Saugus now
and then and see some old friends and hope to see more in the future so
i will include my email address. I moved in 76 to the south shore and
so I missed the grad party but I have lots of memories of all you kids
(not kids anymore) haha!!! . Hope to hear from the grads of 1977 don't be
shy write your old budds lifes to short. Keep up the good work
Jim. We need more pictures of the old party spots there more than
likely a house there now can't believe where they put houses today !
Your friend Brian Ward Class of 77



Class of 77 Reunion photos



Hi Jim :-)
You would not understand how much your site meant to me.
I am not originally from Saugus (from Hong Kong, actually), but I had spent
4 years attending Saugus High. This town had changed my life, I do not know
how to explain it, but if it's not for her, I would not have been the person
that I am. It means more to me than my hometown Hong Kong, all my best
friends are from Saugus, and I had the best time at SHS. Due to personal
reasons, I have not gone back to Saugus for 3 years(since I graduated) and
will not go in the near future, though I miss it all the time. You are so
kind to put the pictures of the cute little streets on your site, it almost
felt like I was physically in Saugus again (the Cliftondale one really made
my day, because the school bus used to drop me off right near there
Anyways, I just want to say thank you, you have done an amazing job and
brightens up a lot of current and former Saugonians' lives. Keep it up!
Crystal Lee Class of 1999
P.S.: it is ok to publish my name and my email, thanks!

Cocoa, Florida 1/21/02
Hi Jim, I enjoyed your Saugus website. I received its address and a photo
of your recent snow from my cousin (and yours), Deeva. I lived in Lynn,
where my Dad worked for Cushman Bakery for many years. My folks decided in
1953 that they had endured the rough MA winters long enough, and we moved
part and parcel to St. Petersburg, FL, I have been a Floridian since then
(discounting 2 yrs. in SC in the '60s), and although we have the kind of
weather that all the Northerners can't wait to visit, I still miss the
change of seasons that MA offers. I have lived within a few miles of
Kennedy Space Center since 1964, and both my husband and son have been
involved in the space program. If you would like a bird's-eye view of the
Space Center, please visit:
Thanks for your work on your website. I can tell by your guestbook entries
that you have brought back many good memories for many folks. Sincerely,
Ruby (Bebe) Hooper

Michigan 1/11/02
I very much liked the site. I lived in Saugus as a child and have friends that live there still. I moved to Lynn, and now reside in Michigan. I was searching the net for news back home and came upon your site. I love the photos very much. Thank you again. Eileen Walsh

Saugus, MA 12/6/01
Hi Jim,
I just spent almost 2 hours (and 1/2 a pot of coffee) browsing your "site". Johnny and I saw you on your bike riding through Saugus Center late yesteday afternoon and it reminded me it had been a while since visited.

The photos of town are amazing and constantly changing, and I just noticed in the picture of the Ballard School you can see the house I grew up in.

Hope all is well with you and yours, and again Thank You for your effort's with this "site", the memories always make me smile.
Christine (Mullen) D'Eon "79"

Mesa, Arizona 11/18/01

This is the best website I have ever seen. I've enjoyed the pictures, Donkey Hill before and after, and reading the guest book.

I lived in Saugus from the time I was 8, attended Armitage Elementary School, Saugus JHS, and Saugus HS for most of my 9th grade. Then I moved to Florida, lived there for 20 years. In 1974 my family and I moved to Arizona. I recently retired from Mesa Unified School District where I worked for 23 years as a Transcriber in the Psychological Services Dept. I've been back to Saugus many times. Ten years ago I was back there with my family and we walked from Vine St., to Cliftondale Square, showed them The Methodist Church which was also the "Y" and where I went to dances on Friday nights, then onto Saugus Center, showing them where SJHS use to be, where I took dancing, Virginia Austin was my dance teacher. Where my brother hung out, the "rat hole". The drug store in Saugus Center where we would pick up the newspapers to be delivered. Took the railroad tracks back to Denver St., but no Donkey Hill. I remembered climbing up the side of Donkey Hill and almost falling. We then walked to Saugus High School and back to 48 Vine St.

I was back there this summer and my cousin's husband played golf with Audrey Stead the day after we arrived into town. She asked Don just where he lived in Saugus, he told her and she stated she knew a girl that lived on Marr Rd., what a memory you have Audrey. When he told me who he had played golf with I remembered you also. You use to live up on Lilly Pond, great ice skating place. Next time I'm in town may be we can get together.

My father graduated from Saugus HS in 1933, Frank Rogers, and my brother, Al Rogers, also attended SHS.
I graduated from Melbourne High School class of 1960.

Again this was a great website, thank you.
Diane (Rogers) Piercy

Florida 11/05/01
Hi Jim, Thanks for this website. I really enjoy visiting it and reading stuff from old classmates. Also the pictures are great I don't get up there much so at least I can see the pictures. My daughter Leah lives up there now and I have asked her to send me pictures via email but she hasn't had time. We will be moving from Fla. to NJ some time soon so I'm hoping to visit more often. Also our 25 reunion is next year and I'm hoping we will have one. Good excuse to visit! Keep up the good work and any class mates out there from 77 or the old center crowd I'd love to hear from you. Jamie (Reynolds) Conerty

Timmonsville, South Carolina 10/31/01
Jim, Great site enjoyed the photos and all the links. I grew up in Saugus center and could pick out my old house from several of the photos. My father was the custodian at the town hall, police station and the old library until his death in the mid 90's.I myself hung around the fire station when I was a kid and I always wanted to be a fireman (something I accomplished in my later life in Bartlett NH.)
I can remember people like Charlie Thomas, George Parrott,Buster Curtis,Eddie Falaska and many others being nice to a little boy. they even gave me my own old coat and helmet.I rode to grass fires on my bike with my two saddle baskets filled with my gear. I played hockey on the Saugus Chiefs team on Sunday mornings at Hockeytown and Ernie Salsman would come by my mothers house at 7 Emory St. and pick me up. Had old equipment I borrowed from Eldon Sweeny on Appleton St. Well enough rambling for now.What great memories. Ed Johnson SHS class of 70.
Please print my E-mail

Jim: what a wonderful site!!!!!! i see i am not alone in loving saugus; i will be visiting town the week of sept. 26th to oct. 3rd, visiting mary (bromberger) bowles, dawn (siafakas) wass and my aunt lilla and uncle george harvey;
i will be eating at kane's donuts and wandering the streets of the town i love; if anyone from the class of '77 sees a person who looks kind of like me, only older and fatter, please honk!!
Wendy Buffington , class of '77

Hello Jim,
I live in the Philippines now with Jim Voutour and he told me he had seen Nancy Ross recently.
Nancy gave this website address. I like the photos of Saugus and the flash from the past I got when looking through there site.
Rob Amerault

Hi Jim,
This is a wonderful site and experienced many happy memories while going
through all the posts.
I graduated from SHS in 1970. Grew up on Atlantic Ave and attended the
Emerson School for 6 years, then on to Veterans Memorial and then to the
"new" Jr. High School and the High. I remember "Ethel's Variety", Bristow
St., the Playground, Y Dances, and so many more wonderful memories.
Would love to hear from former school mates.
Coleen (Keller) DeMille

08/14/2001 Worcester, Massachusetts Dear Jim, YOU are doing all of us Saugus
Folk proud .Good job keeping all of our memories alive. My name is
George Legere SHS CLASS OF 1973. I was also a subtitute teacher at SHS
from 1975-85. I do remember you, and your sense of humor. I look
back on my years as a. ''SUB'' as some of the best days of my life.
I always wonder what happened to some of the kids a taught then ,and hope
that they are happy in their life choices. I humbly hope that the kids
that I got to know personally remember me as someone that treated them
fairly, and cared about them no matter how briefly. Thanks again JIM, When
I visit my friends in Saugus on the weekends, with my 2 teenaged sons I
drive down Springdale Ave [my old neighborhood] I smile and laugh, my
sons think I'am losing it. I'am just remembering ...
George Legere


North Little Rock, Arkansas 8/8/01
My sister sent your web site address to me and I have really enjoyed it. I
grew up in Saugus and graduated from SHS in 1966. I left there in 1968 when I
joined the Air Force. I met and married a guy from Arkansas and after 12
years in the military we now live in North Little Rock, Arkansas. We had not
visited Saugus in 17 years until last Oct,2000. It was really great to get
back to where you are from. I got to spend time with my best friend during
school Marie and eat some as much seafood as I could in a week. Your web site
is such a blessing and maybe I can touch base with some of the classmates of
the class of 66'. Judy Douglas [Andrews]

Jacksonville, Florida 8/3/01
Hi Jim
Just found this website and have enjoyed reading through the e-mails from former Saugonions. I graduated from St. Mary's in 1947, and my wife Lois (Marshall) Seely from Saugus High in 1948. I lived on Summer St. and played on Lily Pond skating in the winter or fishing in the summer or just hanging out there. My wife lived on Allard St at the top of the hill. We now live in Jacksonville FL.
Lois still has a lot of kin in Saugus. Her sister Marilyn Falasca lives in Cliftondale, And her husband Ed , was captain of the fire Dept for many years,Until His retirement several years ago. We are planning a trip to see them in Sept 01, as we try to do every year . Some of my friends that I grew up with and think of often were the Prentice bros. (Jack & Charlie ) Charlie Green, George Parker. The Hussy Bro. George & Richard, ) Randy Popp, Bruce Trentholm, I would also like to mention Edna Winslow who lived on Summer St, also , She knew everybody in town, and everybody knew her I believe, also Eddy Claflin who lived across the street from me. It is Ok to publish my e-mail, and would love to hear from anybody from Saugus, especially old friends.
Joe Seely

Saugus, MA 7/25/01
Dear Jim,
Your work on the website is very impressive. What is even more impressive is
your work with negatives and slides. The slide scanning you did and placed on CD
for me look beautiful and the price was very reasonable. Please continue your
work on the site, it's great to read entries from all of our old friends.
Anne Blake

Hi Jim
Hope you and your family are well. I just thought I'd drop a note to say hi and tell you your site is great. I love seeing names from the past they bring back a lot of memories. People mention Donkey Hill and the Ace and God I feel like I'm 17 again, I mean I live 2 towns away and I go to Saugus often but........They say you can never go home again and I believe that's true to some extent, but its nice to visit that place it was in your mind by listening to other peoples memories of that place .I hope this makes some kind of sense. I also enjoy your Ask Jim page, you give some sound advice.Keep up the good work buddy.
Sincerely, your friend Mike Rice (Class of 77)

We enjoyed the pictures as we live in California and our family goes back
many generations. They were Everetts and Whites. If any want to contact us
they can at Thanks, Nancy Zon

It has been sometime since I last wrote you and put my name on your guest
list. First of all I wish to thank all those nice people who dropped mean
e-mail, new e-mail is Keep up the good work.
Bob ( Rody) Rodenhiser

hey jim,
good job on the site!! i'm very impressed. if you ever run for office, you
get my vote.
it was also good to see you again. when you drove up at the range, i was
hoping to see you with your van.[what ever happen to that thing?] keep up the
good work. Roger Blundell

Hi Jim,
Great site. Hi to the Class of '75 where ever you may be. I still stop
into Kane's whenever I have to go into Logan. I miss Heck Allen's,
Sanborn's, Edna Winslow, Stackpole field, The Roby school, crossing the
"river" to go to the Waybright. Playing Pop Waner football on the worst
football team in history, Bull in the Ring with Scottie Myers, Mr.
O'neil, my '64 Chevy, Pam Waybright, Woolworths, Zayre's, Grant's, The
New England store in Cliffendale, Lena's, and that long dark road
leading to the voc. Andy Perry

Wilmington, North Carolina 4/17/01
Hi Jim
Just back from a visit to Saugus. Had a great trip. Hit all my favorite
food places...Kowloon , Hilltop , Prince Pizza , Kelly's. And of course, stopped
by Boston St Cafe a few times during my visit. Even had a couple of beers
with your brother! It's always a blast catching up with old friends. Some
of them haven't changed a bit ;)

I just wanted to thank you again for your continued efforts to keep this
site going. I've heard from quite a few old friends thanks to you Jim. Keep
up the good work!
Sandi (Dobson) Ventrice SHS Class of 1980

Bangor, Maine
Hey Jim,
Great job on your web site. I used to live in Saugus but my family moved to
Canada back in 75. I would have Graduated in 77. I was devastated when we
moved. So I rebelled and joined a rock band which I'm still in to this day. I
have always thought of moving back but my music career took off in Canada.So
my brother and me toured all through Canada and down the East coast of the
U.S.for 16 years living on the road.Just recently I;ve been making a yearly
pilrimig to Saugus reuniting with friends I grew up with. I now live in
Bangor, Maine and married with 1 child.
I have always loved Saugus and greatful to have spent my childhood years
there.I also want to thank you for reminding me of how lucky I am to be a part
of Saugus as Saugus has always been a part of me and who I am.
Vinny Cormier CLASS of 77

Porter, Maine 3/30/01
Hey Jim. Great web page. This has been a great year for getting in touch with old friends I've seen Jim Gavin, Boona, Mitch Bond, Nancy Ross, Mike Macedo, Tony D. John Connors, Ed C.,Tim Sheehan , and Joe Blake. Plus my family and Joe Hartigans try to get together at least once a month. Did you get those pictures I sent you? Say hi to my old father when you go to the landfill.
Keep up the good work.
Gary (Nick) Nickerson SHS 78

PA 3/19/01
Hello graduates and friends of Saugus High- "Class of 1979"!
I am just looking to hook up with any people I may have hung out with, been friends with, [or enemies]. I'd love to rehash some old times with some of you....................e-mail anytime [I'm in PA. now]-
PHIL RAZA class of Saugus High-1979

Tewksbury, Massachusetts 3/17/01
hi jim
This is a well put together site. It is nice to see some of the old pictures from yester year. I ran the store at 199 central st. for 16 years " audio tech" if you are intersted I have some pictures of that. (they raised the building around 1994)

I'm married with two wonderful children amanda and kevin I live in Tewksbury MA.
keep up the good work----Ron Lundbohm

Hi James

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your wonderful

I grew up in saugus (1 block down from Kane's Donuts ), my parents still
live in saugus (off the Lynn Fells Parkway, near the xmas light

Your pictures evoked some great memories of places I frequented!

