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Surf Hotel Hampton Beach - Destroyed by fire 2/26/10
Surf Hotel

Miss Hampton Beach 2007 - Click for larger version.
Miss Hampton Beach 2007
Night Photography - Hampton Beach , New Hampshire - Tripod was used
 Boar's Head - Hampton Beach Sunrise

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Hampton Beach NH

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New Hampshire Photographs - Hampton Beach Pictures

Fireworks Photos - Hampton Beach State ParkHampton Beach, New Hampshire vacations have been a favorite of many for generations.

Located on the 17-mile stretch of New Hampshire's Atlantic coast, Hampton Beach offers some of the best sand terrain of any New England beach.

The beach is bordered on the south by Hampton Beach State Park and a tidal inlet, a narrow stretch of fast-moving water. A draw bridge over the inlet provides access for visitors fromCheap Sunglasses the south. To the North, along the coast, lies Great Boar's Head, which separates Hampton Beach from North Beach. To the west lie salt marshes. To the east lies the Atlantic ocean, of course. Just a few miles off shore is the Isle of Shoals. Hampton Beach hotels and motels are everywhere. Some I reccommend are Bob Hurley's Hillcrest Inn and the Pelham Resort Hotel.

Hampton Beach Attractions

Ocean Blvd - Early Morning - View from Surf HotelThere's always plenty to do at Hampton Beach. On sunny, Summer days thousands of people can be found enjoying the sand, sun and cool water. If you don't like crowds, visit the beach in the Winter!

Big waves are often found at this beach. A recent change in the Hampton Beach Hampton Beach Circa 1980srules allows the use of boogie-boards in the water. Kids love to ride the waves on these mini surf boards.

Beach FunWhen the tide is out, the flat, hard sands in the inter-tidal area provide a perfect spot for Frizbee, wiffle ball or other activities.

Sea Ketch at Night Hampton Beach New HampshireDozens of hotels, motels, gift shops, restaurants, T-shirt shops and candy stores line Ocean Blvd. Fried dough, salt water taffy and ice cream are just a small sample of the edible treats you'll find. Miniature golf, spin-art and slot car racing are just a few of the things vacationers enjoy at the beach.

Hampton Beach Arcades

Hampton Beach has at least 4 big arcades for enjoyment by kids of all ages. Most are full of video games of all shapes and sizes. Pinball, ski-ball, air-hockey, video-poker, shoot-em-up, knock-em down, table-tennis, ping-pong, pool-tables, slot-car race track, spin art, toddler rides, photo booths...etc. You name it, it's there.

Sunrise - Hampton Beach New HampshireOther things that can be found at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire include: T-shirts, toe-rings, temporary tattoos, fortune tellers, fried dough, candy shops, gift shops, post cards, large playground, nightly entertainment on the Hatch Shell stage, aka band stand, deep sea fishing, fireworks, caricature portrait artists...send e-mail if missed something important. (You'll need to fix the address.)

Miss Hampton Beach Pageant

miss Hampton Beach Pageant 2004

Miss Hampton Beach 2005Each year in July, the Hatch Shell stage is the setting for the Miss Hampton Beach Pageant.

Hampton Beach Casino

Hampton Beach New Hampshire Stock PhotoThe Hampton Beach Casino building was erected in the late 1890s and has been remodeled several times. When I was a kid, the Hampton Beach Casino building housed a bowling alley and a movie theater. It is also home to the biggest arcade I've ever seen, the Funarama. My mother called these arcades "Penny Arcades". I guess when she was young, a penny Arcade Ski Ball Funarama Hampton Beachwas all it took to use the games and amusements in these arcades. Today, many games are $1.00 or more.

Hampton Beach Casino building was also home to Pat Dee's glass blowing shop, where hundreds of hand-made glass ornaments were on display. As kids we spent lots of time watching Pat work his magic on the glass, forming it into beautiful shapes like swans and the famous clipper ship. Pat Dee worked behind his orange-flame torch, wearing special glasses.

The image on this page shows the Hampton Beach Casino building as I remember it from the early 1960s.

Hotels and Motels at Hampton BeachAnother long-gone attraction at the Hampton Beach Casino was the Silhouette Shop where a woman (Lillian G. Clark) would cut out a silhouette profile of customers and mount it in a frame. A reader of this page who wrote in, below, reminded me of a place called the Agape Inn Coffee shop, which is also long gone.

Today the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom hosts concerts all Summer long.

Junkin's Candy, no longer in operation, always had a salt water taffy machine running in the window, with a familiar chinkita-chink sound.

