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Yamaha Motif ES Recordings


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Turkey in the Straw - by Jim on Harp

 A Yamaha Motif ES6 is my most recent, expensive toy. It is a complete music production, workstation, sampling synthesizer, keyboard.

I've published this page to share some of the songs I played and recorded with the Yamaha. The songs were recorded to the PC and converted to MP3 using Sound Forge Studio 6.0.

Here is the third MP3 recording published of Jim playing the Yamaha Motif ES 6. The file, at about 600K, will take a few minutes to download with a dail-up connection. This time a voice called Ragtime was used with the default arpeggio. The tune was something my father taught me in the late 1960's and I don't know its name.

Yamaha's Motif's arpeggiator really spices this one up. I can't really play keyboard as good as this one makes it sound. If you enjoy these tunes and would like to see more published, send e-mail to jim at saugus dot net and let me know! Put Yamaha or Saugus in the subject line so your mail will be seen.

The Yamaha Motif MP3 file linked to below is my rendition of "Our School Band," from an old piano lessens book. I had it committed to memory from my piano lessons at 56R Main St. with Mrs. Kenny, here in Saugus. I took lessons from her from 1969-1971 at about $2.00 per half hour. I never practiced the lessons she taught and I never learned to read music, at least not well enough to look at sheet music and play it.

The song linked to below was played using a strings voice. For those of you not familiar with modern electronic keyboards, the keys sense velocity and the sound of the instrument varies with different velocity key strikes. This allows the player to add feel to the song.

Anyway, here is the link ( which may take several minutes to receive on a dial-up connection ) to the 600K, 160 kbs, MP3 format song "Our School Band" played by Jim Harrington on a Yamaha Motif ES6. The song should play on your default MP3 player when you click the link. No arpeggiators were used on this one.

Keep in mind, the keyboard has arpeggiators, which help with the pickin', if you will.

The link below is to a 64 K bits per sec. MP3 file which is about 327 KB. It might take a few minutes to download unless you have a fast connection.

This guitar pickin' song is just a quick little thing I made up. It should open with your default MP3 player when you click on the link.

I'm looking forward to making sound tracks for my photography slide shows using the Yamaha.

Check back soon for more songs.

If you like these songs and would like to see more added here, please let me know by sending e-mail to Jim at Saugus.net. Put Saugus in the subject line.

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