I am just beginning to upload some of my photos on . I just
started in photography about 1.5 years ago at the birth of my daughter
(a wonderful excuse to get into photography)!

Take care, Paul Trunfio

Saugus, Massachusetts 3/9/01
Hey Jim
just surfing your site again and I figured it was time to tell
ya what a joy it is ..keep up the great job your doing I'm sure this site
brings happiness to alot of people......and dont miss my stage debut after
twenty years as Mr.Upson in the upcoming production of Auntie Mame at the
middle school on May 10th and that whole weekend its gonna be a great show
.. see ya soon John Greene

East Hampstead, New Hampshire 3/3/01
I Lived in Saugus from 1967 - 2000. Moved to E.Hampstead NH in June 2000. I
love looking at the photos of what Saugus looked like when I first moved
there at 13. I have a lot of old Postcards on Saugus.My Family still lives
there, so I do get back . I love the photo of Winter on Winter St. I lived
right near where the photo was taken. I also have many pictures of that area
in snowstorms. My Dad worked for the DPW for many years,till he got hurt and
couldn't work. My brother and sister owned a flower shop in 79. It was fun all
working together there. The family all helped out and pitched in on Holidays. I
got to wear the Bunny costume for Easter. (ha ha). I worked at Cogliano's when
I was 13, then Zayre (remember them?),Service Merchandise,The Dairy Barn(which
I miss)Had a lot of fun working there,Thanks Elaine for the memories(HOPE ALL
IS WELL WITH YOU)I miss the Great Richardsons Ice Cream. The BEST ICE CREAM
PLACE AROUND. I met a lot of great people when I worked there. So Hi to all of
You. My MOM & DAD get me a Calendar every year of Saugus. So I have a
collection of photos. I do miss Saugus sometimes. But I am happy in NH. Well Hi
to all my family and friends back there. Keep up the good work Jim, great
site. I love it. Maureen Pimentel

Salem, Virginia 3/1/01
Hello, my name is Judy Steelman (crouse) and I was born Feb. 13, 1945 and
was raised at 29 Vincent Street in Saugus.
I am trying to find information about my school records when I attended the
Elementary School. It was a long time ago.

I left Saugus when I was 13 years old. I was very ill when I was a child
and I am now having upper respiratory problems and am trying to pin-pint
the time in my childhood that I was out of school for medical reasons.

I was very excited about your web site and enjoyed it very much.
I just sent you an e-mail about trying to locate the name of the elementary
school that I attended in 1951. What a surprise when I looked at your web
site and saw the school!

Thank you so much for all these wonderful photos .

You know I left Saugus when I was 12 and I remember neighbors across the
street named Harrington. Maybe you are related? They lived in a brownish
house on the corner of Vincent Street and Maple Ave. I think it was
Maple Ave. I know it was the corner of Vincent and whatever street went up
to Kanes Donut Shop . This may sound crazy but at some time in my life I
remember them having a horse in their backyard!!! I fed him. He was the
talk of the neighborhood. Across the street was Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newhall.
They owned a jewelry store. Very rich. Owned a big black Oldsmobile
car. She had a beautiful rose garden that made it into several magazines.

I lived at 29 Vincent Street, Saugus. My mother was Florence Crouse, my
dad was Harold Crouse. Our neighbors were Ruth Starkey, her mom Molly
lived in the house next door to me.

Currently my sister-in-laws brother Bud Davis lives in the yellow house on
the corner of Vincent Street and Chestnut Street.
They bought their parents home and re-modeled it.

If any of this is familiar to you or any of your relatives I would love to
hear about it.

Judy Steelman-Crouse
National College of Business & Technology
Salem, Virginia

Tucson, Arizona 2/10/01
Hi from Mary (Cann) Vigasin SHS Class of 74. Just ran across your site and have enjoyed reading the entries in your guestbook. I grew up at 479 Central Street, where my mom still lives, and love people's memories of places I went as a child. I have been looking for a photo of the Felton School and found it in the postcard area . I love it whenever I get to return to Saugus, especially for the food at Hilltop , Kowloon , Kelly's, SubVilla etc.... I now live in Tucson Arizona and have been here for 20 years....Although I like it here, there is no place like home. Would love to hear from other Saugus people at my E-mail address or . Thanks for the memories...

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2/8/01
Hi Saugus! Many years have gone by since my last visit home. I do keep in touch with this site. I have lived in Oklahoma for about 20yrs. I am about to retire from the City of Tulsa. It would be great to hear from the kids that I knew at SHS. Class of '58 '57 '56 '55. Best regards, David Healey

Medford, Massachusetts 2/5/01
Lost your web page at one point in time. Brother Joe gave me the address
again. Your doing a great job! I'm living in Medford now, but would love to
come back to Saugus. I have to post something here because #1 it's like "old
home week" with all the familiar names on the list and #2 My brother Joe and
sisters Sue and Anne are also here. I felt left out! Paul Blake Northeast
Regional Class of '82. Thanks, Paul Blake

Saugus, Massachusetts 1/11/01
A quick response, for sure. The most recent request for a copy of the 1938 issue of SHS Tontoquonian came about in a matter of hours: from the request posted here to a response from Ernie and Millie Salsman that her sister Tillie had a copy in her Melrose home though she was in Florida. On a loan arrangement, it will be in Tony Scire's hands imminently. Thanks all around.
Tom Sheehan , SHS '47

Saugus, MA 1/9/2001
Our affable and energetic historian from East Saugus, Tony Scire, is researching SHS's "Tontoquonian": where did its name come from, when was it first issued, and he is looking for anybody who has a copy of the 1938 issue. Tony was a significant part of the publication of "A Gathering of Memories, Saugus 1900 - 2000."
Tom Sheehan 'SHS '47

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 01/02/2001
Great site. Born and raised in Saugus. Moved in 1971. Have moved frequently as my husband was in the Navy. Graduated with the class of '66'. Enjoy the pictures of 'landmarks'. Currently living and working at the Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Would love hearing from former classmates.
Mary-Jayne Shadden Iwanowicz

Saugus, California 12/17/00
Hi Jim,
Great Site. Born and raised in Revere. Class of 67 and currently living in
Saugus, California. That's right Saugus California which is 35 miles north of
Los Angeles and near Newhall. Henry Mayo Newhall who originally was born and
raised in Saugus, Massachusetts came west and became a rancher. Henry named
the spread Saugus so that he could remember his roots. My kids are
graduates of Saugus High School and over the years we have enjoyed some
battle of the bands with your alumni. We still have lots of family on the
North Shore and try to get back as often as possible. Miss route 1 and all
that it offered from Carvel's to Russo's to Santoro's to Howard Johnson's.
What a great place to grow up. Best to All.
Mark Cohen

Indiana 12/12/00
Hi Jim, Just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed your photos .
I spent my summers, when I was younger, at White Lake State Park, NH .
Then, when I was about 12 or 13, my parents bought a bit of land on Pine
River Pond in E. Wakefield, NH . What a thrill it was to see those on
your site! Did you take them yourself or where they sent in? If they
were sent in it was probably by someone I know from the lake. Thanks for
the trip down memory lane. I've been looking at some of the other photos
as well. I moved away from Saugus in '70 when I got Married & moved to
Natick. Then I came to IN. in '79 & have been here ever since. I'll
always be a New Englander though. I miss it very much & haven't been
able to get back since '91. I just learned of the Saugus site today &
couldn't wait to tune in. I'll be checking it out frequently from now
on. This is definitely a wonderful thing you've started.Thanks Again
Linda Atwood-Harvey

What a awesome site are there any 1964 graduates reading this? if so drop
me a e-mail would love to hear from old school mater Pam Watson (((Keller))))
Class of 64

Bangor, Maine 12/2/00
Jim great job with this site, it's a great way to stay in touch and catch up
with old memories. The photos are fabulous keep up the good work.
Craig Warren Class of 77

My wife and I were surfing and found your site - love the aerial photos of
Saugus. I grew up there, left in 79. My wife's father's name is Roby, and
she was surprised to find out that we had a school named the " Roby School ".
Do you know how old the school is or what the history of the school is? All
I remember is that it is supposed to be the oldest school in the town, and
that it had shut down some years ago. Please let me know if I can find out
more about the Roby School. Thanks!
Steve Eaton Class of 79

Saugus, MA Class of 75
Hi Jim,
This is great! Keep up the good work.
Boy, do I miss "Donkey Hill and the "Ace"!
Tom Raiche

Santee, California 10/9/00
Just got off of your web site. The pictures of Saugus are very lovely,
Being a Revere girl I enjoyed them. I just found the guest book yesterday and I have been having
so much fun reading all the letters, I am hoping I can find some of my old class friends.
I lived in Beachmont until I was 20, then we moved to SO. Calif. I have lived here since 1949.
Thanks for the pictures. They are great.
Lois Campise

Hi Jim,
I lived in Saugus and attended SHS until 1961 (would have been class of `62)
when I entered the USMC and, unfortunately, have not lived in Saugus
since...only rarely visited. Since then I've attended college; returned to
the USMC until 1975; traveled toooo much and lived toooo many places, but now
I'm a 30 year retired Defense Department IT administrator and live in the

I find that your pictures capture the very heart and soul of the Saugus I
remember. Kanes Donuts , the old library (where we used to have Friday night
dances) to the Saugus River. Please keep up the excellent work...we all
value them dearly.

After browsing through both guestbooks I have been able to touch base with a
few old friends. This venue is, in most cases, the only way we can find each
other after so many's invaluable tool!

I would love to hear from any of my former classmates and friends from the
early 60's who may remember me.

Again, Jim, thanks for the memories, Chet "Chickie" Russo

Class of 1970. This is a great site to visit. It sure does bring back many
memories of growing up in Saugus. It's also a great way to hear from former
classmates and friends. Keep up the great work. Walter Fuller

Enjoyed your photos I'm originally from Revere but my sister was a long time
saugus resident in fact her son still lives there My sis was Alice Lindquist
son that still lives there is Bill Lindquist jr thanks again I visit the
Revere Beach web site daily even tho I'M 3K miles to the west in Cal
thanks again.
Bob Carbone Revere Mass down in Kellys Meadows

hi jim,
you are still doing a bang up job on the site!!!!!
i am dropping this note to let everyone know of the change of addy for my
website and email.
hope you all had a great summer!
Stephen OrsilloSHS'78

The work you've done on this site is incredible. The pictures are great. It
takes time to go through them all, but it's worth it. I went to Saugus High
School until the end of my jr. year, and then went to Lynn Classical where I
graduated in 1960. I love to hear from former classmates so please include my
e-mail address. Keep up the good work. Carol (Leach) Richardson (Class of 1960)

Murfreesboro, Tennessee 7/14/00
I love this page. I stumbled on it the other day. I've been away from
Saugus for 23 years now so it's great to see how things have changed and also
stayed the same. I haven't been back to Saugust for several years but still
keep in touch with Kathy Dudley quite often. I moved to South Florida for 17
years and am now living in Murfreesboro, TN for the past 5 years. I have 2
sons 17 & 10. I am enjoying finding out what has been happening with some
other former classmates of "77. Keep up the good work.
Regina (Foresteire) Tom -

I am a member of the Class of 1964 - I think we were one of the largest classes to graduate - the beginning of the "boomers" - knew a lot of folks back then but I moved away in 1967 and have lost touch with those old friends. Now I live in Peabody but have no family left in Saugus so i only "pass through" on my way to somewhere else. If any of the old crowd wish - i would be happy to hear from you at Judy Kimball (brother - Mike Kimball Class of 1967)

Hey Jim. I've been visiting for quite a while now and want to let you know
how amazed I am at your website. Thanks for bringing back tons of wonderful
memories of childhood. I'd love to hear from old friends/acquaintances.
Tammy Waybright (Class of '79)

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 6/26/00
Hi Jim,
Thanks so much for the great pictures of my home town. I moved away a long
time ago, but I would have graduated in 1977 (if I had my act together).
You've put me back in touch with my old friend Linda Cuddi. We went to
Veteran's Memorial together in Mr. Sacco's 5th grade class. I also remember
hanging around with Terry Viola while in Jr. High. I would love to hear from
her if anyone knows her whereabouts. Anyway, Jim I just wanted to thank you
for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.
Linda (Nickerson)Scrofano

Hello Jim, Again thanks for the wonderful images of my home town. The photos are too good ,as they have made me home sick ,once again. This evening I saw the new police/fire station for the first time. Very impressive. Jim, your work is great, and I thank you for sharing your skills and talents. We who have moved to other areas appreciate these visits more than words can say. Your site has also enabled old friends to find each other once again. PEACE
Marthalie Thurston-Lee formerly of 114 Main Street class of '1961' 311 Central Street

Hi Jim
Just browsing the Saugus website and enjoying your photos. Saugus was a great
place to grow up. I am now on the South Shore of Boston but my heart will
always be up North. Keep up the good work - really enjoy this site and the
guestbook entries. You may include my name & e-mail address.
Denise (Ballard) DiCienzo SHS Class of 1978

Dear Jim I have been a frequent visitor to your Web site. It brings back a
lot of good memories. I just returned from Saugus, I am looking up some
family history and we drove by Dean`s Motel and discovered it was torn down.
My parents built the motel in the early 50s and I grew up there. Does anyone
know what happened to it? I have lived in south Florida for about 28 years.
Graduated in 63 Joe Costantino. My e-mail is

hi every one great page huh? old friends and acquaintances i,d love to hear
from ya. kevin kelly class of 1980

Just started to read my email and saw that I received a note from Sandy
(Dobson) Ventrice. I couldn't believe it when I checked out your
website. I only read two entries and had to pass along a note to you!
I graduated 1980 with Sandy (go Corner Kids!!) and went to the
Oaklandvale School. What memories! I'll have to finish reading the
rest of the entries later, but wanted to let you know that what you're
doing is awesome! Keep up the good work!
Paula (Zannino) Dercolo , Class of 1980

Hello (again) Jim
I'm still enjoying your website. Of course my favorite part is still the
guest book. I love reading the entries and catching up with some of my old
classmates. With 4 teenagers in the house, sometimes this computer is my only
connection to the outside world! Keep it up!