Teens love Hampton at nightTeens enjoy the strip at night for its boy-meets-girl potential. Another popular past-time at Hampton Beach is cruzin' the strip in that souped-up car. How many times can you make the loop in 1 night?

An annual sand sculpting contest attracts some of the best sand artists in the area, not to mention the people who love to gawk at these shaped piles of sand.

Deep-sea fishing trips leave every day from Hampton Harbor for full and 1/2 day trips.

Free summer-time concerts at the Hatch Shell stage provide entertainment on most Summer evenings. You can expect live entertainment every evening at the Hatch shell Stage. Hampton Beach Fireworks displays can be seen almost every Wednesday night during Summer months.

Hampton Beach Vacation - That's me with the hat! Beach PhotosMy personal experience with Hampton beach began as a young child in the early 60s. Our family vacationed at Hampton Beach, NH nearly every summer. My mother, being from nearby Newburyport, Massachusetts, enjoyed Hampton Beach in her younger years so it was only natural for her to bring her children to Hampton.

Next to Christmas, the Saturday that started our Hampton Beach vacation was the best day of the year for me.People Swimming Atlantic Ocean

We'd rent a cottage for a 1 week stretch, sometimes 2, usually from Harris Real Estate. My sister Mary reminded me the a few times we stayed 2 weeks.

Perkins Ave, a dead end off of Ashworth Ave, was the location of many of our rentals, providing a quieter setting than some of the cottages closer to the busy Ocean Blvd.

The empty lots at the end of Perkins Ave. provided a My siblings at the marsh end of Perkins Ave 1960'splace for us kids to play when we were not at the beach. The nearby tide pools were a great place to catch minnows using a milk bottle, bread and a length of string. (Milk bottles were glass in those days!) A small wooden dock (depicted at right ) next to the tide pool was the setting for countless family pictures.

Very often on Friday nights, during our Hampton vacation, we'd drive down to Salisbury Beach amusement park. There were many more amusement rides there years ago. A roller coaster and merry-go-round (which I called flying horses) are some of the long gone rides.

Meteor Photography Tips - Image made in New Hampshire !As my siblings grew we vacationed at Hampton Beach less often.

In the 90's, with a son of my own, I took my family to vacation at Hampton Beach.

If you have or would like to create Hampton Beach, NH material (your written text or photographs) please send it an e-mail to jim at saugus dot net (correct to normal e-mail format).

Maybe you met your spouse at Hampton or lost them there. Hampton Beach fans would love to hear about it!

Your Hampton Beach pictures or stories will be considered for publication on this page. Contributions can be with or without credit to you, depending or what you specify. Please write to share your Hampton Beach, New Hampshire experiences.

If you enjoyed this page, you'll certainly enjoy my Anna Maria Island Florida photographs page and my other photography at Saugus Photos Online. Another page that may be of interest is my Fenway Park - Red Sox photographs page.

Below are entries from readers of this page, who wrote to share their memories of Hampton Beach New Hampshire.


5/13/15 Hi, Jim,

On what is probably a fool's errand, I've been trying to find photos of all the places I've ever lived (and at age 70, that's quite a few). In the early spring of 1970, I lived for several months in Hampton Beach. The address I found in an old list is 142 Ash Street, Apt 4. At the time I was a graduate student at UNH, and struggling through the breakup of my marriage. I was able to afford the little apartment because it was a cold weather price. I had to move out when warmer weather brought a fourfold increase in rent.

What brought me to your site was a Google search for the Agape Inn. I did some song writing and guitar playing, and somehow got a gig at the Agape Inn, where I played a few times. I learned that the Inn was opened by a church group (possibly a Baptist group??), and was part of its mission to reach young people. They were willing to let me perform songs, which were a mix of traditional folk songs, and some that I'd written (and, because of the time, some of those were war protest songs, which I admired the Inn for letting me play).

Other memories of that early spring include seeing the snow fall into the ocean for the first time, quite a revelation for a young man who grew up in Missouri, and playing my guitar on the beach, something that would have been difficult if I'd been there in the summer, I'm sure.

I'll have to go through my old photos to see if I haven any taken during that time. If so, I'll be sure to send you copies.

Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

--Paul Garrett  pgarrett"at"pshift.com

04/06/13 Jim, I just wanted to share a short note from many summers I spent at Hampton Beach in my youth. I noticed that a couple of your responses to Hampton Beach memories involved remembering the "Agape In" (noticed I used one N not two).

My name is Jim Jenkins and I am the nephew of Bill Jenkins, founder of the Agape In!

