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These keyboard tips were written with new computer users in mind. If you think these tips might be beneficial, print this page. Try (Ctrl + P). This page was made for Saugus Photos Online. Please read my copyright notice.

PC or Windows Tips

In the instructions below you will see, for example; (ctrl + V)
This means press and hold the Ctrl key then press and release the V while still holding down Ctrl.

Web Browser tips

To save any image you're viewing from your Web browser,
use your [RIGHT] mouse button and click on the image
(on a Mac click and hold)
select save image as (note other choices)
choose (and remember) a folder to save the file to
click save

You can cut and paste text from a Web site to your favorite word processor

(This will allow you to print the text without printing any pictures
or objects on the Web page)

Put the mouse pointer to the left of the uppermost line of text you want to copy
Click and hold the left mouse button ( feel free to practice here!)
drag down to select the text you want
release the mouse button
press Ctrl + C (copy)
open your favorite word processor and start a new document
Click inside the document
press Ctrl +V (paste)
Alt +Tab will return you to other open programs

Moving around in a text editor.

Some of these tips apply to most but not all text editors.
Examples: Word, Wordpad, Notepad, some Email and HTML editors etc.
They do not necessarily apply to Macs.

 In many cases moving the text insertion point around in a document can be done more quickly and easily using your keyboard instead of reaching for your mouse.


To go to the:
beginning of a document: Ctrl + home
end of a document Ctrl + end
beginning of a line Home key
end of a line End key
next lower or higher line down arrow or up arrow
move across a line of text one word at a time: Ctrl + left or right arrow key

To select:
a single word double click word with mouse (Go ahead, practice here)
entire document ctrl +A
entire sentence triple click sentence with mouse
from insertion point to end of document Ctrl+shift +end key
From insertion point to beginning of document Ctrl +shift+home key

To search within an open document Ctrl + F

To undo last change Ctrl + Z

To print a document Ctrl + P

To copy selected text or objects Ctrl + C

To cut selected text Ctrl + X (this removes text from the source but copies it to the clipboard)

To paste text that was cut or copied Ctrl + V

To make the Start button and task bar appear if they're not already: Ctrl + Esc

To close programs or Windows quickly: Alt + F4

To print what's on your screen:

hit print screen key (this copies your screen to the clipboard)
open MS Paint ( it should be in Programs /Accessories area of Start menu)
type Ctrl + V (paste from clipboard)
hit Ctrl + P (print)

To switch between open programs in Windows
push and hold Alt key
press the Tab key once or more to step through the open programs.
release the Alt key to bring the selected program to the top
(This will only work if you have more than one program open.)

I hope you have found these tips useful. If you apply some of these tips you may find
you're getting things done on the PC a bit quicker. Remember, the keyboard is your friend, the mouse is an animal!

Mac Keyboard Tips
From Christopher G. Brown

Mac has a couple of keys that PCs might not, including the

command key and the option key.

2. Cutting and Pasting text from a Website to a word Processor:
Hold down the mouse button at the start of the text you desire, and
scroll the mouse to the end. Press command and C simultaneously. Open up
a blank Document and press command and V simultaneously.

3. Moving around in a text editor (works on ClarisWorks and most others,
not necessarily on WinTels)
Scroll to top of document: Home
Scroll to end: End
Beginning of a line: Cmd left arrow
End of a line: Cmd right arrow
Next lower or higher line:Up or down arrow
Move across a line of text one word at a time: Option and desired arrow
(left or right)
Beginning of a paragraph: Option up arrow
End of a paragraph: Option down arrow
Scroll up a page: Page Up
Scroll down a page: Page Down
Select word: the same
Entire document: Cmd A
Entire sentence: the same
Entire paragraph: quadruple click
Undo: Cmd Z
Print Document: Cmd P
Copy Selected Text: Cmd C
Cut Selected Text: Cmd X
Paste copied Text: Cmd V

To print what's on your screen:
Same, only Cmd instead of Cntrl.

Hope this can be a help to Mac users everywhere.


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