I'm hoping there is someone out there who can help me. Back in the late
60's early 70's, I attended the Veterans Memorial School . I understand that
the old school has been destroyed due to asbestos hazards. Does anyone know
what became of the contents of the school's safe? My class (I can't remember
what year) put together a time capsule to be sealed in the safe and reopened
in the year 2000 (which back then seemed like a lifetime away). I'll be in
Saugus a couple of times this summer and again in October (for the 20th
reunion for the Class of 1980 if there are any of you out there who haven't
heard!). I'd love to refresh my memory and see what's in that time capsule.
If anyone knows anything about it , PLEASE email me.

Thanks again for all of your efforts Jim. Hope all is well with you and
your family. Sandi (Dobson) Ventrice

Bethel, Maine 5/20/00
Dear Jim, I just got online last week and I've been to your site at least 20
times. It's so much fun to read the guestbook. I have tried to email a number
of our old buddies and I even got invited to an ace reunion party! Did you?!
I am still living in Bethel, Maine and I would love to hear from you and any
of the ace family! I was also thinking JIM that you might get a picture of
Espositos' Bakery. I heard it was closing, it was a big part of the
Oaklandvale neighborhood when I was growing up.Well hi to Kim and I hope to
see you guys soon! NANCY ROSS SHS 78.

St. Petersburg, Florida 5/13/00
Hi, Jim. This is an AWESOME web-site!! I grew up at 43 Overlea Avenue,along
with my sisters Kathy, Rita and brother, Allan. We lived down the street from
Leo Kane's family (who ran Kane's Donut's in early to mid 1960's).I would
love to hear from that family, Maureen, Eileen, Jennifer,Timothy or Michael.
Also, the Sutton family, who lived on Ferncliff Ave: Lorrie, Suzie, Doug,
Danny or Stevie. My family moved away from Saugus in early 1973 so,
unfortunately, I did not get to graduate at SHS, but I would have been in the
class of 1977.Would also love to hear from any of our other neighbors, the
Skerrys, the Woodyards,the Buffingtons,the Meuses. Our family used to go to
St. Margaret's church near Cliftondale.(our family was the only one in the
immediate area who were allowed to keep a horse in our yard, and our
neighbors may remember more than one time when it got out and decided to
gallop down Lincoln Ave!!!) Anyone still remember Ruthie's Variety store??
I know Ethel's Variety closed a long time ago, but I used to walk by it on my
way to the Veteran's Memorial School (3rd grade-Ms. Baum's class 1968, 4th
grade, Ms. Provenzano, 5th grade, Mr. Frank Sacco) I still have a very dear,
life-long friend Holly, who lives on Herbert Ave. I have lived in Hinsdale,
IL and St. Petersburg, FL. since we moved from Saugus. I love Florida, but I
LOVE to visit Saugus, and would like to go back there to live some day. I
would love to hear from any friends or neighbors!!! Linda (Cuddi) Lieberman

Lompoc, California 5/12/00
Dear Jim, Have seen some of your photos of the town but will have to
get back to them later. At least I know where they hang out. What you
and other folks in the town are doing is outstanding. I was born in
Saugus in 1920. Seems so long ago and only yesterday at the same time.
If you know of anyone who wishes to correspond to an old Saugonian,
please pass on my e-mail address. Fred Butler

Van Buren, Arkansas 5/3/00
Thanks to this website I have had several contacts concerning my search for information on my family,"the Prankers". I would love to know if there are school pictures from 1935 to 1937 from Saugus High School. I believe my father, Edward Pranker graduated during that time. if anyone out there has a picture of him or a group picture that he might be in i would appreciate it if they would get in touch with me. I have really enjoyed your page, esp. your photo. How much would one of your Pranker Pond photos cost? Thank you so much.
Kristine C. Pranker Swindell

Great job on the page Jim! I love seeing what everyone is up to these days. Hi to all my fellow
Classmates of '77 Tracey DeMatteo (Rendell)

Lady Lake, Florida 4/24/00
Please add my name and e-mail your guest book Edward J. (Chuck) Healey 1232 E. Schwartz Blvd. Lady Lake, Florida 32159 Class of 53.

Hi Jim it's been a while since my last entry, man I can't believe the responses you have
gotten half of the saugus population responding to one another, anyway keep up the awesome job tell Kim I said hi. Joe Roberts Class of 79 hello to all my friends and classmates.

Florida 4/7/00
Hey Jim, Really enjoyed checking this all out I didn't know about this site.
Thank you for sharing this with us all. It was great to read about people I
haven't seen in a long time like the Ventrice's and Donna G. I graduated in
"77" I went to my reunion it was great hope to have another one in a couple
of years. I have lived in Fl. now for 14 year. I'm married with 4 children 1
girl 18 a son 15 soon to be 16 and twin boys 7. We stay busy. Thanks again
for all your hard work. God Bless, Jamie Reynolds.

Jim, I graduated the class of 70 and I saw a few people I knew from classes before and after. The photos are fantastic. Keep up the good work. I grew up 24 (Woodbury) Hamilton Ave. across from Edmonds garage and the fire station. My family is the Whetzel's. Any one remember us please e-mail me at Again good job Jim. Oh yes please put my name in guest book thanks Leslie

Saugus, MA CLASS OF '79 4/3/00
First time admirer of this ultra cool site. Just missed the 20th reunion.
I'm sure you guys had fun without me. Haven't checked out the aerial shots
yet but I will. Good job Jim. I love Saugus. I live in the Cliftondale area
on Basswood Ave. Nice view. One kid (7 year-old boy) 2 Labrador Retrievers.
One black. One yeller. Excellent animals (Good boy too). I really loved
reading these entries. I already jumped on two addresses and sent emails to
people I haven't seen or heard from. Maybe I'm trying to make-up for missing
the reunion. I survived a near-fatal car accident back in October of '98
(last century). I was in a coma for 45 days. I had brain surgery and heart
surgery and major reconstructive surgery to my head. I have eleven titanium
plates in my head now complete with screws (some loose). I was given my last
rights three times. Scary stuff. Happy ending. My life has changed forever.
Love to hear from anyone I knew. I'm a big snowmobile enthusiast. I love
Maine/Canada. Ah the great outdoors. Nothing like it. Mark Swanson

Washington 3/23/00
Great seeing pictures of our home town. We have lived in the state of Washington
since 1979. We enjoy going to your Web site and keeping up with changes. My Uncle, Ernie Salsman who has been a life long Saugus resident always keeps me up to date on your Web page. Keep up the great work.
Andy Penney Class of 67
Pam (Candia) Penney Class of 69

Hi Jim,
Love your site and have sent it to some of my old Saugus Pals. Thought
you might like to see this old picture of Round Hill and the Saugus
River. It's of my mother and her sister, Ethel Gray ( the little one) and
my Aunt Pearl. This was taken around 1910. They lived on Emory St.

I was born in Saugus and lived there for many years. I went to the Roby
school and moved to Melrose when I was a sophomore in high school. I
have so many great memories of Saugus. Donkey Hill was a favorite place
to play. I graduated from Melrose High School in 1953.
P. S. My sister said she spent over 2 hours looking at your site. It
really is a great one.
Thanks, Margie (Bridges) Otis



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Jim: Great pics and great memories. I and my family grew up at 10 Stanto St.
in Saugus. Grew up with Jeff and Billy Moore and Frank and John Murphy. My
dad worked at F.W. Edmonds garage for years. Would like to hear from any
S.H.S. grads from 1971. I didn' t see any from that year on ur web site.
Please post my E-mail address would love to hear from any old friends!
Paul W. Rockhill

Hi Jim, My cousin informed me of your wonderful site and your fantastic
photos, they bring back a lot of memories ThankYou.
Paddy O'Neill ReardonSHS 69

Salem, MA 3/14/00
Dear Jim, I just received your web page info from Kelly (Mahar). I think its great and
it sure does bring back some happy memories. We ( Kelly, Denise Boudreau,
Chris Blasos, Kim Carmody) were saying how great it was hanging around
together and all the fun we had all over Saugus especially up the Ace. As a
matter of fact we still sing the song when we get a buzz on. We would love to get
together with all our Saugus friends.
Donna (Quartarone) Wilkins

Hi Jim, My sister Kelly gave me your site address and I love it.
Would love to hear from anyone from the class of 67, or any of the
Summer St. gang , Paula Geehan. Johnie Simon. Linda Pisello. All of us
kids that use to hang out on the mail boxes on Summer St.
Maureen Mahar Bracket Woodell

Columbia, South Carolina 3/13/00
This is a very interesting site. I have been passing it along to many of my
friends. Unfortunately most of whom are living in Germany and are German
speakers. It is nice for them to get to see; however, such nice pictures of
the United States. You are a very gifted photographer. Brian Franklin

Saugus, MA 3/4/00
Jim, Just wanted you to know how wonderful I think your Web-site is! That cute grey cat Gus melted my heart. Have you seen him lately? Just kidding, I know he ran off with some frisky feline long ago. I've read all of your e-mail to date, but don't see too many notes from classmates of 67. Hope some will write, especially one in particular. Being your sister, I feel free to take advantage of the hospitality of your site and reach out to my past. Keep the great pictures coming, Jim. How 'bout one of 13 Parker?? Love ya! Cilla
Priscilla Harrington SHS Class of 67

Lehigh Acres, Florida 3/1/00
I was Barbara (Shorey) Timson Thomson. Graduated in 52. My son Bob showed me
this page. I saw a lot of class mates I lost contact with. This is great. I
was C.F.Nelson Pratt neice. Also I was a car hopper at the Adventure Car Hop,
in 56. Lived on Stone St. most of life then in Lynn for a few years. When
my son Bob and family moved to Florida, my husband and I followed. We are
living in Lehigh Acres, FL now. We do like it but I get homesick for Saugus.
I still have my home on Stone street. Keep the good work up. E-maill address
is . I would love to hear from other Saugus people.

Van Buren, Arkansas 3/1/00
I just bought a computer and was going through looking at sites about Saugus. I am very
interested about Prankers Pond and the old mills . I am a Pranker, my father was Edward Pranker andso was my grandfather and his. My great grandfather came from England and my father was born in Saugus I have pictures of most of the Edward Prankers and there is so much I want to know about my fathers home town. He went to Saugus High school. I now live in Van Buren AR and would lke to hear from some people who knows about the Prankers. There was some very pretty pictures of Prankers pond. Please let me know of any information you have.

You have some very pretty pictures of Prankers pond . Is there still a house? I have a newspaper clipping of a scene taken in 1900 it shows the canal leading from Prankers pond, past the house of Edward Pranker, It also shows some of Prankers woolen mills. My grandfather Edward Pranker was born in Saugus on Feb.20th 1884 and attended saugus schools. He began working for the Bureau of Entomology of the U.S. departmentment of Agriculture, where he worked in controlling the gypsy and brown tail moth, from 1908-1949 when he retired.
Kristine Constance Pranker (Swindell)

Leesburg, Florida 2/27/00
Hi, I was raised in the east side of Lynn, the Highlands. Left for the Navy on Feb. 25, 1964 at
the ripe old age of 17, by 3 days no less. My favorite memory of Saugus is of my "first love".
"Judy Sacovich."
She was a girl that could make a young mans heart run wild. Her long strawberry hair and perfect lips still send "chills" coursing through my body, even after 37 years. I would walk from the Highlands, come rain or shine, snow or no, just to be able to spend 20 minutes with her, then feel that I got the best part of the deal. I was in Love. She lived just south of the Saugus River, coming in from West Lynn, sorry, forget the name of the street. I may forget the street name but I could still find it with my eyes closed. I can still see and smell her strawberry blonde hair, and her gorgeous smile. Ah well, that's all ancient history now, but still my "Favorite Memory" of Saugus.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I would love to hear from anyone that knew me.
Dennis A. Celley

Medford, MA 2/23/00
This is the first time I have looked at the page, and I think it is just
great. I have lived in Saugus all my life and of course like so many
others graduated from Saugus High class of 65. It great to keep in touch
and great to see that so many friend have done well. I now own a
business in Saugus and have been in that business over 30 years, boy
does time fly. Love to hear from fellow classmates.
Rosemary (Cornetta) Donovan

Lehigh Acres, FL 2/18/00
Jim I love the site, man does that bring back memories, I was born at
Saugus General in 59, and grew up on stone St. I was in the class of 77. I didn't
realize just how much I miss the old Stone St. gang: John Vigneaux, Al
(big Al) Chalifoux, Kim Chalifoux, John Hines, Billy (Hoyt) Gerhold, Al Sims,
Mike Albanease, Al Virgin, Rick Otte, Mole, and Al Hammor. I miss those long
Summer days kicking around the Vets school, or playing pool at big als house.
or even the youth group trips with the Cliftondale Methodist church.
Or really picking blueberries on Blueberry hill. I miss you guys. Jim
Please keep up the good work. Thank you Robert (rat) Timson

Just reading your web page my sister Shirley gave it to me, brought back a lot of memories. Graduated in 48 missed reunion was in hospt. Like to hear from old Sachems Bob Flower

South Carolina 1/23/00
Hello! I have really enjoyed viewing your website - very tastefully done!
Although I am not from Saugus (I live in South Carolina), I was quite touched
by the wonderful, inspirational email stories; history lives on. Thank you
for sharing your work, ideas, and love of Saugus with the internet world -
you've made a great contribution! S. Yelton

