Miss Hampton Beach Pageant 2005 & 2007

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

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Leah Grondin of Hampton, New Hampshire is Miss Hampton Beach 2007 . Twenty contestants participated in the pageant which took place on July 29th, 2007.

Alexandra Harrington (pictured below) of Saugus, MA was the Mistress of Cermonies at the 2007 pageant. She was Miss Hampton Beach 2005. Another Saugus resident participated in the 2007 competition, but as of this writing, I don't have her name. Contact "Jim at saugus dot net" if you can provide info about her.

Alexandra Harrington of Saugus, Massachusetts is all smiles after being crowned Miss Hampton Beach 2005.

Twenty two girls competed in the 2005 pageant on Sunday, July, 31, on the Seashell Stage in New Hampshire's Hampton Beach State Park..

The first runner up in the contest was also a Saugus, MA resident, miss Caitlin Sanders.

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