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Saugus, Massachusetts
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Saugus World Series Park
World Series Park - Saugus MA

Saugus Fire Department


 Saugus from 15000 feet. GE Lynn, lower right. Square One Mall upper left. Birch Pond upper right. Shot out 727 window en route to Pease Itnl. Tradesport.
Saugus Aerial Photograph
338K 978x724 - Click to enlarge.

 Boston from an airliner. This early 80's view of Boston was made on slide film.
Boston Aerial photograph

 This view shows Route One, Essex St, Main St, Square One Mall, York Ford and Saugus High School. This is an older aerial photo but has not been posted here before.
Square One Mall and Route 1 Saugus, MA

 Cliftondale Square Aerial Photograph - -Click to go to the large version page.
Saugus, Massachusetts Aerial pictures


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The aerial pictures linked to below, were taken on Saturday May 16, 1998 at about 9:30 AM.  Unfortunately, a change in the traffic pattern at Logan Airport forced us to cut the flight short and I did not get as many aerial pictures as I had hoped for.

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Saugus Center Route 1 Aerial Photo


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