Newport News, Virginia 1/13/00
Dear Jim, I have been enjoying your site for several years. I posted in your guest
book on 12/09/98. As a result, I have received several E-mails from people
who knew my father or grandparents or both. My father has enjoyed your
numerous old and new photographs. BTW I am the son of Karl Enoch Dahlen,
who grew up in Saugus at 127 Winter Street, and the grandson of Gus and
Susie Dahlen. I have attached two old photographs which I hope you will
post on your site. The first is of my grandparent's store at 128 Winter
Street, taken in 1934. The automobile in front is a Durant, and the
gentleman next to it is my grandfather, Gustav Dahlen. The second is a
picture of 127 Winter Street, circa 1890 . Note the man and woman in front
in period costumes. This house still exists.
Karl Dahlen

St. Augustine, Florida 12/22/99
Entered myself in your guest book last January and was contacted by a few old
acquaintances, most recently I heard from a cousin I hadn't spoken to or seen
since 1952 or three, have been corresponding now for a couple of months. My
cousin is Ernie Nyman and he is in California. I graduated in 1950 and I am
looking forward to next October, for the big 50 year reunion.
Betty Manning Conlon

Palm Harbor, Florida 12/5/99
Nice to read the letters from some of my classmates of 1943.
Grace Walkey Thomas

Saugus, MA11/9/99
Hi Jim,
I must say the pictures are great. But if it wasn't for your web site
I would not have been reunited with a friend of mine since I was 18.
I had not seen him in 20 years. It was great seeing him again.
Marjorie (Cannata) Robbins"79

Randolph, Vermont Class of 59 11/2/99
I have really enjoyed looking at your pictures, both from the viewpoint
of a Saugus native and as a person interested in photography. They are
beautiful in a multitude of ways.
Thank you for sharing them on-line...I feel like I can visit home
anytime now.
My father was Elmer Peart and we lived on Appleton Street in
the 50's; lived on Montgomery Street before that (East Saugus).
I've been so out of touch with the earlier part ofmy life for so long...and
didn't even realize how much it meant to me.
So glad I found the Saugus site and your beautiful pictures.
Sincerely, Judith (Peart) Knight

Thanks for the great pictures! I had a great time strolling down memory
lane. I've been gone from Saugus since 1965 and gone from from New
England since 1974. Keep up the great work!
PS 1963 Saugus High Grad. Bernadette "Pothier" Keaney

Very thrilled with site. Memories of Saugus will always be in my heart. The
one year that I will always remeber was the 8th grade. We were the only
class in the afternoon session (1960-1961), so we had the whole town to
ourselves in the mornings. I remember riding my bike down to Stackpole
Feild to play football with all the guys. Donnie Shell, Danny Shapolski
not sure about the spelling), Dennis king, Gordon Shepard, Bobbi Folino,
Leon Lemure, Richie MacDonald, Bobby Hunter, Jeff Sanborn, Steve Chrisos,
Steve Bruno, Jay Malcern and many others.
Thanks again for the memories Jim
Bill Desmond Class of 1965

Hi, Please add my name to your Guestbook, thanks Carmine J. Ciampa

Hi Jim;
Congrats on super web site.. One of the best I have seen. My mother
was born in Saugus 1906. Wife (former (Barbara Hillis) born and grew up
on Oakwood Ave. I was born in Lynn but grew up in Saugus, set pins in
the rat hole. and worked in the state theater. graduated SHS 1950. Spend
our winters in St. Petersburg, Florida. where I teach aerobics at" Therapy &Sports
the YMCA and the Vinoy . I have been teaching at Route 1 Racquet and Fitness
center for the past summer. I will keep in touch with this web site in
anticipation of a 50th class reunion. Keep up the good work.
e-mail address is: . Bill Snell class 1950

Taipei, Taiwan 10/8/99
Hi Jim,
What can I say about the greats pics that hasn't already been said. What
great memories. Having lived my younger years living on Cottage St in
Cliftondale and then moving to East Saugus and living on Rhodes St (Off
Hesper by Scrinopkis?? old farm) I was able to relate to many of them. The
one constant I have found during my travels is that progress(?) sure
destroys a lot of old memories and the only thing we have is the pictures
to remember these great places and times.

Thanks again for your efforts. They are really appreciated by us old
timers. Left Saugus in 53 to join Air Force and have only been back a
couple times since. Presently live in Taipei, Taiwan (where the ground has
been constantly shaking for a couple of weeks now)."
10/11/99 "Just great photos. Really enjoyed the aerial view of Saugus at the Lynn border .
The old Saugus bridge where we used to swim when the tide came in is clearly
visible. Looks like the train tracks are gone but a lot of the old
buildings are still there, but probably house different things today.
If picture went a little higher I could have seen the house where I lived.
Am really enjoying this. Keep it up."
"Please do include my E-mail address as I have already seen a couple of
names I remember and I would hope someone remembers mine.
Thanks again. Bob Brown , Class of 53 but did not graduate.

Norco, California 9/29/99
I loved the site. The only person who graduated in 1966, didn't include their name.
I lived at 18 Cottage Street in the Cliftondale area. I think Saugus is in the blood.
I hope that some of the people I grew up with will write. Always from Saugus even after 25 years.
Marilyn Brown Craig feel free to email

Hope, Arkansas 9/25/99
I really enjoyed the postcards. The one of Cliftondale really brought back memories. I lived in Saugus from 1942 till 1957 when my family moved to Peabody. I would have graduated in 1959 if I would have graduated. Went to the Cliftondale Congregational Church. I remember when the Howard Johnsons burned. I used to go to the paper store for my dad every evening for the paper. I lived up on the hill in Cliftondale I think it was called Raddin Terrace. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.
Jacqueline L Perry

Hi, Have just finished looking at your web site for the first time. I was
born at Saugus General Hospital in 1955 and attended Veterans Memorial
and Central Elementary(they put us there after the fires). My father was
a police officer on the force until 1967 when we moved out of town.He
and my mother, formerly Shirley Flower also grew up in Saugus. One of
our favorites things to do is sit up and reminisce about the old town.
How it has changed. I remember living up on Pratt Street and the
wonderful sense of neighborhood that was a true gift to a child growing
up. I remember the day in February when my father rescued three boys
from the Saugus River.
Your web site has invoked a lot more memories and I woke my folks at
11:00pm to tell them about it. We will be back. Would love to hear from
folks remembering the years from 1930-1967. Laurie Pace

Absarokee, Montana 9/18/99
Have spent three days in your web site reliving old memories. After
reading much mail from others, I was able to contact an old friend
I hadn't seen or even heard about for 45 years. He was one of your
many respondents. The site is one of the best around. Having been
born and raised in Saugus (Houston Ave), I want to congratulate you on the
outstanding job you have done. Not many towns can boast a web site and
you sure have done a fantastic job. Again, Congratulations.
Richard Olesky, SHS 1955

Saugus, MA 9/1/99
Great job on the web site. One picture that caught my attention was the one
labeled 1942 fire-truck . I believe it is actually a 1945 Mack fire-truck.
Believe it of not, that truck is still in service in the town of Saugus,
only now it is a lighting plant for the Saugus Emergency Management Agency.
Once the truck, as seen in your photo, was replaced with more modern
equipment, there was an attempt to convert it to a water tanker for the
department. I have been told this did not work out very well because the
continental 6-Cylinder engine didn't like pulling the added weight up and
down the hills of Saugus. The truck was sold back to Mack only to be
purchased back when it was suggested the Saugus Civil Defense could use it.
The volunteers at the Civil Defense received the truck with only the cab and
frame intact but proceeded to mount a surplus 440 volt 3 phase 24k generator
on the back. They then fabricated the rest of the rear body using surplus
steel and 8 1000 watt search lights from the navy. The truck is still
operational and in service today. It is unfortunate however its physical
condition has rapidly deteriorated in the past two years due to the fact
that the Emergency Management garage was torn down to make way for the new
DPW and at this time there is no garage space for any of the agencies
equipment. At this time I have the truck parked in my yard and if you have
any interest would be happy to show it to you.

Fritz White
Captain of Operations
Saugus Emergency Management Agency

Absolutely ok to put my e-mail in guestbook----would love to hear from some old friends. This is a wonderful sight & you can be proud of it. Just seeing familiar names brings back so many memories.Those high school years were some of the best with a lot of the best people i've ever known. Keep up the good work and keep posting the guestbook messages.------ Ron Festa SHS Class of "63"

New Hampshire 8/1/99
Living and working in New Hampshire, I am always amazed when I travel to my parents house in
Saugus to see just how many things have changed in town. It is the advent of change that brought this technology enabling me to hear from old friends from SHS Class of '81 so change can be a good
thing. I don't really long for the past, but as I near 40 with graduation nearing 20 years ago I
enjoy traveling back to SHS in the 1970s. Great job on the web site - Jack D. Gosselin

Plaistow, New Hampshire 7/14/99
Hey Jim, This is the most I've ever used my computer. I look forward to checking
your web-site, and e-mailing old friends who's names I got from you. I think
you do the town and everyone who's lived there a great service. I've lived away
from Saugus for about 16 years now and over the years I've lost touch with
many people. You've given me a chance to get back in touch with some of these
people. Thanks Jim . Keep doing what your doing. Send any e-mail to:
Mitchell Bond SHS 78

FL 7/12/99 Class of 65
Hi Jim, Great work, its really neat to see all those old places. I was born in
Lynn Hospital and lived in Saugus until I was 12 - then we moved to
Florida. I went to Felton School grades 1-6 and after 6th grade we
moved. That was 1959. I'd love to hear from anyone that was there the same
time. I had Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Lavender, Mrs. McCarrier, and Mrs. Tapley --
wow, I haven't thought of those names for 30 years! I remember the early
morning fire in Cliftondale about 56 or so. I also remember the old phone
company on Central St near Jackson,( I think) My home phone was 2514M., I can't
believe I remember this stuff. We lived on Central Street and my Dad was
boy scout leader for Troop #68. They had their meetings at the CYO hall
on Central ... which, incidentally, originally was a church and is where my
Mom and Dad were married in 1942.
I remember riding the bus into Lynn with my cousin Barby Harrington
(remember her?) to meet our other cousin, Susan Hobbs so we could all go
the Boys Club to go swimming.

My folks had a summer home in NH on Big Island Pond and we left Saugus
every 7/4 and never came home until Labor Day. My Dad was at the GE then and
made the commute from NH all summer. I've missed that.

We get home every few years....My Mom and Dad will be in Saugus in
August. I'd love to talk to anyone who knew us then...I've lost track of so many
over all the years. And, if anyone remembers Mom and Dad - Virginia
Perry and Hank Harrington, I'll sure pass the messages along to them...they
have not quite grasped this cyberspace stuff . Please pass my email along
...I'll keep my fingers crossed. Keep up the good work, Jim.
Deeva Harrington Mootsey

Saugus, MA 7/12/99
I have been looking at your site for about three months since I met you at work
and I really like the site it chose a lot of different things on it. I gave my sister the
Web site she really likes it. I've lived in Saugus since 1953. My sister and
brought both graduated from Saugus High school I went to a trade school
in Boston. My son graduated from Saugus high school too. Jimmy keep up the
good work I really enjoy the Web site and talking to you at work.
Your friend, Al Dow E mail

Peabody, MA 7/6/99
My sister Leslie (Calder) Manning told me about your website, great
pictures. I now live in Peabody, MA and recently took a ride through my old
neighborhood on Ballard St. The area hasn't changed too much, I remember
the Mabee's bon fire at the Fourth of July. Do people still swim in the
river? I had a great time growing up swimming at high tide in the river. I
worked at Kanes Donuts for a couple of years 1974-1976.
Norma (Calder) Leonard Class of 75
Would love to hear from old friends at

Saugus, MA 7/1/99
Hi Jim, I have visited your "site" often since 1997 and I can't believe
how well you are doing ! The constant updates and changes must be very time
consuming and I wanted to let you no how much your hard work and effort
is appreciated. The photo's are remarkable and certainly do bring back
memories. Today was the first time that I really sat and read your guest book from
top to bottom and I am amazed at the amount of people you have reached. My
husband and I were both born and raised in Saugus and have made a
conscious decision to stay here and raise our own family. Keep up the good work and
hope to see you around town !!!!!!!!!!!! Christine (Mullen) SHS 79 and John D'Eon SHS 78

NH 6/27/99
What a great site! Came upon it while feeling nostalgic for my home
town and did a web search. I spent 2 hours just looking at all the great pics
and reading the wonderful messages!

My husband and I both grew up in Saugus. I graduated in 1979 and my
husband was class of 1976. We now live in NH. It was great to read the messages
and see so many familiar names. I will visit this site often!
Hope to connect with others as well! Your site really made me smile! Thanks!
Leslie (Calder) Manning & Dave Manning
My email addy is
"Well in only a few days I have already hooked up with a few people!
This really has been quite wonderful. I was able to connect with a close
friend that I have not had contact with in almost 20 years!"