I spent at least 8 full summers at the Agape In since my mother was the "House Mom" for the college students who worked there through the summers! I was 17 my last summer there! Spending that many summers there I have more memories than I have room to write down in this email. If there is anyone who does remember the tall skinny kid with curly hair known as Jimmy, that hung out with a kid half his size (known then as Little Larry), that was me, the tall one!
Little Larry was the brother of the sisters who were the fortune tellers at that time on the Beach Boardwalk, along with his mother! We were two pees in a pod and knew the beach and casino like the back of our hands. I'm sorry to say Little Larry is gone now, but his memory lives on!
I have attached a few photos from the many I have of those years and the Agape In. They are old and not in good shape, but feel free to use them if you wish. As far as the one "N" on the Agape In, that is a mistake that was common, even for the newspaper. If you look at the pictures of the building, it has one "N" and the reason it was like that was a story behind the scenes! I will leave it at that for now and if anyone cares to remember or guess why it was like that, feel free!
You have some great photos of Hampton Beach and I enjoyed looking through your site. Feel free to use my email and I would love to hear from anyone who might remember when!


One note about the photos, that is Little Larry standing under the bath house sign photo. Thanks for taking the time!

Jim Jenkins


I worked at Hudon's Restaurant for 3 summers. I too spent a lot of time at the Agape when I wasn't girl watching down on the beach, playing cards with the other restaurant/hotel workers or surfing up on North Beach. One of the girls I met there, one evening after the weekly fire works, is my wife of 34 years. We had written for a while after we met but then reconnected, through a mutual friend, when I was in college. I met a lot of people hanging on the beach who have been lifelong friends to me. There is an Agape Facebook group for those who are looking to remeet friends who worked there. Brother Bill is alive and well.
Mark Lawton

09/09/08 Hi Jim,

I stumbled upon your site because I just bought a house up at Hampton Beach. I did a Google search and one had an awesome pic so I checked it out.

Well here's the funny thing. I live in Saugus, (right off The Fellsway) too. When I read your description of your summers at Hampton, I can so relate. I remember going up there back in the 70's with all my cousins for a week or two and never wanted to leave. Its' kinda cool that it really hasn't changed, but that it did change for the times.

The second funny think is where I bought my house.** Perkins Ave!!..How ironic is that?

I was wondering if you have any old photos of that street/area. I would be interested in buying some to frame and put up in the house.

Let me know.

Thanks. You have a great site too.


(spyketek "at" hotmail )

7/06/08 Hi Jim....found your site by accident. I have many fond memories of Hampton from when I was a little kid in the 50's. I still like it just as much, although it has changed. I can remember the bandstand,and that Hampton had it's own "Big" band that played every night. I can remember Bill Elliot the singing cop. I remember that the band conductor always came out dressed up (dinner jacket) and that the band had a standard theme song that they used..."Say it with music." I remember when the Casino had many of the "Big" band names there...men and women would line up outside waiting to get in. They were all dressed formally, men with white dinner jackets,women in their gowns. It was such an elegant time, it impressed this little girl. I can also remember being able to sit up stairs at the casino, there were benches outside and you could sit and watch the band concert. I even played in the playground,a few pieces of the equipment are still there,but not many.

I have something I would like to find out. Does anyone besides me remember a traveling museum that was on the boardwalk (yes,it really was a BOARDwalk)one summer?? It probably was the summer of '57, maybe '58. It was called the SS Spellbound,and it looked like a ship. You went in one end of it for a small price, walked the length of it, saw many interesting things from the sea. This included a real treasure from a sunken ship. My significant other says I dreamed it. I could go on and on about so many things. Anyway, thanks for letting me share some of my memories. Pat Germaine nanaweb@aol.com

01/29/08 Hi Jim,

I was just visiting Hampton Beach via internet and saw your wonderful photography, your name and invitation to write.

I lived on Ocean Blvd. and worked at the Agape Inn the entire summer of 1977.

BTW, I was upstairs in my bedroom when I learned that Elvis had died! (Funny how things like that stick with you.)

I read where you spent lots of time there, also.

Do you happen to remember the Agape Inn Coffee House? We were a stone's throw from the band shell. The last I heard was that the building had been turned into a T-shirt shop. Of course, it's probably gone by now.

Just wondering if you had any photos or memories of my little corner of the world in the Summer of 1977.

I'm married, a mom, and a Kindergarten teacher and live in Rogersville, TN, (65 miles NE of Knoxville) and my memories of that pre-chilled (errr, pre-frozen) ocean water are still vivid! What a wonderful summer that was, and oh, the FRIED DOUGH---everybody said we had the best!

Here's to youthful memories, Hannah Gillenwatere

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