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Dailies for January of 1999

January 29, 1999

There have been further minor updates to both the Friends of Breakheart Reservation site and the Computer Terms page today.

January 28, 1999

Viewers with good color displays may also notice some improvements on the little "Town of Contrasts" loop below. We gave it somewhat better color at the expense of making it somewhat larger. Is this change good or bad? Don't be afraid to give us some feedback and let us know your opinion.

The Friends of Breakheart Reservation site has had some minor updates today.

January 27, 1999

Just a reminder about the current poll concerning computers in other devices. Results will be tallied in the beginning of February.

January 26, 1999

It's been quite awhile since we've mentioned the guest book. There have been numerous entries in it since then; like the Community Event Calendar, it gets updated too frequently to mention all the time.

January 25, 1999

There have been minor updates to the Entertainment, Organizations, and (of course) Community Event Calendar pages recently.

January 22, 1999

There's a new monthly poll. This one questions the wisdom of adding computers to traditionally more standalone sorts of machines, like televisions and cars.

January 21, 1999

The Saugus Year 2000 Millennium Celebration Committee page has been updated with some preliminary details of the planned Saugus Year 2000 Party. The Committee is a couple of months ahead of their original goal of getting the admission buttons out by March or April; they're available now in several locations, including the Saugus Town Hall, Eastern Bank, the Saugus Co-operative Bank, the Saugus Federal Credit Union, Balloonatics, Dr. Upton's office, and S. James Beauty Salon. Appropriate posters are still being printed, but don't let the current lack of posters in these locations dissuade you from getting an admission button early.

January 20, 1999

SAVE's Newton book version of Tom Sheehan's book Reflections from Vinegar Hill is now additionally available on's anonymous FTP server.

January 19, 1999

SAVE has released a Newton book version of Tom Sheehan's book Reflections from Vinegar Hill. It does not contain all the pictures found in the printed copy, but it's completely free. They are considering making it available in other formats, too, so if you like it be sure to let them know.

January 18, 1999

We've been working on some infrastructure improvements here that should result in faster service and the capacity for a bigger and better Unfortunately today during what should have been a fairly simple upgrade, a small human error on our part was followed by an unfortunate series of coincidences resulting in some downtime -- our first ever. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone, and we have already taken steps to ensure it will not happen again.

January 15, 1999

More little changes scattered around today, especially on the Computer Terms page and Computer Extensions page (and of course automatically the search interface to these pages).

January 14, 1999

There have been lots of little updates recently, including to the Entertainment page, the Organizations page, the Event Calendar page, and the Computer Terms page.

January 13, 1999

There's currently a group in town assembling information to produce a book documenting Saugus from 1900 -- 2000. They are now looking for some pretty specific information and asked us if we'd post their request:

The Saugus Book, 1900 -- 2000, asks help in gathering information about the Saugus amateur football league operating 1925-1936. Teams: Saugus Town Team, Saugus Eagles, Bristow Street Pals, Pratt A.C., Washington Square Club, the University Club. We are looking for pictures, rosters, records, etc.

We are also looking for information on the Saugus fishing fleet in the early part of this century.

Please call if you can help.

John Burns     233-1282
Tom Sheehan     231-5041

January 12, 1999

There have been some updates to the Saugus Housing Authority site today.

January 11, 1999

There have been some updates to The Friends of Breakheart Reservation site. In particular, it's now possible to read a sample of their newsletter online.

January 8, 1999

Over the past few days there have been several updates to the Computer Terms Glossary. Specifically, more information on computer languages has been added (and more will be added still next week). Of course the search interface has also been updated.

January 7, 1999

The Friends of Breakheart Reservation are now online. Their direct URL is:

for those who wish to set a bookmark.

January 5, 1999

We've been asked by Saugus Council on Aging to announce that the "new" Saugus Senior Center's one year anniversary is coming up. There will be a dinner / dance on the 15th in celebration of this event. Details can be found on the Community Event Calendar page.

January 4, 1999

As usual, the Most Popular Pages Countdown has been retabulated.

Also, we have the final results on the Impeachment Poll. In summary the people who voted more or less agreed with the House of Representatives.