St. Augustine, FL 6/18/99
I graduated Class of '50 Nice seeing some names I vaguely remember, and
the photos are great. Looking forward to the big 50 next year. Wish it was
my big 50. Keep up the good work. Would love hearing from some of my old
neighbors, around the old State Luncheonette.Thanks for "listening"
Betty Manning Conlon

Bridgeport, Connecticut 6/17/99
Hi Jim
Great site. I grew up in Saugus on Swan Rd. behind the Palace. Before it was the Palace it was a
resturant called Chickland. I can remember learning to drive and trying to negotiate the rotary at
Rt1 and Broadway, nothing is as crazy as that was. I graduated in1969, went into the Air force,
moved back for a little while, left Saugus in the early 80's and usually get back for a few hours
once a year. Please feel free to post my e-mail address, . I am
currently living in Bridgeport Ct. working as a photo finisher and photographer. You list the glcc, if
you are a member you may know a good friend of mine, John Dockery
Butch Black

Saugus, MA 6/5/99
Hi Jim-I loved your pictures of Saugus- I have dodged your
lens in the past. I saved this page in my favorites to take
with me to Amesbury where we are moving at the end of June.
It will be the first time I have ever lived anywhere else but Saugus.
Now I have some memories on line.
Susie Dunkerley RN (aka Susie Blake SHS 80

Florida 5/31/99
I just completed my weekly stroll through my home town. I often wonder why the
best of memories always brings us the most pain. Living in souteastern FL for
almost twenty years I have slowly learned what to photograph in my rainforest
yard with "strange" flowers, and a variety of fruits, not to mention non
saugonian wildlife, as that is my hobby. your pictures, are what i take to
"dreamland," or show to grandson, Trevor. Monday is the day for a great
parade,(in Saugus) and I will see that parade via your photo. The tower photos
were excellent. I can almost see 114 main st.where I once lived. Tonight I saw a
caption, 56 Main St., well,my daughter, Susan Laura Stroud,was born there in
1968. I can see that you really enjoy your work..."thanks for the memories"
"in gods eyes all life is equal............ Marthalie Thurston

Hey it is me again I just wrote to you about your great page. Well, I am
Lillie Lawrence and, wanted to tell you about my site too. It is
Children's Stories "FIRST TIME FUN".
Thank you,
Lillie Lawrence
Thank you for letting your son illustrate my page. I am writing another
story maybe he would like to illistrate it too. What do you think? write
me back at the email address that you have. Thank you.

North Berwick, Maine 5/26/99
Hi Jim We enjoy your pages on Saugus. As you know Ed LeBlanc and I talk
most every night and we comment on the job you have done. It is great. My wife
Barbara and I lived in Saugus for 50 years and moved to Maine in 94. We
get down to Saugus to see our reitives and have seen the changes in the last
5 years, You have put so many on the computer that when we get there the
changes are familiar to us. Ray @ Barbara Exel

Pensacola, Florida 5/26/99
Hi Jim,
Great photos. They bring back good memories every time I look at them. I saw a lot of familiar names reading the guestbook entries. I lived in Saugus until I graduated SHS in 1969. After 20 years in the Navy I settled in Pensacola, FL. I still get back from time to time and will be in the area visiting my sister and mother in Salem, NH in July. I plan to look up a few friends in Saugus while I'm there. Keep up the great work. It's always good to go home again.
Ron Joyce

Long Beach, California 5/24/99
Jim, first of all I love your web site and just went through all the
guest comments.
If your dad sold insurance and lived in Lynn , my mom and dad has
insurance with him and he used to come to our tenement on 620 Western
Ave, on the corner of Park St. At that time I think the insurance cost
all of 50 cents a week. He was tall kind of blonde haired and very neat
looking, someone you would trust with your last 50 cents.
I think I remember he had a sister named Marie and she was a friend
of my sister, Barbars Dunn. I could be wrong on that account, but it
was many years ago and things slip away.
You may have lived next to our aunt Mary Nelson on Parker St. and Mary
many times said how nice your family was to her and our uncle John. My
thanks to your family for being such nice neighbors.
Betsy and Jay are my cousins, and we visited Mary almost every year
on our visit from Long Beach Ca.
I taught Math and English at Central Junior High from 1955 to 1957
until I followed Horace Greely' advise " Go West young man " I taught
junior and senior high school here and in Downey until I retired in1989
and still remember my first classes at dear old Central under the
watchful eye of Principal Ashton Davis.
Paul O'Brien was my mentor as he had the room next to me in the annex.
Feel free to use my name, and email address in the guest book
listings as I would love to hear from any former students or old
foogies like myself who were around in 1947 when the team to beat in
football was The Sachims (Sp.)
Henry Dunn E-Mail

Willimantic, Connecticut 5/17/99
I loved your pictures of Saugus. My husband's relatives have lived
there for many many years. He still has distant cousins there that we
visit often. We always share a private joke about the iron works,
because my husband would always make a wrong turn and we'd end up by the
iron works. Of course that was a long time ago. You may use this
e-mail online if you'd like.
Charlene Crosthwaite

Wilmington, North Carolina 5/17/99
Hi Jim,
Thanks so much for all of your hard work. It's been fun showing
my kids some of your pictures. My husband and I both graduated from
SHS...he in '77 and I in '80. We moved to Wilmington, NC in 1990 in search of our
first home...something we weren't able to afford in Saugus (unfortunately). We
try and get back for a visit at least once every summer. It's amazing to us
how much the town has changed in the 9 years that we've been gone. I can
only imagine how it looks to some of the other folks who've visited your site.
I miss that small town feeling I had growing up in well as the
people I grew up with. I did recognize a few names on your guest page.
Anthony and I welcome any e-mail from those who'd like to "catch up"
Thanks again Jim! :) Anthony & Sandi (Dobson) Ventrice

Marietta, Georgia 5/6/99
Love this website. Haven't been to Saugus in almost
9 years but reading all this stuff and seeing familiar names is the next
best thing to a trip home! I graduated from SHS, Class of 1967, and have been
everywhere and done everything, including being in the Navy (1977-1981).
Now I live in a suburb of Atlanta, work for Chrysler Corporation and will
graduate from Mercer University with a BS in criminal justice on May 9, took me 30 years, but I finally did it! I have an 18 year old
son, Mike, and we love Atlanta and it's friendly people and lovely
snowless climate, but Saugus is still "the" place. Contact me at I'd love to hear from old friends and Blue Belle Highlander members.
Gerri Lumsden Motts

Shingletown, California 5/5/99
My grandmother, Marion Hawkes, came from Saugus. My father's first and
middle names are Warren and Hawkes, respectively. These are early
families from Saugus' early history. I have a family photo of the old
Warren home. I was wondering if this house is still standing, and if
so, what the address is. Along with this, is a curiosity about
remaining descendants of these families, if they are still around. I
realize this is a detailed historical question, but if there is a way to
find out these things, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you. Ted Goldsmith

Saugus, MA 5/4/99
Hi Jim,
Just took my weekly stroll through your site...
What a great service to the community you provide.
I really enjoy reading the postings in the guest book , brings back lots
of memories.
Been up in these Golden Hills all my forty years...
Anyone who wants can contact me at
I graduated with Mr.Harrington Saugus High class of '77 !!!
Keep up the excellent work Jim !!
Jim Higgins

Saugus, MA 4/27/99
Hi Jim,
I got an email from Gwen & Ken Walters, who were from my old
neighborhood, just today! It's wonderful how people want to stay in
touch and hear from each other. I think Saugus was a pretty special
place in which to grow up in general, but in addition, our neighborhood
was very close-knit and the mothers all watched out for each others'
children. It was like having a lot of mothers! You're doing a wonderful
thing with the website; keep up the good work. We'll have quite an
email reunion going on before long!
Ellen Down eowyn@attbi.comSHS'67

SAUGUS, MA 04/25/99
Great job, Jim! What a wonderful way to revive terrific memories. I
grew up in Saugus on Birch St. I went to Veteran's Memorial School and
have the best memories of Horace Shuff as principal. He used to come to
the classroom if it was your birthday and he carried a HUGE paddle: the
better to give you your birthday spanking! (How sad that times have
changed so much that this would now be considered corporal punishment.)
We used to sled down the hill at the end of Dream St (right next to Judy
Clark's house) in winter and we used pieces of cardboard in summer. I
went to the high school from '64 to '67. My first year there we had all
the school fires, remember? We had a great football team during most of
my four years there. Remember John Dancewicz, Eddie Maguire, Christie
Serino, Chuck Shipulski, Mike Kimball, Paul Uga, etc? I went to school
with a lot of great kids (not kids anymore, though!). Would love to
hear from some of them. You can use my email address.
Ellen Down eowyn@attbi.comSHS'67

Sigonella, Sicily 4/23/99
Jimbo awesome job on the photo's thanks for letting me walk down memory
lane. saugus was dynamite while growing up would not trade it for all the money in the world, friday night at MDC skating rink, weekends partying
behind my house the pits oh those were the days, accept why didn't someone
tell me that my hair needed to be cut instead of that big fro that I had.
JOE ROBERTS . I can be reached at

Mt Dora, FL 4/17/99
Just wanted to say hello and congratulate you on your web site. I live in
Mt Dora, FL but was born and brought up in Lynn and knew many people from
Saugus. Have not been in that area since the early 1950's. The picture of the old
Saugus Iron works was great as were all the others.
Arthur Adrien

Saugus, MA 4/14/99
Dear Jimmy,
I really love the pictures of Saugus - my daughter's friend from
Long Island recently visited us and I told him to go to our home page to
get an overall view of the town. I had no idea the photo's were so
nice. Great Job! Thanks!
Kate Alessandrini

Inverness, Florida 4/9/99
What a GREAT site !!! It certainly did my heart good to have a look back
at our "Hometown". I grew up on East Denver St. and spent all my school
years in Saugus. I would have graduated with the Class of '69, but my
parents moved to Lynnfield , the summer before my senior year.
My father, Roger E. Rand, was born in the first house on the left, at
the corner of Denver and Central,and graduated from SHS Class of '48 or
'49. As far back as I can remember , my grandparents lived at 7 Horton St.

My husband and I dated all through high school and married shortly,
thereafter. He lived on Traveler Rd. (almost on the Wakefield line), and
graduated with the Class of '68.
We have lived in Inverness, Florida for the past four years. We love it
here, but we really miss seeing familiar faces in familiar places ....
places like Cogliano's, Purity, the 5 and 10 in Cliftondale, Heck
Allen's, Jolly Jorges, Augustine's, and " The State Luncheonette".
(aka Weirdies).
We enjoyed all the photos and look forward to seeing alot more of them.
We would love to hear from our classmates or neighborhood friends.
Please post our e-mail address and names.
Thanks again for a heart-warming trip "Back Home". Wayne & Donna (Rand) Badessa

Beverly, MA 4/4/99
hey Jim your pictures are great ....what a fantastic web site
.....Especially liked the pictures of rt 1 ....Greetings from Dennis P. and Debbie :-)
a Fellow G. E. worker

Fort Myers, Florida 3/18/99
Congratulations on your great site. Your program is one of the best on the web. Keep up your great work. Most of us can not get to Saugus very often, so a thank you for bringing Saugus to us. This site can not be complete without something about BAKER HILL , Once named poverty my days, the 20's and 30's. In spite of the depression the " kids" from Baker Hill went on in life to high positions in government, the services, and business. To name a few, Art De Franzo , Medal of honor and other citations, his brother Ray in business, All the Rossetti brothers, the Buckless family, the Nagles,six veterans of W.W. 2 and one in Vietnam. There are so many more of that group that contributed to the history of Saugus. Within a few hundred of the former standpipe there were over 150 " kids " which included the Carbones,Vatchers and the Mc Laughlins, all which contributed to the welfare of Saugus. In the summer we would all trek over the hill to swim in the creeks down the marsh mostly in our bare feet, the winter would find them coasting on Western Ave. or on Dawsons pond playing hockey,some even had skates, the hockey sticks were tree branches at times. Baseball was played with taped up balls as long as the nickel roll of tape lasted. Then were the basketball games in Vatchers barn which prepared us for the high school team which our best season was a four game win.Art Spinney helped put Saugus on the map. We were all to busy to get in trouble, working to help our parents get through the depression was our priority," next to sandlot sports. We never had what you could call a play ground, by todays standards. One that was raised on Baker Hill whether rich or poor will never forget that he or she was had the privilege of being a BAKER HILLER.
LARRY "gig" Nagle E-Mail gig@gulfcoast.netClass of 1940

Naples, Florida 3/12/99
Hi Jim,
My brother Al Dow who still lives in Saugus sent me this web site, it's great.
I graduated in '58' from SHS and now live part time in Naples FL. and spend
summers in Conn. Would love to hear from some old classmates. Also put me on
your email list. THANKS
Carolyn (Dow) Pasquale

Prince Frederick, Maryland 3/10/99
Great web site! Ruthie (Williams) Lewis Class of '74

Lynn, Massachusetts 3/10/99
Hi we live in Lynn, and I can't tell you how much we love seeing your photos.
I think it is wonderful that other people add photos also. It is great shots
and super home page. I love it reading from people all over, that have live
at one time or another in Saugus and you have opened great memories. I wish
someone did it for Lynn, as I think the house we live in is very old.
Continue the wonderful work and we will keep visiting your site. Dave Cady

MIT Cambridge, MA 2/23/99
I really enjoy looking at your pictures online. I have a program on my
computer which rotates through a series of images on my desktop. I saved a
bunch of your pictures in a folder and scroll through them at timed
intervals on my computer's background. Keep up the good work!
-- Tony Pelosi SHS '97
P.S. How about a pic of the new David Penney Memorial landing?

Revere, Massachusetts 2/15/99
Hi Jim, I am very impressed by the quality work you have done on the
Saugus website. The images of Saugus really present the town in a
positive light. Its great that so many folks from around the country are
finding your site too! Hopefully they will pass the word on to all their
family and friends so everyone can enjoy your website. Good luck to you,
keep up the great work. - Bob Upton ,---

Saugus, Massachusetts 2/10/99
Jim --
Your work on these pages is ----- OUTSTANDING -----Is by far the best site
Looking forward to the new feature. Will be just another of the many
reasons to visit the site.
Thanks again------ Ernie Salsman life long resident-----Saugus High School Class of 1946

Florida 2/9/99
Hi Jim,
Great site!! I lived in Saugus for most of my life and graduated from Saugus
High School in '68 before moving to Florida 26 years ago. Your photos are
wonderful and bring back a lot of memories. I have visited Saugus off and on
over the years and I'm always pleasantly surprised to see, in my opinion, how
little it has changed. I never know what I'm going to find (new or gone) in
THIS CITY when I leave the house; I wish I could feel the same sense of
familiarity that I feel when I'm back in Saugus.
I never thought I'd find a little town like ours on the web and then one night
I decided to do a little searching. I was amazed and delighted to find your
site. Thank you and please keep it up. I too would like to see more of the
Lincoln Avenue and Cliftondale Square area in the future. I can't count the
number of times a week I walked to that square; sometimes more than twice a
day. Please add my name to your guestbook. Thanks.
Sincerely, Rita (Cuddi) M.

