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Saugus, Massachusetts
Photography and Web page by
James F. Harrington

All images Copyright 2015  Saugus Photos Online
James F. Harrington  Saugus, Massachusetts. 

My brother and sisters
circa 1964 That's me, lower right.

This double exposure (of you know who) was done entirely on camera.
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My initial reason for creating Saugus Photos Online was simple.  It was to share a perspective of my hometown with those interested in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Since my pages were first published in early 1997, lots of things have changed. My photography interests have widened and I've published many hundreds of images on the Web at various domains. The Internet give much wider audience for my photography.

In addition to the photographs I've published on the servers, I've published lots of stock photography with the intent of selling rights to the photos, for varios uses. Over the years I've sold rights to images for use on Web sites, in magazines and text books. I've sold prints of my photography as well.

My stock photos, including, Massachusetts stock photos, Boston stock photos, New Hampshire stock photos, Maine Stock photos are mostly hosted at In addition to the state specific stock I've published bird photography, insect stock photos and New York City stock.

In early November of 1997 Saugus Photos Online was first established.  After some trial and error I learned how to create and publish Web pages.   The site started out small with just a few pictures. After receiving positive email about the site I continued to expand it. Now the site contains over 200 photographs and continues to grow.  New pictures are added every few days.

I decided to use pictures from Saugus to attract viewers from this area, but  it seems people who have lived in Saugus and moved away are equally if not more interested in this site.  Dozens of people who no longer live in Saugus have said things like, "It gives me a chance to visit my roots" or "Thanks again for a heart-warming trip "Back Home."

In 1997, I emailed the Saugus Advertiser (local paper) and asked them to print a small note in the paper announcing my site's existence.  (At that time the Web was still new and search engines were not what they are today.) The local paper then suggested running an article about the Web site.  On December 24, 1997 the article came out.  Soon after the number of visitors to the site increased dramatically and the email started coming in.  I was told the Advertiser sells 5000 copies per week and it's mailed to places like Egypt and Japan.  In fact a former Saugus resident, now living in Japan, found the site from the newspaper article.

Readers are encouraged to e-mail me photos of Saugus landmarks that are now gone such as De Fronzo Circle,  Saugus Drive In, GEM Store, Ace Welding, Red Coach Grill, Flamingo Lounge etc. Any old photos showing Saugus would be welcome.

To make the site interesting (and more popular) I started posting e-mail received about my pictures to a  Guest Book.  I've also compiled a page of Saugus Links

On April 16, 1998,  I employed a pilot and airplane to fly my cameras and me over Saugus.  Several of those pictures have been put on my Saugus Aerial Photos Page.

I've constructed a page for Saugus pictures Submitted by Viewers.

After buying a film scanner to scan my own slides, I set up a Web page offering slide scanning services. The response has been tremendous and my slide scanning service has provided lots of supplemental income for me and my family. After being in place for coming up on 10 years, the slides to digital service has a very good rank on many search engines, for a variety of related terms.

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All images/text Copyright ©   Saugus Photos Online, James F. Harrington  Saugus, Massachusetts.