Convert Slides to PowerPoint Presentations

 Slide Scanning

By Jim Harrington

 Saugus Photos Online


 Slides to Digital for PowerPoint

Converting your 35MM slides to PowerPoint is one of the slides-to-digital services offered by Saugus Photos Online.

Ship your numbered 35MM slides and they will be returned along with a CD containing a PowerPoint presentaion of your slides. Also included on the CD will be stand alone image files of your scans. Both TIFF and JPG formants can be provided.

Saugus Photos Online has built a solid reputation serving hundreds of customers with 100% customer satisfaction being the primary goal.

Converting your 35MM slides to PowerPoint is a service Jim has lots of experince with. The conversion process will provide you with ready-to-go PowerPoint presentaions from your slides.

Slides To PowerPoint clients include:

  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Scientists
  • Veterinarians

PowerPoint presentations made from your slides brings with it the convenience of digital projection.

More detailed information and pricing for the slides to digital process for Power Point, please visit the main slide scanning page.

Call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 if you have slides to PowerPoint questions. Please call before shipping your slides.