Florida 2/5/99
Hi Jim,
Thanks for telling me about the photos, the ones at Breakheart Reservation
brought back memories of my childhood in Melrose where I grew up. I used
to ride my bicycle up there often.
It was actually quite rural in many areas at that time.
Freeman Crosby

East Boston, Massachusetts 2/2/99
Great site. I grew up in Saugus and live close by (East Boston). It's
amazing how you can take a place for granted while you live there. I
still pass through from time to time and occasionally see friends from
high school. I moved away on a few occasions, but would always end up
back in Saugus. My folks moved me to Tewksbury my senior year (thanks
mom) and I did not get to graduate with all the people I grew up with.
Hopefully, I can find old friends from time to time and keep in touch.
your pictures reinforce the feeling I experience when I reminisce of
growing up in Saugus. Being in a hectic job and big city makes you miss
a small town like Saugus.
Bryan Murphy SHS 91

Port Charlotte, FL 1/19/99
Hi Jim,
Just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying the Saugus page. We are in it all the time. I had lived in Saugus for 63 years, there's a lot of changes. We saw a lot when we were up there for Christmas and New Years. Port Charlotte, Florida is nice, but, you can take the person out of Saugus, But you can`t take Saugus out of the person.
Keep up the good work
Gwen and Ken Walters

Cape Coral, Florida 2/1/99
Yo Jim, I have not gone through all your pictures, but the ones I saw are great, in one pic
you can almost see my old home on Winter St. Brings back a lot of old memories and that some of
the old towns people would remember also needless to say. I was not the brightest kid on the block
and missed out on a lot of good things growing up. There are some pictures that bring a few wet
spots to my face that only one would feel or understand if lived there during the late 30's to the
present. I have done well in life today and I only say this because of all the e-mail I receive from
people wanting to know and it is due to the Saugus Photos Online and the Saugus net. It is people
like you Jim that help give a good name. Oh by all means put me in your guest book,

Bob (Rody) Rodenhiser



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Esmont,Virginia 1/29/99
Dear Jim,
I was attempting to locate Public Records of Saugus when I happened
upon your great website. The pictures are great, and I've come across
several old school buddies I intend on e-mailing.
I'll be home in Saugus this weekend visiting Mom & family. I generally
make it home at least a few times a year, but never seem to have time to
locate old friends. Your website has helped with that problem w/my 1st
visit. Thanks so much.
I graduated in '69 & hope to here from old friends via your website.
Please include me on your list. Take care & keep up the good work.
Drew Boles (formerly from Dudley St.& the Saugus River)

SHS 51 1/28/99
Hi Jim, keep up the good work. You've got a great site. I lived in Saugus from
1937 to 1957. We lived on Oakwood Ave. Hung out at the Springdale playground.
Graduated from the old High School in 1951. I'd love to hear from anyone
that remembers me or my sisters Margie and Marion.
Bill Fisher

New York City 1/19/99
I am the General Manager of Peter Arnold Inc., in NYC, and sometimes miss
my hometown of Weston, Mass. Your site is a great tribute to Saugus.
Good luck with your work, and keep up the Web site. Every town should be
so lucky! Dexter

New Argyle, PEI Canada 1/11/99
Hi Jim -
Just wanted to send you a note to say how much I'm enjoying your site. I try to visit every day. A lot of fond memories have come rushing back.

Having grown up in East Saugus (previously lived on Warren Road and Houston Avenue), I would love to see some pictures of that area, like Kane's Donut Shop (one of my original hangouts growing up), the Ballard School (attended grades 1 - 4 there from 55/56 to 59/60), Bristow Street area, the Saugus River at the end of Dudley Street, etc.

Some of the "old gang" that used to get around back then were Doug Kane (his father Bob was the original owner of Kane's Donut Shop ), Mark Dragonetti, Mike Deary, Nels Pempsel, Ralph Roberts, Dennis Marks, David Demers, Ted Brierly, Bobbie Gontarz, to mention a few.

Some of the girls in the area back then who come to mind were Carol Venza, Janet Kierstead, Cookie Veno and Barbara-Jean MacNeill.

We also used to compete quite regular in various sports with the guys from the Bristow Street area, such as: Christie Serino, Paul Scire, Richard Nicolo, Dick Serino, Jim Ciampa, Stanley Russo, and Lennie Angelo. There were others.
I would love hearing from any of the above people if they get to see this email posted on your site.
Keep up the great work.

Sincerest regards, Gary Mancuso email: Mary's in Lynn 67

San Francisco Bay area, CA 1/9/99
Hey was just looking around and discovered a site on Saugus. I can't believe
it. I started to read all the comments in the guest book but plan on going
back and viewing all the pictures. I grew up in Saugus and graduated in 1972
and left in 74. I still have relatives there and visit once in a while. Now
I'm living in the San Francisco Bay Area and loving it. Although, my heart
and fond memories will always be in Saugus. Thanks for the site. Whenever I
get homesick, it will make a fast visit. Jim MacDonald

Omaha, NB 1/8/99
The photos are great. My mom grew up in Saugus. I'll show these to her
next week. Do you think she'll recognize many sights (esp. aerial)
after 50 years? Camille in Omaha

Saugus 12/29/98
Jim, I have just visited the Web site and was amazed at the people
who have emailed you. I see you have included a lot of the old haunts in
your photos. Everyone seems thrilled & your are doing everyone a good
service. I see a lot of familiar names & far away places. Of course I am still in
Saugus and will never leave. My aunt is from California and comes here every
year. She tells me that the people from Saugus act like they are in some
sort of cult because they are so enthusiastic about where they are from.
If anyone remembers me and would like to email me my address is I'll see you later Jim. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Joe Blake Northeast Vocational Class of 77

Florida /12/28/98
I enjoy your website very much and I love the pictures--it reminds me of home.
I grew up there and moved to Florida after graduating SHS. After visiting this
November of 98 I realized how much things have changed in 8 1/2 years and it
was very sad to me. Nicki Melzer Hildebrant SHS Class of 90

Fort Polk, Louisiana 12/25/98
I really appreciate the photo's of Saugus. I haven't been home for 2 1/2 years, and I love to look at those pictures to show all my friends what my hometown is like. I am really happy that these photos are available to me, because I am in the Army now and haven't had the chance to go home. Seeing these pictures really brightens my day! I really hope to get the chance to come home to Saugus in the next 4 months to actually see how everything changed. Again, thanks!
Thank You and God Bless You! CPL Rob Chiampa

Port Charlotte, FL 12/21/98
"Hi Jim, This is my second visit to the web. My son-in-law from CA e-mailed me today about the new pictures. They are great. Merry Christmas to everyone! Maybe I'll be there next year with my family to watch Santa come down the street on Christmas Eve. You may include my e-mail address." "I lived in Saugus for thirty years, raised four children. Two of
my children still live in Saugus with my grandchildren. I now live in Port
Charlotte, Fl. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! thanks again, Shirley Davis

Port Charlotte, FL 12/15/98
Hi, Ken Walters Class of 70, my wife Jan (Busalacchi)Walters Class of 69 here. Couldn't open the pictures of Saugus. Left Saugus in 1990 and moved to Port Charlotte, Florida, where I was an over the road truck driver till 1994 and then became a police officer here in Florida. Went back to Saugus for the first time in November this year and loved it so. Still do not want to move back to Saugus. I live near Dan Rossetti class of 1969 and we talk about Saugus all the time. If anyone would like to get a hold of my wife and I we are at . Hope to open your pictures soon.

Saugus 12/14/98
Jim, Thanks so much for telling me about this page. I saw your photos, They are
wonderful, I've never been in a plane, so its hard for me to visualize the
picture and recognize it! I love this web page, its so good to see all the
correspondence! My hubby is Gary Lemure,Cliftondale on the Revere line.I'm Sue
Sarno, Lynn Fells area, I moved to Saugus in the eighth grade. It was hard went
to the Vets first then we were the first class in the new junior high, looked
like a prison to me haha. Gary is the class of 69 hehe, I'm the class of
70. What a romance we had then and still do now, two kids, girls, Nicole and
Shauna, and two grandkids! YIKES!!!! boys arrrgh! Jared and Kyle. Keep this
page going!! We love it will inform anyone else that we know from Saugus .
Bring on the email!!!!! Sue (Sarno)Lemure SHS 1970

Northern, VT 12/10/98
Hi, I grew up in No.Revere, and Saugus(area). I'm currently living in Northern VT. The pictures are spectacular!!!!! (I never realized the Saugus River wound around like that!)
Carrie Smith

Newport News, Virginia 12/9/98
Dear Jim,
I am the son of Karl E. Dahlen who grew up in Saugus. My grandparents were
Gus and Suzie Dahlen who ran a small store across from the cemetery on
Winter Street. I have been to Saugus many times when I was young. My
father left Saugus around 1938 or 1939. He is now 81 and resides with my
mother in Phila, PA.

I just saw my father last weekend and showed him some of the photos that I
had printed from your site. He was overjoyed. I will send him some more.
Unfortunately getting him on line is a mission impossible.

I reside in Newport News, Virginia and you may use my E-mail link.
Karl Dahlen

Unionville, NC 12/9/98
I connected with a old classmate of mine thanks to your site. In
fact it is someone that I have known since the first grade. Thank
you......and Merry Xmas.

Riyahd, Saudi Arabia 12/7/98
A great site for a trip down memory lane. There are a few names that seem familiar to
me. It's been a few yrs. Have already passed this link along to a few
family members who are scattered across the States. Please add my link to
your site. Thanx again. Dave Eaton

Holyoke, MA 12/6/98
Ah, Saugus, the place of my birth and raising. Sweetser school with Miss
Ulban, my first grade teacher, and my first crush. Sometimes I get a whiff of the
perfume she use to wear and I feel like a little kid again. Veterans
Memorial, where I brought my pet baby alligator to school. We didn't know any
better in those days, and I told the little girl that if she poked her finger
at it, it would bite her,she did, it did. And of course Jr High, walking the railroad
tracks to get there, with the strongest memory being
of a cute redhead that I foolishly teased who promptly jabbed me in the arm
with her pencil and broke the tip off in my arm, wish I could remember her
name...and High School, well that is pretty much a haze as they say, and aside
from all the contraband and such it was a heck of a fun three years....I moved
away shortly there after or so it seems, that was the late '70's, I have since
spent time being a janitor, freelance illustrator, physic, a 'repairman' of
sorts, portrait artist, photographer, married, divorced, cleaned out, cleaned
up ,eloped to bali, and in general think that I may not have been able to
enjoy so much fun and success if it wasn't for the sideline encouragements from
those people I knew and loved back home, Saugus.
Hi to porkchop,pj, lisa Y. linda and michelle, john collins, and that pretty
girl with the long hair that sat in front of me in history, ya know the one
that would copy my answers, Susan, and to all those that have gone before
me, like mike P, eddie, judy, God bless. I miss you, love steve. And to the
rest still kicking I hope you are all having a blast! All the best to all!
Merry Christmas. S.Orsillo SHS 78

Raleigh, NC 12-4-98
Hi Jim,
I'm writing to you from Raleigh, NC where my family and I have lived for the
past 10 years. I just wanted to let you what a great job you are doing with
your web page and how much I enjoy viewing all the pictures especially those
of Appleton's Pulpit. You see, my Sister, two Brothers and I grew up at the
corner of Appleton St. (#3) and Central St. and when I saw those pictures it
really brought back some deep memories of my childhood climbing up those big
rocks. I also enjoy reading the Guest Book. Its hard to believe that people
you grew up with are all over the country and world. Your web page brings us
all back home.
If there is anything that I can help you with to keep your web page going
please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for the memories.
William D. Fuller SHS "Class of 65"
Brother of Donna (Fuller) Crabtree SHS "Class of 60"
Edward Fuller St.Marys"Class of 68", Walter H. Fuller SHS "Class of 70"

FL 12/2/98
I was a resident of Lynn, but now live in Florida and someone on the Lynn line
mentioned your web site and that is how I happened to find it. It is very good.
Keep up the good work.

Saugus, MA 12/2/98
I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I own Rocky Hill Farm in
North Saugus. We raise between 200-300 pigs. I just thought the farm would
make for some interesting pictures to be included for scenes around Saugus. I
believe we are the last truly working farm in Saugus.
Marianne and Fran Buzun

Dixon, IL 11/29/98
I love your work Jim and thanks. Yes, u can put my email address on bb, and hopefully I can
contact some of my old class mates. Is there anyway u can post email addresses of class of 57?
I live in Dixon, Illinois...Nina Moody/Sofolo SHS 1957

Everett, MA 11/15/98
Hi Jim. I was a Saugus resident for 19 years before going into the Army.
I now reside in Everett, MA for the last 20 years. I love your sight but
it sparked more memories. I grew up in Cliftondale, my father used to own
the Tumble Inn across from Shapiros market near the 5and 10. All of the
oldies are gone but not forgotten ie; Kiddie Ranch, Arcade Bazarr, Ho
Jo's car hop at the rotary, Jolly Jorges, Saugus Drive In, Agawmm Diner
near Gibbs Ford and finally the Flamingo Lounge. I still visit my folks
off Mountain Ave, and Kanes Donuts. Your sight is cool and I did not
ice some old aquantices if any body remembers the marsh road on Friday
nights I say hello. Happy motoring and history hunting.
David Whelton 29 Thurman St. Everett, MA 02149

Peabody, MA 4/2/98
"I grew up in Saugus and graduated from SHS in 1976...just wanted to let you
know how much I am enjoying your photos."

