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Saugus, Massachusetts
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James F. Harrington

Old Saugus Fire Truck

Photo courtesy Ernie Salsman

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To All Saugonians, Near and Far

Hi Jim,
Love your site and have sent it to some of my old Saugus Pals. Thought
you might like to see this old picture of Round Hill and the Saugus
Its of my mother and her sister, Ethel Gray ( the little one) and
my Aunt Pearl. This was taken around 1910. They lived on Emory St.
Thanks, Margie (Bridges) Otis

Newport News, Virginia 1/13/00
Dear Jim, I have been enjoying your site for several years. I posted in your guest book on 12/09/98. As a result, I have received several E-mails from people who knew my father or grandparents or both. My father has enjoyed your numerous old and new photographs. BTW I am the son of Karl Enoch Dahlen, who grew up in Saugus at 127 Winter Street, and the grandson of Gus and Susie Dahlen. I have attached two old photographs which I hope you will post on your site. The first is of my grandparent's store at 128 Winter Street, taken in 1934. The automobile in front is a Durant, and the
gentleman next to it is my grandfather, Gustav Dahlen. The second is a picture of 127 Winter Street, circa 1890. Note the man and woman in front in period costumes. This house still exists. Karl Dahlen

Marcia (Hurll) Bonczar sent this photo. It shows a puppet which was used in puppet shows put on by her father (Holmes Hurll). Marcia would like to know if anyone remembers her fathers Halloween Puppet shows on Parker St. in the 1960's or 1950's. You can send Marcia email by clicking her name above.

These pictures taken on the Saugus Town Hall stage (circa 1941) were sent to me by Paul Sweeney of Rialto, CA. His mother, Nellie Elizabeth Sweeney (aka Brown) provided them. Her maiden name was Woodland.

Andrea Donovan sent this picture taken on her recent first visit to Vinegar Hill. Saugus Town Hall is visible.

Al Dow of Saugus provided these two images. Both were taken at the old Saugus High School fire in the early sixties. | ONE | | TWO |.

The following was submitted by Bill Hynes on 4/20/00

The Jr High (old High School) fire was Oct 1, 1963. I was in the 7th
grade and had just started there about 3 weeks earlier. Thought it would
be great because I only had a block to walk to school-short lived. I'm
still in Saugus teaching piano. Thanks for the photos. They're the only
ones I've ever seen.

BTW, the burned out building became a great play area for us kids for
many months (in addition to being a treasure trove of school supplies)
till the town decided they didn't want the thing to collapse on us and
tore it down. Please post any more!
Bill Hynes

Ernie Salsman, a current and lifelong Saugus resident, sent these two photos.The first is from from the third floor of the old Saugus High School looking north. This one was titled Assembly Hall also at the old Saugus High. Both are dated 1946.

This picture was submitted by Phyllis and Leo Nagle. They are former Saugus residents now living in Florida. Leo made this copper replica of the Saugus Ironworks.

This photo was sent via email from Ed and Jeff Leblanc.
They are former Main St.(Saugus) residents now residing in Florida.
Feel free to send them mail at: edleb65@gdi.net

Here is a picture of the Class of 1950 SHS mini reunion held in Hobe Sound FL. 28 March 1998. Frank and Eleanor Smith held it.
Ray Exel     RDE32@aol.com

The following three pictures were submitted by Frank L. Currier. Frank moved from Saugus in 1956 and resides in CA.

Taken from island #1 on  Lily (Prankers) Pond looking toward Summer St.  Merrithew's boat house is above the X and Saywers Ice house is to its right.

In the background is island #2 on Lily (Prankers) Pond.  Note the cabin on the hill.  Franks believes the boys in the pictures lived in the Elm St. area but he does not know their names.

Frank tells me this photo was of Henry A.B. Peckham's sunken gardens, taken from near the corner of Jasper and Central.  The building sits on the approx. location of the apt/condo units across from the Hammersmith in Saugus Center.  Send questions or comments about the previous three images to Frank L. Currier


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