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James F. Harrington
Saugus, Massachusetts

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These two images are opposing views and show the location where each was taken from.

TOP PICTURE New homes under construction (upper right) are shown in this unique view of Vinegar Hill. This image was made using a zoom lens set at 300 MM from the top of the tower on Mt. Hood in Melrose, MA. Vinegar Hill has been in the news recently because of development.

Saugus Town Hall, Heritage Heights and Laurel Towers are visible on the lower left. Some of the undeveloped portion of Vinegar Hill can be seen as bare rock on the upper left. It was from that location that I made the second image. Smoke stacks on the horizon are at the power plant near Salem Harbor.

 LOWER PICTURE This image was made at about 8 AM on Sunday November 11, 2001. Early morning provides the best views from Vinegar Hill due to the angle of the sun. Use of a telephoto lens compresses the apparent distances between objects in this picture.

On the lower left is the old police/fire station and Town Hall. At lower right is Roby School. Near the center is the Heritage Heights building on Donkey Hill and it hides most of Laurel Towers behind it. The red Walgreens sign on Route 1 is visible just to the right of Heritage Heights. At the top is the Mt. Hood Tower in Melrose. It was from there that I made the top picture.

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Another view of Saugus from Vinegar Hill


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