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Dailies for July of 1999

July 30, 1999

Ever hear of the SETI project? Did you know that you can help go through real SETI data yourself with your own computer? It doesn't matter if you're using UNIX, Mac OS, BeOS, OS/2, or MS-Windows, and it doesn't matter if your computer isn't exactly state-of-the-art. Check out our Saugus SETI Team page to learn about SETI and how you can use your computer's idle time to boost our local SETI team. While it's unlikely that our numbers will ever come close to those of the world's really large organizations, we will quite possibly compare favorably against various other localities and online groups if enough people participate.

July 29, 1999

The Home Pages page was updated today.

July 28, 1999

There were numerous additions made to the Community Events Calendar today.

July 27, 1999

The following message is printed at the request of the committee currently writing the book A Gathering of Memories, Saugus 1900-2000:

A committee has been organized to write A Gathering of Memories, Saugus 1900-2000. Parts and pieces of Saugus are disappearing into a haze and we want to collect as many of them as possible before they are gone. The project goes exceptionally well, with some exciting research being accomplished by many people. We are looking at a publication date in the first quarter of of the year 2000.

The committee is seeking to determine how many potential buyers there are so a press run can be established. At the same time we would like to find out how many would order copies in advance when we know the approximate publication date. At the moment the cost of the book is estimated at about $30 - $35. Any and all money left after printing and distribution costs have been met will be given to scholarship activity at the high school.

If you are interested, please send e-mail to

July 26, 1999

The Medical & Dental page was updated today.

July 23, 1999

The Recycling Page was updated today.

July 22, 1999

There were some minor updates to the TV & Radio page today.

July 21, 1999

The Saugus Historical Society site was updated again today.

July 20, 1999

The Earthways site was updated today.

July 19, 1999

There were some minor updates to the Home Pages page today.

July 16, 1999

The Saugus Historical Society site was updated today. Also, don't forget that if you're planning a yard sale, make your submittals to the Yard Sale Page to get it listed.

July 15, 1999

We've added a new Guide to Free Software to help introduce the world of free software.

July 14, 1999

The Post Cards page was made a bit more friendly today; it's now possible to jump directly from any page to any other page.

July 12, 1999

Minor updates were made to the Computer Terms page today.

July 8, 1999

Numerous little updates were made today scattered all throughout the site. In particular, see the Computer Extensions Glossary, the Organizations Page, and the Medical Page.

July 7, 1999

There have been some additions to the Post Cards Page today courtesy of Julia (Hurll) Aston. She submitted eight cards that were not already in the collection and provided additional information on another. Her new submissions can be found on the sixth page.

July 6, 1999

We suffered some physical damage from the storm today; a nearby lightning strike fried some of our UPS systems. Things should be running more or less normally again now, but there may be some short periods of odd behavior over the next week or two as we replace destroyed equipment.

July 2, 1999

If you're planning a yard sale during the holiday weekend, please try and make your submittals to the Yard Sale Page some time today. Yard sales submitted tomorrow may still make it onto the list in time, but with the holday coming up that cannot be guaranteed. On a related note, the offices here will be closed on Monday for the holiday; the normal updates will still occur, though.

July 1, 1999

The Saugus 2000 Millennium Committee is for a limited time only selling some special Saugus 2000 Throws.