"As a grad of SHS '76, it's a lot of fun to show my children where I grew up. Thanks for the great memories and look forward to seeing all the updates. "

"Of course, I don't live that far away, however, it's great to just stroll
down memory lane, thanks!!" Judi (Dodge) Doherty SHS Class of 76

FL 11/15/98
I grew up in Nahant but had friends in Saugus.
I live in FL, past 19 yrs but get back up there every few years.
Really enjoyed the Saugus photos. You have done a terrific job. Brought back
a lot of good memories. Thanks. You may use my email address.
I love hearing from my New England friends.
Ruth (Alexander) Lewis Class of 1960 Lynn Classical High School.

Hampton, NH 11/13/98
Hi Jim;
Found your site accidentally and am quite impressed with it. Your
photos are wonderful. I moved to Saugus in 1946 from Revere, after WWII,
and lived on Hesper St. Being in the Naval Air Reserve, I was recalled
to active duty for the Korean Emergency (War) in September, 1950 and
returned in 1953. I have always enjoyed the Saugus area and had seven
nephews and two nieces graduate from Saugus High. I moved away from
Saugus in 1956 and lived in several other towns in New Hampshire and
Massachusetts before moving to Hampton, NH, where I now live, but I
still revisit my relatives in Saugus several times a year. I have often
thought, perhaps I should not have left Saugus, but such is life.
Joe O'Neill

CAPE CORAL, FL 11/13/98
Great web site. Quite a kick to see all the great photos. Would love to see
photos of Adventure Car Hop. I remember when across the street from the High
School was a golf driving range where the mall is now and Kiddie Land next to
the school on the south side. Please ad my email address.
Paul Schier Class of 1963

Medford, MA 10/31/98
Jim, I was just checking out the Web site again and I have to tell you what a
great service you have done for all current and former residents of Saugus. I
can't thank you enough for all the effort you have put into the site. I
wandered into from a link off of your site it is also a
great site. I hope everyone out there appreciates and enjoys these sites as
much as I have. Kevin Gannon SHS Class of 81

Saugus 10/28/98
Hi Jim,
Always fun to visit your site. Its incredible growth and professional
appearance I'm sure is a source of justifiable pride for you. I will keep
our friends in Maine informed.
Bye for now, Dick Ross

Newburyport, MA 10/27/98
I haven't visited your site in too long! I'm amazed at how you've mastered this thing. It's neat to
read the guestbook and see how you've affected people from all over.
Paul Gallagher St. Mary's Lynn, Class of '77.

Hendersonville, NC 10/27/98
Jim, Those pictures are terrific, Having been born and brought up in
Cliftondale I recognized the back of the building and knew Carl and Fred
Surabian very well. Hope some time when you are flying around you get a
picture of Baker Hill. I lived on the lower end of Basswood Ave, and looked
over the marsh where the former racetrack was, and we could see the harbor
and Revere Beach. Returning from a cruise in the N.Atlantic, WW2, I looked
thru a long glass at my house and saw my father walking in the back yard.
Thanks again for memories Charles Erlandsen SHS Class of 1936

Medford, MA 10/24/98
Hi Jim, Checked out the site and wanted to tell
you what a great job you have done with it. I now reside in Medford with my
wife Kim but still get back to Saugus as my family still lives there on Emory
St. Would love to hear from any old classmates or friends so please include my
email address in the guest book. Kevin Gannon SHS Class of 81

TX 10/16/98
Jim your pictures if Saugus are really fun to view. They bring back many memories of Breakheart and Cliftondale, the 2 areas where I grew up. Was home in June and took some nice pictures of the renovations to the library and the work in progress at Town Hall. I now live in the panhandle of Texas and really miss the seasons you have there. I graduated in 1965 and find it hard to believe that in 2000 I will be celebrating the 35th reunion!! Would love to hear from classmates . My e-mail address is Great work. Sharyn (Lowe) Pumphrey SHS Class of 65

Unionville, NC 10/5/98
Great piks.....brings me back to another time in my life. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Saugus and graduated in 63. I lived in Marblehead and in Boxford where my husband and I raised our two sons. I now live in Unionville NC, after a four year stay in Boca Raton FL, I get back up to New England about four times a year. I always miss my friends and the area in general. Myrna (Berg) Epstein

Lititz, PA   10/5/98
"This is Roberta Oehme from Lititz, PA. I have a new mailing address and wanted to pass it on to you. "Like getting your updates so please include me."
Roberta Oehme SHS Class of 1959

Layton, Utah 10/4/98
Great job on pictures, have been gone since 66 when I was drafted.
John (Jack) Young

Glenmoore, PA 10/2/98
"Hey Jimmy, Kathy (Tremblay) Mckay here! Neighbor from Parker St. My mom gave me your Web address and I visited, it's great! You've done a great job. Makes me really homesick! We have just moved from Maine to Pennsylvania. What a nice way enjoy some memories of home. Thanks for such a great job!" " Please add my message to those on the web site with links. It might be a lot of fun to receive messages back from old classmates! I graduated Saugus High in 1975. It's almost unbelievable to me that in the year 2000 it will be my 25th year class reunion!! Wow, that should be a hell of a party!!"
Kathy (Tremblay) Mckay SHS Class of 75

Lubbock, TX 10/1/98
Jim, I am not from Saugus but my mother Sharyn Lowe Pumphrey is and I just love to visit. I think it is a very historical place and of course my family history is there. My mom graduated in '65 and is really hoping she can find some of her old classmates through your web site. I enjoyed your pictures and will probably visit your site often. hip@ODSY.NET Heidi

NH 9/26/98
Is nice to again see Saugus, excellent job with the web site.
Jack D.Gosselin , SHS Class of 81

Dear Sir, I am 57 years old and I found out yesterday that my father was born in Saugus in 1889 and today I found a great website about Saugus and I very much appreciate the opportunity to see the place ( although I am sure it has changed a little since the late 1880's) where my father spent his childhood. Thank you for great photos and a chance to see my heritage location without traveling 2000 miles. Great job. Thanks again
Wayne Toomoth

Townsend, MA 9/17/98
Hi Jim,
"I can't believe all the pictures you have here! I checked out several this
morning and think they're great. My dad was a photographer (one of his many
talents) and your pictures remind me of his. I would love to hear from anyone through email.
Marcia (Hurll) BonczarSHS Class of 68 ( A picture of Marcia and her family .)

NH 9/15/98
We looked at your pictures and they are really good. You are pretty talented. Saugus sure has changed since we lived down there.

?? 9/14/98
Very nice work. It brings back memories of circling around Saugus in the days when we didn't need permission. Hope to see more.
Ed Jeffrey

Connecticut 9/7/98
I grew up in Saugus and would have graduated in 1972, but we moved to CN. I was very excited about finding the Web site, it's great. I would really like to know how to get in touch with others that I grew up with if that's possible.
By the way my name is Bob Palladino

Hendersonville, NC 9/1/98
"It certainly was wonderful seeing the home page, and I thank you for telling me about it. I graduated from SHS in 1936 and was born on Basswood Ave and after the war lived for a brief time with my wife and family on Wamisit Ave. For the past 26 years have lived here in Hendersonville, NC."

"Jim I enjoyed the pictures very much, and I'm going to tell our daughter who lives in Alliance Ohio with her family and also son who lives in Sioux Falls S.D. This a great display, and I have been away so long a lot of the pics are a unknown to me. I moved from Saugus in 1952, lived in Maine Lynchburg Va, Buffalo, Syracuse, Skaneatalas, Fayetteville, all in New York. Then on to Media, PA and eventually here to Hendersonville, NC in 1972. This is
the longest we have ever lived in one place. My wife and I just celebrated
our 57 years of marriage. Again thanks for the message and the beautiful
presentation. PS, Moved around with GE after 5 years of WW2 sea duty in the USN"
Best Regards Charles Erlandsen SHS Class of 1936

New London, NH 8/25/98
My grandfather lived on Taylor Street across from the police station well
before 1933. I moved there from Cliftondale (Wamesit Ave. on Baker Hill) in
1947 with my parents and brother (Charlie) and lived there until September
1953 when I entered the army.

Therefore, it was with particular interest that I looked at your photos
from the Town Hall . While our house (a duplex owned by the Shapiro's) was
not visible, views of the neighborhood, including my close friend Eddie
McIntyre's house (his brother, Robert Nordstrom was and still is a close
friend of my brother), brought back many very pleasant memories.

We enjoy your Saugus site and thank you for providing it to us "emigres".
Unfortunately it is too rare when we get back to Saugus to visit an aunt
and uncle. Many thanks, Bill Lancaster SHS '51

New York City 8/20/98
I was just cruising the internet and found your web site. Boy, times have changed! I attended Saugus High in the 80's. Just wanted to say hello to fellow classmates from New York City.
It would be great if you had some format so that students could reunite with each other.
Ms. Alicia Corthell Class of 1989 (not deliverable, user unknown.)

?? 8/15/98
I am new this is my first E. Mail hope it arives at your computor. I
want you to know that you brought back many memories of Saugus and Cliftondale where I
spent a lot of years. Thank you for the wonderful trip into the past. Normajean Olson

FL 8/14/98
Hi Jim, Just wanted to give you an update on my email has since
changed as I have changed jobs here in South Florida... Happy to hear
from family that you all are having a beautiful summer up there. Keep
up the wonderful work! Jennifer Brogna
New email address is

St. Petersburg, Florida 8/10/98
I found your site specifically because I was searching for info on class
reunions. (Mine was the class of 1980.) You did a great job putting it all
together; your photography really catches the essence of Saugus. I've been in
St. Petersburg, FL since 1984, but sometimes I still miss the unique look of
New England. Not enough to move back, mind you, but in my heart I guess it's
still home.

The guest book is a great idea. I had fun reading all the entries. I'd love
to hear from any old friends who might be out there, so please be sure to
include my name.

Thanks again for a great piece of work, Jim, I appreciate your efforts and
have added the site to my "favorites" list. I'm looking forward to visiting
again soon.

Liz Amirault James

"Sincere congratulations for the outstanding work you have done in establishing
this site.  All Saugonians should be pleased and proud of this excellent
effort.  We look forward to visiting the site often and have advised relatives
now living in Southern California to be sure to visit."
Dick Ross, Oaklandvale

"Thank you for a view of Saugus. Have been away for 18 years and sometimes
miss it living in Florida.  The Pictures are great. Thanks again."
Dan Rossetti

"I just wanted to comment on your Saugus pictures.  As a fellow
resident, I can enjoy these!  I had a question.  You wouldn't happen to have a picture of the
infamous Miniature Golf Orange Dinosaur ?  It's tough
trying to explain such a historic monument without a picture :)
Thanks for any help"

Yokohama, Japan
"Thanks for your efforts in getting a photo page of Saugus on-line.
My name is Hugh Connolly and my wife, Louise and I currently live in Yokohama, Japan.  I work as an engineer for the Boeing Company and support All Nippon Airways at Haneda Airport in Tokyo.  I graduated SHS in '59, left in 1960 and try to get back whenever I can.  So I really appreciate your web site.
I ran across an article in the Saugus Advertiser, yes I still get mailed to me after all these years!
I f you want I can email some of my own photos of Saugus to you.
I have appended a photo of our house in Yokohama.  It is a lot different than the one I grew up in at 12 Winter Street , Saugus."    Hubert C. Connolly

"I thoroughly enjoyed your photographs of Saugus.  They brought back a flood of
memories.  My favorite one was of the fire truck (I know it wasn't your
photo!!) but it is my favorite because I saw it being washed countless times
when I lived across the street from the fire station on the corner of Foster
street.  I was born and raised in Saugus and moved to California in 1956.
Although the fire truck was my favorite,  the rest of the photos are quite
good.  I just got a scanner and when I get it hooked up I'll send you a photo
of Lily Pond which was one of my favorite places in Saugus.  I'm real new at
this computer stuff and just got my first one in December.  Not too bad for a
72 year old man, huh!!!  If you would reply to me I would appreciate it.  This is
the first E-mail I've ever sent.   Keep the pictures coming."
Frank Currier

"Just checkin' your page and had to send a thanks.
You have some great shots...especially the Vinegar Hill shots. I have hiked up
there with my daughter before.
Another scenic vista to take in is Castle Rock on upper Main St.
You can see pretty far north on a clear day.
Keep up the good work. "
Thanks, Jim Higgins

Hi Jim
Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your site.  I usually check
it out weekly.  Having grown up in Saugus it's enjoyable seeing your
different shots, especially the older shots. Keep up the good work.
Eddie Palermo

Everett, Washington
"Enjoyed your photos. Saugus High class 1960 "

"Hi Jim, Read the article in the paper and decided to check out the photos.
Great job! the kids really enjoyed seeing familiar scenes on the computer
Looking forward to updates and more photos!"

North Fryeburg, Maine
"I like your site on Saugus, Mass.  My ancestors came from Saugus and seeing
those pictures makes me think of them.  Some of them are buried in Riverside Cemetery."
"I found your site by typing in Saugus, Massachusetts on Alta Vista, I think
it was.  My early family came from there on my mother's side and also
Medford and Charlestown."
"Checked out your sight.  What a lot of photos you have added!  Wonderful"
Diane L. Jones

"I just viewed your pictures from Vinegar Hill.  I must say that your photos are most
impressive.  Keep up the good work and keep posting them."

"I just wanted to say that I liked your pictures of Saugus a lot! I saw the
write-up in today's advertiser and I think you have a great idea. By the
way, I don't think the picture labeled East Denver St. 1984 was taken from
East Denver St. I have lived on Winter St. for most of my life and I think
that picture had to be taken right around the intersection of Winter and
Central. What is really bugging me is that railing going across the
picture."   Richard Della Croce

"I saw the article about you and your web page in the SAUGUS ADVERTISER of
December 24 1997, and thought I'd take a peek at it.  I'm certainly glad that I
did!!   My family is new to Saugus (February 1997), we bought a house here because we
were from the area and liked a lot of things about this town.
Keep up the great work. I will check out your site every now and then.
Thanks for your effort."   Myles Johnson

"Loved the pictures of Saugus. Lived here for 5 years and wouldn't think of
leaving. Would love to see more!"    Steve Lyons

"I too saw the article in the paper and had to check it out.  What a great
idea!  The pictures are very nice and I intend to keep checking back to see
what new scenes you add.  I especially liked your page with the three library
sites-old, none, and new.  Have you thought of doing that with the other new
buildings that are a part of the capital improvement plan?
Keep up the good work!"

