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Dailies for January of 2000

January 31, 2000

We made some minor changes to the Community Events Calendar over the weekend.

January 28, 2000

The Friends of Town Hall are now online. Their direct URL is:

for those who wish to set a bookmark.

January 27, 2000

The Saugus Housing Authority site was updated today.

January 26, 2000

The Saugus High School Alumni Association site was updated today.

January 25, 2000

The local business Giggles Comedy Club has recently had its web site updated.

January 24, 2000

There were updates made to the Guide to Free Software page today.

January 21, 2000

The local business Prince Restaurant has recently had some noteworthy updates to its web site.

January 20, 2000

The Educational Resources page was updated today.

January 19, 2000

The Public Transportation page was updated today to reflect changes made by the "T".

January 18, 2000

The Filename Extensions List was updated today.

January 17, 2000

The office will be closed today for the holiday, but pages like the Community Events Calendar and Lost & Found will continue to get updated.

January 14, 2000

It's been awhile since the last update on the Saugus SETI team has been posted here. Saugus area machines have already contributed well over 1000 results, utilizing over three years' worth of CPU time that would have otherwise been wasted.

January 12, 2000

The Gathering of Memories: Saugus 1900 - 2000 page was updated today; it now features the actual title of the book (the title was still being decided when the page first went online) and a preliminary sample of the cover art.

January 11, 2000

The Educational Resources page was updated today.

January 10, 2000

Although we didn't explicitly mention it last Monday, as usual, our Most Popular Pages for the Month Countdown updated itself to reflect last month's most popular pages.

January 7, 2000

The Food & Drink page is now official -- it's been lurking around for well over a year in an unofficial state.

January 6, 2000

There have been more than the usual number of updates to the Community Events Calendar recently.

January 5, 2000

Two local businesses, Prince Restaurant and Giggles Comedy Club have just gone online. Their direct URLs are:
respectively, and they'll be listed on the Entertainment page.

January 4, 2000

The Saugus Historical Society has asked us to post the following announcement:

January 3, 2000

Y2K is here and we're pleased to report that we don't have any problems. So far, the U.S. has done pretty well: some traffic lights have messed up, there were some close calls at some power reactors, a few different agencies in a few different states had some minor embarrassments, quite a few different web sites all over the country went down, etc., but so far there hasn't been anything really severe. Of course, since the known list of possible failures goes out into 2001, if your computer starts to act a little odd during the next year or so you may want to ensure you have it fully patched for compliance.