"After reading your Saugus Advertiser article, we went online and checked
out your fine JPEG collection of the town. Very nice work.
My favorite was the 1942 Fire Engine.... and my wife's favorite is the
Library, before and after shots."
Rich Razumny

"Read about your web site in the Saugus Advertiser.  The pictures are a
wonderful tribute to Saugus.  I will let my son in Arizona know about the site
so he can see it also.  Keep up the good work."

"Nice Job- Saugus High Class of '76 "

Cheltenham, Maryland
"I was raised in Saugus and visit family there every year during the
Christmas holiday.  I read about your site in the Dec. 25 Saugus
Advertiser while I was visiting and have just checked it out after
returning home.  Great stuff.  Your links to related sites were also great for me.
Gives me, as a Saugus expatriate, the opportunity now to visit my roots any time I want."

"Hi,....nice pictures.....I lived in Saugus from 1960 till 1972, then I moved
back again for 4 yrs back in the 80's.....I plan on moving back this
June, it's always good coming home! Your pictures make it FEEL like home...:)
I lived on Castle St....(my mom still lives there) I am going home with
MY own kids!   Thanks for the wonderful photos! "
Kristin Van Nest

"Hi Jim, just opened your web site".  "Your pictures are great!
I'm printing them out to show my mother who doesn't understand what a
web is!  I enjoyed seeing the email from around the country from
people who had looked in."
Julia (Hurll) Aston

Phoenix, Arizona
"My mom sent me a copy of the article in the Advertiser.  I live in
Phoenix AZ.  I left Saugus after high School.. Class of '66'.
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Saugus from someone else's perspective."

Basalt, Colorado
"Thank-you for doing such a great job with the pictures.  I currently
live in Basalt Colorado after growing up for 20 years in Saugus.  My
wife and I are Saugus high Grads ('77) and we really enjoy looking at
and showing our children the beautiful pictures you have taken.
Thank-You!!! "   Bob and Laura (Penta) Stewart

Saugus 2/21/98
Hi Jim,
How about some pictures of Cliftondale Square if you have any. I spent a lot
of time there. Its hard to believe its been 23 years since I've hung out
there. Any other "SQUARE" people can e-mail me (Ed Bailey) at , Jean and I would love to hear from some old
friends. Thanks Jim !!!!!

A friend sent me a link to this site. I'm enjoying it immensely! Great
quality pictures! A Saugonian.

Collinsville, Oklahoma 3/12/98
I most enjoyed the picture of old "Donkey Hill". Many great memories of all of "My Home
Town".  Jim Thank you for the mail.(SHS-58)but,..Left school for the Air Force!! (Mistake !!! in 57) I found the Web site as part of a College Internet assignment. (Tulsa Junior College ) I have lived here in Oklahoma for many years...Still think about many friends that I have not seen for 40 yrs. Please do include my name and e-mail address
Thanks again,Dave Healey PO Box 402 Collinsville,OK 74021 David Healey

Connecticut  3/13/98
As a former Saugus resident I have greatly enjoyed looking at your pictures.
I must admit I do not know where Vinegar Hill is located, but I am guessing
from the photos that it must be the hill across the Saugus River from the Center.
As a kid in the 1930's and 40's, and living on Pearson Street, we spent a lot
of time playing on Round Hill (we called it "Roundy").  It was sort of our
meeting spot in all seasons for sliding and skiing in the winter, and for
playing cowboys and Indians in other seasons.  The Easter sunrise service was
held on the top.  On a visit to Saugus several years back, it was devastating
to see Roundy had pretty much disappeared under houses and backyards.
I learned about your Internet site by E-mail from my sister in Vermont.
Thanks for the memories. Frank Davis  SHS 1950

Brunswick, Maine
"Great site!  Still get back to the old town once in a while to visit
family.  Appleton's Pulpit.... as a kid spent many days going through
the Lemon Squeezer, a tight trip right behind the rock face to which the
plaque is attached.  Anyone out there ever get stuck in it?"
"Although my old home has long since become a memory.  I do appreciate your efforts
through photography which sparked those memories."
"Best regards to all."
Tom Weddle SHS '70  Brunswick, Maine

Saugus 4/14/98
Great views of the hometown. Keep up the good work!
Anne Blake

Kingston, Jamaica 4/25/98
As a Saugonian who hasn't actually lived in Saugus for a few years now, I
enjoyed checking out your photos and the other Saugus links you have on
your page.  Induces a twinge of homesickness -- mainly for Autumn evenings
around town.  Thanks ~John Walkey

Arizona  4/29/98
I thought these photos were great.  I've been out here in Arizona for 3
years and often miss the views, foliage and the skylines, since
skyscrapers are unique out here!  Maria Wojciechowski

Lititz, PA   5/5/98
"I can't tell you how wonderful it was it see SAUGUS again. I have not been
home in over 15 years. Your pictures are great and the post cards reminded me
of growing up. I lived just behind the mill at 214 Central St. My mother and
father were Herb and Alice Wills."  "Again thank you so much for letting me connect to my past. Your site will be a part of my life as long as it is here."
Roberta Wills Oehme   " SHS Class of 1959"

Hollywood, California  5/8/98
Enjoy seeing pictures of the place where I grew up. I still visit around
once a year to relatives on Walnut Street...Thanks for the memories.
Richard J. Ward   " SHS Class of 1956" (not deliverable, user unknown.)

Niantic, Connecticut  5/8/98
I too grew up on Parker St. Saugus. Boy did that ring a bell. My parents house
was #26 Parker. A friend who grew up on Central St near the Iron Works and who
now lives in Pa. sent me this web page address. Many thanks to you for
bringing back our old memories. Evelyn (Crosby) Maskell

Natick, MA  5/12/98
This is great.  My wife and I belong to the Saugus Historical Society.  So
we get back to the " old home town "  quite often.  She is a graduate of Lynn
English class of 1945.  Hope all you '43 grads will be at the reunion next
month. We also try to attend the SHS Alumni Association meetings in the
fall.  Great get togethers.  Keep up the good work.
Sherm and Ginny Stacy  SHS  Class of 1943

Gorham, New Hampshire  5/14/98
Really enjoyed the picture of Donkey Hill. Seemed a lot bigger when I
used to haul my "flexible flyer" up to the top from Emory St as a little
kid.  We lived at 5 Emory St. and I moved in '57.
Jo Ann Shuff   SHS   "53

Okinawa, Japan  5/15/98
This is a great page you've got.  I was born and raised in Saugus but
have been living in Okinawa, Japan for almost 3 years with my husband
and children.  It was wonderful to see a bit of home on your website.  Keep up the good work.
Jennifer Cummings Valenty ....class of 87.

California 5/19/98
Hi Jim
Checked out your aerial shots and they were great.   You get such a different
perspective from the air.  Good job!!!  The shot of "Prankers Pond" is sure
disappointing because the size of the pond is so small.  I received an e-mail
from Joann Shuff about Peckham's gardens which was quite interesting.  It sure
is nice to hear from different people from Saugus via e mail.  It's all due to
your efforts in having the web site.  Thank you.
Frank Currier

Boca Raton, FL  5/29/98
Hi Jim...Absolutely loved your fact I added the picture of Route One as my screen saver.. I graduated from Saugus High in 1990 and presently live in Boca Raton, Florida.. What a beautiful part of the country. In fact...I live here with the boy next door!  I came all the way to Florida... to fall for a former Saugonian.  He graduated in 1987 from Saugus High and actually he is the artist who painted the BIG ORANGE DINOSAUR!!!!!!!!!:)
Sincerely,   Jennifer Brogna   SHS Class of '90

Fort Walton Beach, Florida  6/7/98
"What a collection! I've been away for 30 years (Class of 68) and viewing your collection of photo's brings back some touching memories. So much has changed since my last visit (It's been really too long), I'd more than likely get lost without your photo's. Thanks for sparking those many fond memories."

"Do you have any pics of the area near what used to be the Route 1 circle. I lived on the circle for the first 18 years of my life till I joined the Air Force (That's how I ended up here in Florida). The Blue Star now sits where my house was."  "My last visit home was in 1986 but am planning a trip this fall. All my sisters & brothers live in the greater Boston area.

You may certainly put my name & email in the guestbook. I'd like to hear
from friends & fellow classmates with whom I've lost touch.
Rob Scarpa

Saugus  6/10/98
"I check out your site weekly.  My favorite thing to do is read the feedback.
(Nothing against your photo's, they are great too).  "
Lisa (Bailey) Harrington   SHS 79

Wakefield, MA
Thanks for the opportunity to share that unique view.
I grew up in Saugus, graduated from high school there (1960). Now live in
Wakefield, but pass Town Hall every day. Ever since I was a little tyke, and
that's been a long time, I always have wondered what the old home town looked
like from up there.
Ed Murray

Florida  6/15/98
Gee, I am overwhelmed with the growth of Saugus. I lived there in the
60,s. My family and my 2 brothers lived off Bristow Street. I have a lot
of very fond memories. Now living if Florida for the past 30 years. I
often reflect back on my younger days in Saugus. I recall when Bristow
street was a through way to the Lynn Marsh Road. and watching the trucks
bringing fill to make I-95. Sorry that part never happened. I remember
walking to Ballard St. for Lobster's at Charbra's. And of course
spending every available minute at the Bristow Street Park. Thanks for
the Memories."
" I was just sitting here wondering if Saugus had a Web Page. I
got into one of my search engines, and typed in Saugus, Massachusetts,
What a shock when I even got a response. I really enjoyed it. I am
really looking forward to getting contacted by some of my old friends. I
still have family that live in Saugus. One of them is a local Graphic
artist. His shop is down at the center. And an Uncle of mine was the
original owner of Quimby's across the street from Heck Allen's. So I still
have roots in the town. Just don't get a chance to visit very often.
Fred Coppola

Bar Harbor, Maine
I live in Maine, the Bar Harbor area. I found your website completely by chance...I was
browsing the web, I believe I was searching for pictures, perhaps of
chickadees, when I happened upon yours. I was interested in your
pictures because of the area at first, but then the quality took
priority. I am a little familiar with the Hilltop House, and of course
your oriental restaurant is fantastic. If you can get interesting
pictures like the businesses in your area, you must just go wild when
you are in a really scenic area such as Bar Harbor.
Thanks   Carolyn

I finaly got some visited the Bar Harbor area and made these photographs. - Jim

Saugus  7/6/98
"Hi, this is Donna (Fuller) Crabtree, married to Al (Snooky) Crabtree.  My
brother Bill found this [site] and sent it to me.  He now lives in NC. Snooky and I
live in Saugus, and we think the entire program is great.  If I come across
some pictures or interesting items from the past I will also send them.  Keep up the
good work."  "I have sent a few emails to people I have not heard of in years."
"I love the pictures and memories."
Donna Fuller Crabtree 1960 Saugus High
Allen F Crabtree-1956 Saugus High

Orange Park, Florida  7/6/98
I found your site by chance.  I just got web TV and was surfing and logged
on to Saugus and here we are.  I have looked at the pictures you have on
there and it brought back some good thoughts.  I would like to receive
some Email from old friends if they would care to write.  The FIRE STORM
in FL  was very close to my house about 1 mile then it got under
control in my area . BUT my wifes parents weren`t so lucky they live in
Datona Beach and was told to leave at 12:30 at night to get out!  Their
back now with no damage.  We haven`t had any rain in 43 days to speak of
so this was bound to happen, thank GOD no lives have been lost .   I miss
people in Town  but I don`t miss TAXACHUSSETTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your new link in FL,

Las Cruces, New Mexico  7/8/98
Hello Saugus.  I grew up in Saugus, and have since lived in Virginia,
Canada, South America, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Arizona, and, now, New
Mexico.  I have many fond memories of the town, its people, activities in
which I took part.  When I go back to visit it seems to have a much more
urban pace than I remember.  Anyone who might remember me should send an
email to say "Hi."   Thank you. Steve Colantuoni SHS Class of 1978

Venice , Florida  7/10/98
"I grew up in Malden and have been living in Florida for over 17 years. I send
many of your photos to my family down here in Venice to enjoy. Wonderful site! Great photos."

"Was feeling homesick last night and did an AOL search on
Saugus MA.  My boyfriend grew up in Saugus but was tragically killed in a
motorcycle accident on Union Street in 1981.  The website photos are
wonderful. Would like to see a photo of the Big Orange Dinosaur at the mini-
golf course !  I put your site in my Favorite Places and will check it weekly
for your updates.  Thanks for all your hard work."   Denise

Charlotte, North Carolina 7/23/98
I LOVE the pictures of Saugus that you've taken. While I am not
a resident there...I plan to be one soon. My boyfriend lives there,
and after him telling me about the place, to actually see some of it was
a real treat. It blew his mind when I mentioned places like Breakheart
Reservation and Square One Mall !
The town of Saugus is certainly beautiful, and my eagerness to
move there has just been heightened. Keep taking more beautiful
pictures...perhaps you'll capture my boyfriend in one of them by
accident! Jennifer Gibson

Reading, MA 8/1/98
Hi Jim
Just Writing to say how much I enjoy your site. There is some fine
photography and I check out the guest book all the time. I particularly
like older photos that show how Saugus looked in my younger days. They
bring back great memories, so please show more.
Thanks sincerely, Mike Rice SHS Class of 1977

California 8/8/98
Great job on the pictures.
It was great to see Saugus again. I grew up on Hesper St. and was carted off to California when my parents got a wild move when I was going into eighth grade.
I spent a lot of time hanging out at the Ironworks when I was a kid. Your pictures brought back lots of memories. Saugus was a great town to grow up in. I moved in 1978, just before the blizzard of 78. P.S wish I could find a good cheese steak out here.
Jerry McCormack SHS 1981





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